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  1. Add me to the "The Rangers should be the Rangers at home" crowd.
  2. I think it is possible. I think it's more likely that they release an all brown PADRES version for home down the line.
  3. Beautiful new set for the Brewers and the only thing I would change is replace wheatball with barrel man full time. 2 of the worst uniform sets in the majors got major upgrades.
  4. It's been streamlined a bit. It's still clearly an "m" and a "b". It looks clean and modern and still in line with the original logo. I really don't know what people have to complain about.
  5. This is my mock up of an arched version of the new wordmark. Please forgive the bad photoshop skills
  6. I agree, they went too plain on the homes when they had a great home template to work from that matches the look they went with. Definitely went in the right direction though with these uniforms.
  7. Catching up: 1) I think they made the right choice with just yellow for the SD and all brown for the cap. It will be interesting to see if they release any alternates on Saturday 2) I think the seats can definitely remain blue, but I would like to see maybe green walls and maybe some tan paint, or bringing the sandstone into the seating bowl a little more
  8. Not to mention San Diegans HATE it and have asked for years why we look like the Dodgers.
  9. I always found these uniforms super baffling. They weren't great before the All Star year and then they get even worse after. Then the All Star year when they have one year in the middle where they could have done a real set incorporating the yellow throughout, but they only had the home uniform and the actual all star road alternate that they only wore in the all star game, but not on the road. I don't know what the new brown jerseys look like, but the hat is already a huge improvement and the colors alone give this team a sorely needed identity again. The uniforms of the last 3 years were just, baffling. Crazy that someone thought that was a good idea.
  10. Like someone said, bell cap could still be around as an alternate, we'll see. From TV indoors to outdoors (Tingler did an outdoor MLBNetwork interview) to photos, the brown of the cap in no way looks black and looks distinctly brown. I'm hoping to be at the reveal next Saturday and I can't wait to see the full set.
  11. ^^^ potential post for "Unpopular Opinions" thread? Yes.
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