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  1. From the title of this thread, I thought it was Nickel Beer Night in Kansas.
  2. I wonder what the autopsy will reveal. I'm with Caolina Joe, I think it was the crack cocaine he was abusing that did him in. I'll remember him as a helluva 3rd baseman with a gun for a throwing arm.
  3. I'd give the NL Manager of the year to Phil Garner.
  4. How many players choose to hit bunts? That call comes from the coaches.
  5. I'll give him his due, especially on how long the record stood. If he breaks it, good for him.
  6. The Oilers were pretty good at shooting themselves in the ass even before they moved to Tennessee.
  7. I like it a lot. Just don't put the trunk on the pants.
  8. If my pitcher did not have my back, I'd have to take a bat to his locker.
  9. Modell is a peach compared to the bastard Irsay who left. Cleveland got lucky. They kept their uni's, history, name,and records. Everything we had in Baltimore got packed in those Mayflower trucks and carted to Indy. Same thing with the Houston Oilers.
  10. Seems pretty harsh to me for what he did. We will see what kind of effect it has on the rest of the team.
  11. I saw on TV that Jordan has set up a Motocross team and he is learning how to race crotch rockets.
  12. I hope the MLBPA is paying attention to what is happening.
  13. The only reason the Broncs took the field in these things was that they knew they couldn't be sued for copywrite violations from the caveman they stole this from.
  14. I'm guessing if Kobe had gone ahead and just paid her up front, we wouldn't of had to hear about this. It's always been about the money.
  15. I believe the goober in the middle is the Astros' mascot. I'm not sure what his name is but, by the looks of him it's probably Jack Astro.
  16. DE (3) 32 amare32 77 Shizznick 93 unimaniac Put me on the left side.
  17. Pats- AFC Eagles-NFC I'll take the Pats for back to back champs.
  18. If someone creates this team on Madden 2004 PC, export the roster so I can upload it.
  19. DT #77 6'5" 300 lbs. Full facemask no gloves no arm pads no visor "Shizznick" on back of jersey Light skin
  20. Read all about it. Smart move.
  21. We? Man, you must have a mouse in your pocket.