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  1. thats too bad because its a pretty awesome logo
  2. They never used light blue on the home whites. The only time they used a light blue underline was on the 04 BP jerseys. As far as the hat SD font, its supposed to match with the number font. And I never really had a problem with the white block LA on the dodger's hats, I mean what does that match? What is the STL on the Cardinals had supposed to match?
  3. Gold bolt = good Numbers on top of the shoulders = interesting White helmets = maybe ok, they won't have the numbers on the side
  4. If they drop the teal they should mix in some shade of blue. I mean they are the "Marlins" it would seem strange for a team named the Marlins to not have some shade of blue in the uniform
  5. Gimmicky by design. Well I guess you might say that if thats your opinion, but the building was actually there before the ballpark was built, way before, like in 1909. The building is historical so knocking it down was out of the question so the ballpark was built around the building. The building itself was rebuilt inside with new concrete supports, but the original wooden beams and ceilings were put right back in place after it was retrofitted.
  6. Maybe the Padres should once a year wear jerseys that say "Fathers" on them. EDIT: I see I'm redundant
  7. If your urine is tan you should see a doctor, although I do wish they would go with the tan they used in 69. The "bowtie" script is also original and looks great.
  8. Gotta counter balance some sand jersey hate with some sand jersey love EDIT: And those were awesome uniforms last night
  9. So whoever is broadcasting the game can show their own advertizing. Hardly anyone actually in the ballpark can see the ads behind the plate anyway.
  10. The Chargers end zones always say "SAN DIEGO" and are painted Black and Red when the Aztecs play.
  11. And the pitcher signals "SAFE!"
  12. Actually, the original Padres 69 home jerseys were cream, so there is some precedent.
  13. Yeah, I wish I had that kind of pull
  14. Love these jackets, if there was a Padres version I would snap one up in a second. It does look like a letterman jacket, but moreso to me, it reminds me of the classic baseball jackets. Think about the New York Knights jackets from "The Natural". I believe you can buy that jacket too from Ebbets. Knights Jacket
  15. You may be right. If they darkened the tan (more brown and less yellow) then the look would be more to my liking. Things we can agree on: Love for the '69 jersey. Dislike of the '90s pins. Like for the current tan aways. Maybe if they change the cursive "Padres" on the home jersey (an ugly design, IMO) then I'll be a happy camper. Yeah, I think a more block letter design for the homes instead of a script design. Something like the 69 home jerseys, but a little more embelished to make it unique and stand out as an identity. I would also love for them to go to a cream home jersey instead of white with an alternate swinging friar logo patch on the sleeve, sort of like the swinging friar in a circle logo that the team had from 69-84. I agree that the Khakis could be made a little darker tan to cut down on the "yellow"
  16. I also like the current Padres away-jersey, though I preferred the "San Diego" lettering on the previous '90s jersey. What do you think of the idea of incorporating brown into the blue? Check out my very rough and amateurish rendering above. Do you think that would work? Brown is so vital to the history of the team, and such an underutilized color in pro-sports, that it'd be a shame if it never comes back...even if Petco's seats are blue. Brown and blue together is hard to get right, thats why I am happy that they went with the tan or khaki. It is sord of a nod back to the days of brown, but not a total clash. I like the 69 Padres home script and would favor a return to something similar yet a bit more modern and embelished. As far as the 90's away jersey script, the reason I don't like it is because it is so similar to so many other teams away jersey, city/state name script. I think the current one is both unique and attractive and will become easily identifiable and recognizable as being associated with the team and the city.
  17. I am very protective of the new Padres away uniforms. They are pretty popular with a lot of fans here and don't look like piss. They just wouldn't work with a gray color, but if they want to make them look more tan than khaki it might make them look less yellow and I would be in favor of that. The "San Diego" script is unique, very well done and I hope it becomes an identifying mark of the team for a long time. One thing to bear in mind when you are talking about Padres uniforms, you are never going to get rid of the blue, its too deeply ingrained in the team now. For one thing all of the seats in the stadium are blue, so I am pretty sure it will be in the uniforms somewhere. It is unfortunate really, because I really favored a return to a brown shade, perhaps not the hamburger brown of the past, but a nice brown with the mustard, in fact the original Padres uniforms of 1969 had quite nice colors, and identified with the name "Padres" really well. It is interesting to note however that the name Padres goes back to the minor league Padres which started palying in San Diego in 1936, the uniforms for those teams were always navy blue and red or navy blue and white. I really was never a fan of the pinstriped uniforms of the 90's either. The color scheme was awful, I hated the orange with the blue and I hated the "Padres" script. The new home uniforms are much nicer if not a little boring though.
  18. The Padres shirt is the Point Loma lighthouse surrounded by world series trophys
  19. Sorry, I really think the uniforms look great and I hated the pinstriped orange and navy uniforms of 1990-2003
  20. You can't go wrong when you try to improve the Diamondbacks uniforms. I'd say its a good place to start.