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  1. Is there an actual link to this?
  2. I'm not going to keep regurgitating the same points that were made in the initial post a few pages back so I'm just going to let history play out instead of continuing to go back and forth. My argument rests on an NFL team playing in a state of the art stadium in a market of 20 million people, rest assured this thread will be bumped in the future.
  3. Good stuff, heaven forbid people who are actually from Southern California comment on the matter. As if the Chargers were a franchise with some massive rabid fan base as is.
  4. What part of "the Chargers attendance is restricted by the capacity of the Galaxy's stadium" don't you understand?
  5. 1. There's been a fair amount of debate how much the capacity, pricing, and ticket brokering have affected the Chargers at Dignity Park. Sofi's sheer size will alleviate some of that. By the way, the Chargers have still sold out their tickets consistently, opposing fans or not. 2. You don't judge a business move involving billions of dollars that will play out over decades based on the first couple of years.
  6. Can't believe they are keeping the helmet logo. It's a HELMET.
  7. This is the best and most comprehensive article on the NFL's return to Los Angeles:
  8. I think more than anything it comes down to the Spanos family not having the financial wherewithal to privately finance a stadium in SD, which probably would have been in the $1-2 billion dollar range. Not necessarily bright eyes for a big market. Apparently the Chargers only really seriously began pursuing the LA option with the Raiders once Kroenke bought the land in Inglewood and threatened to put them in the bad spot of being locked out of LA and losing the leverage it's vacancy provided. Dean seems like a reclusive "small" town guy who would be more comfortable in San Diego.
  9. Where are you based Lights Out? I'm curious given your profile.
  10. Are you trying to equate the rivalry between Philly and New York to LA and SD? Another absurd assertion. Distance in the East and West are two different things. There are parts of the greater LA market 100 miles apart.
  11. As for the Raiders, they have a very vocal fanbase because of the crowd they attract, but there are many more people who are off put by the Raider image, and will much more easily gravitate to the more family-oriented atmosphere the Chargers will provide.
  12. A very blanket statement, not true for the majority of San Diegans, by a long shot.
  13. If we're talking numbers why not compare distances too? Going to a Chargers game in LA for someone in San Diego is a weekend excursion.