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  1. Cowboys Giants Eagles Red Wolves Red Tails Code Talkers War Hogs etc. I like Warriors, it just fits in better.
  2. Really, really wish the Suns would go back to these, they and Orlando had perfect uniforms in the 90's:
  3. Wow, did the Cavs ever use this? Would love to see the Knicks throw some more orange on their court to spice it up a little a la the right side.
  4. I wish Miami would go with this scheme full-time, just to have one less red/black team:
  5. The Rams numbers look way better in real life..
  6. That white patch on the bone uniforms is a precursor to putting ads on them.
  7. Yeah, number one issue around here is everyone peddling their opinions as facts.
  8. It's all a matter of opinion, a professional firm designed these. Please stop with the bolding/underlining/italicizing. It's obnoxious and annoying and does nothing to add to the actual substance of your posts. Or switch to decaf, whatever works.
  9. Garish under artificial lights in the sense of the blue looking washed out, the yellow mustard colored, and the mismatched helmet color on top of everything.
  10. I’m going to reserve judgment on the bone but I don’t have much of problem with the royal with gold pants. It’s a clean modern look and the colors pop. Is it perfect no can it be improved yes. Seems like some weren’t going to be satisfied unless the rams literally wore the throwbacks, which in all honesty are a little outdated in terms of needing some streamlining and the updated colors are far superior. The throwbacks always seemed a bit garish under artificial lights in the indoor stadiums.
  11. The solution to differentiating the brands is simple: Rams gold dominant with the Chargers Powder dominant.