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  1. I say you don't fluff with anything Jack Kirby designed.
  2. Both Reeves and Texans owner Bob McNair are University of South Carolina alumni.
  3. As a Special Consultant. Press conference at 3:30pm central.
  4. I think a big reason for the lack of fan support right now is there are a lot of people who still have not returned to New Orleans and the reasons are many ranging from the ability to get a job and the lack of basic services (groceries, trash pick up, etc.) I don't see the Saints surviving in Louisiana for the next couple of years unless they get financial support from the league.
  5. If Houston gets an NHL team I hope it's Edmonton, just to piss Bud Adams off.
  6. That doesn't mean I haven't been around these parts before. There's many members or "lerkers" who have skimmed through here before posting before! Umm.. yea, you need to leave... You're a funny man! Anyway, carry on.... He's not being funny...
  7. Ultimately he will replace Biggio at 2nd base when he calls it a career.
  8. I was marveling over that as well.
  9. Surfing around, I came across this. Helmet Logo Wasn't this a MLF logo?
  10. Basically, it's a tree frog. Their name comes from the sound they make.
  11. Gallant effort Joel. You should really stick with the stuff you are good at, such as killing Lamicus.
  12. I believe they had players on the field with helmet cams. Didn't the winning team earn more more money than the losing team each week?
  13. Damn Joel, your fake internet girlfriend is cute. She got a sister?
  14. I would not be surprised to see Warner end up in Detroit.
  15. Gee thanks for putting that picture in my head.
  16. 1) #24 2) #26 3) #9, #9 (The White Album)
  17. The Chicago Bull Dy.... Naw, that's too easy.
  18. I went with the rings. Terry Bradshaw.
  19. My sentiments EXACTLY! Maximum Football is suppose to make it's debut next month. It will have rules for American, Canadian and Arena football, but it's strictly for the PC.
  20. That's a pretty good representation of the Lone Star, it would be a nice change for the Cowboys. The weird thing is that small children know who the Dallas Cowboys are because of that star. I guess it's great for that 1-8 year old demographics group.