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  1. Well obviously we'd be hoping for a uniform design that would look better than that, which looks like a pee-wee league uniform. The color rush jerseys look better than those. I like a yellow dominant re-brand for the following reasons: 1. It's unique to the NFL, whereas a blue dominated uniform is pretty common. 2. It would be a "fresh" re-start for this new era of LA Rams football 3. It's flashy and befitting of the LA market. Rams would look great in a yellow dominant scheme
  2. Should the Chargers add yellow pants at one point? I'm leaning towards no since it would look too similar to the Rams and might drown out the jersey:
  3. Frankly I would be surprised if the Chargers DIDN'T have a new uniform design when the new stadium opens. New stadium and your co-tenant is getting new uniforms themselves? Makes too much sense.
  4. Looks more like the uniforms for a Seattle team than sunny Southern California.
  5. I "somewhat" agree, at least compared to the current version. The shoulder bolts on the throwback are too large and outdated looking because of it, and the numbers on the helmet throw off a very clean look for the helmet.
  6. I guess they do listen..
  7. All around absurd and non-sensical post..
  8. Exactly...they went from one of the most bland and uninspiring looks in the league to one of the flashiest. It fits Southern California and LA.