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  1. Maybe remove the blue wave and add a light blue outline to the plate.
  2. First concept is great, I would change the dark blue bolts to yellow though.
  3. One of my personal favorites, along with the 69 road jersey that I cannot find. Edit: Nevermind...
  4. The question here isn't what's wrong with being a suburb. It's about Orange County trying to pretend that it isn't a suburb of Los Angeles, which is just silly. In the past, there has been a large element of racism behind OC's attempt to distance itself from LA. I won't say that this is a primary element now, but it certainly has been in the past, and I wouldn't doubt that there is a lingering feeling of this now. What is the legal basis for your belief? The facts sure don't seem to support it. Most of the decisions have gone against Anaheim so far. Anaheim drafted a very loose contract, and realized their error only after it was too late to fix it. This is an acknowledgment that Moreno's position has legal merit, since Anaheim's lawyers recognized (and tried to close) the loophole years before Moreno saw it. The evidence suggests that Anaheim will continue to lose. Right now, the debate isn't whether Anaheim will win or not, but whether it's even worth the money to try. That's an acknowledgment of a very weak case. Uh, he said the angels would win
  5. The home script looks a lot like the Padres old script.
  6. Yeah, its weird, but pretty much the only way they can do it, since the new ballpark site takes up a sizable amount of the current busch stadium site:
  7. It's a Riverfront Stadium/GABP deal, they can do a lot of the construction before demolishing Old Busch They will open the stadium half built with a field and continue working on the other half during the season. The complete stadium won't open until a year or two after it actually "opens"
  8. I don't know what the others are talking about with the marlin, it looks good to me. This is pretty much your best concept to date. You combined the professionalism and quality of major league design with the 'kick-ass' unique quality of your style with this one. I could see these as actual uniforms, if an organization wanted to take a chance with style, as I think one if not many should do. Can't wait until you get to San Diego in the alphabet.
  9. From photos it looks like the Padres added a gold outline to the batting practice script and some other slight mods.
  10. Whats the purpose of these helmets?
  11. I seriously like your designs. When do you do the Padres, if ever?
  12. For the most part very nice. Only part I didn't like was the circle behind the logo on the hat.
  13. The Chargers logo is quite awkward.
  14. So Pantone, when will we be able to know what uniform changes are planned in the majors next year?
  15. Qwest used to be US West, thus the 'w' in Qwest.
  16. I have always hated the 1985-2003 "Padres" script. Please return it to the hole in which you found it.
  17. The requirement to alternate leagues with the all star game has been removed. This is according to Bud Selig in a recent interview taken during the game in Houston. So no need for Tampa Bay to host any time soon. Besides, I think it has been mentioned in recent years that they only want to showcase newer stadiums or classic stadiums now with the all star game.
  18. Home cap is White on Navy only. Road/Alt. cap is sand with white outline on Navy.
  19. From what I have heard, the Padres just had their news conference about the new uniforms and they were released to the public. Having been shown on local news outlets, etc.. No word from the Padres website or the local newspapers website yet though.
  20. All I have heard from local news is that its today. I would presume some time tonight PST
  21. Because the S goes behind the D at that point and the D wouldn't cast a drop shadow to the side. Besides, if they put another drop shadow it would really make the logo look worse.
  22. check out the Padres' website: Notice the header of the page, looks like they will be announcing the new look on Thursday, November 6th. Also note the 'Petco Park' truck in the main article. It shows the new logo in gold/khaki. Its the same logo that was on the season ticket promotional information.