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  1. I like the platinum silver. I think the 3rd jersey would make a great primary with the trim in the original cream color from your first concept. Great work.
  2. I'm already sick of hearing This is how we roll.
  3. Well the team is called the Blue Bombers.
  4. New Orleans is a tourist town that does not have a strong corporate base to support a professional sports team which is why the NBA New Orleans Hornets are starting to circle the drain. It's not bad for the Saints since they are only at home 8 games a year, but to achieve financial success for a professional sports team with extended schedules like the NBA or MLB without corporate participation is tough to do.
  5. Well no one is currently using the AstroDome.
  6. It seems to me that a master baiter would go by the name... Dick Palmer.
  7. I don't know if this will help, but you can get a patch here.
  8. I think ESPN says it best... Perception is everything: No one can prove whether he knew or didn't know, but that's incidental; the only detail that matters is that Bonds used. Even assuming he did it unknowingly, he used.
  9. I hate the Titans but respect Steve McNair. That guy goes to war no matter how bad he is hurting. It's sad now seeing it how it has taken a toll on him physically.
  10. If I'm going to rub something on me that I know is undetectable or place drops under my tongue, I'm pretty sure I know what I am doing. Bonds saying that he did not know is BS...or BBS Take your pick.
  11. And there was this little nugget about Roger Clemens this past season. Bob Smizik Ty Cobb was a turd that could play baseball too. At least Bonds never tried to kill anyone.
  12. OOOOH!!! Whatever happened to that epic anyway? As for the kicker, he better just be glad he does not live in Central or South America.
  13. Another suggestion. If you want to keep that look at the front of the neck, make it a part of the mane at the back of the neck. Sweep it down from the back of the neck to make it look like a flowing mane. Maybe alter the color of the mane.
  14. The ears are too short for a horse, make them a little longer. The mane on the front of the neck is making your horse look feral. I suggest getting rid of the hair effect at the front of the neck but keep the width, horses have powerful necks.
  15. Might as well go for that #1 pick in the draft and go get a QB.
  16. What's scarey is that Big Ben is doing this as a rookie, just imagine his stats with a couple of years under his belt.
  17. I'm thinking the new owners are more concerned with the team image over how well a guy can manage a baseball club. I'd of given him a shot. Look at Bobby Cox, he's had some problems off the field as well but it does not make him a bad manager.
  18. D- Backs replace Backman A little image problem maybe? He would not of had a problem if he signed with the Braves.
  19. I think the reason Hunsicker stays on as an advisor is to get paid the remainder of his contract. After next season he will land somewhere. It's possible he's looking for a team that's willing to spend more than 80 million for talent.
  20. Here is Faggins after scoring on the interception to seal the deal. I believe last year they wore the navy socks with the red jerseys.
  21. He had a year left on his contract. Hunsicker steps down. It will be interesting to see where he turns up in about a year.
  22. Username: Shizznick Team Location: Houston Team Name: Skeeters Stadium (Capacity): Ballpark at Union Station (45,000) Willing to Volunteer with: Screenshots? Logos/Uniforms TBA Brass, you may be able to cull 16 good teams from the applicants.
  23. Personally, I'm pulling for a 3 game meltdown. Just to keep it interesting.