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  1. Where does the Jaguars equipment manager get off saying they're the only NFL team that uses teal, they aren't even the only team in Florida.
  2. While we're on the topic of the 49ers, am I the only one who preferred the "shiny" gold pants compared to what they have now?
  3. That gold/red and silver/blue contrast when the 49ers and Cowboys were battling atop the NFC in the 90's was perfect.
  4. To me, horrible and a giant downgrade is Tampa's previous set.
  5. I actually don't particularly like the uniforms, but I don't particularly dislike them either aside from the bone color/uniform. I do think the new colors are superior to the old ones. I'm somewhat indifferent to the overall design. It's just that most of this thread since the introduction seems to be a groupthink situation with most people posting "they suck, the Rams have no idea what they're doing, worst uniforms ever made, the world needs to burn them etc" and I'm just curious as to the actual logic behind that because I don't think they're "horrible".
  6. People seem to be confused so let me clarify. I believe THESE, the "new" sol color, and the gold in the painting, look "similar" I don't believe the color palette posted above, purporting to be what the Rams are actually wearing, looks anything like this and I'm curious why:
  7. I was not referring to the color palettes in comparison to the actual uniforms. I'm talking about the color palette posted in comparison to the painting.
  8. I'm not talking about the painting. I'm talking about the apparent color difference in the color values posted and how the sol color appears different in pictures of the uniforms in comparison.
  9. I accept everyone's opinion whether they like or dislike something. We're just having a discussion. That's what we're here for right? I'm just asking for the logic behind people's thinking. You seem to be singling me out because you don't agree with "my side" of the debate. One could just as easily say the same thing about "don't care". In fact I'd say he's been much more abrasive in his posting than I have. Also, take a good look at the thread. It's people quoting me, and me responding. Not the other way around.
  10. See below, you continue to just post that whatever you like or dislike is what is correct. So basically, "I don't like gradients". I don't see how that has any bearing on whether they will be retained long-term or not. I interpret gradient= glitz because it's not a basic design. Like drop shadow, it adds a unique flair compared to just basic numbers. Just because drop shadow has been around longer has nothing to do with whether it will be retained long term or not if the fans take a liking to it. It's like someone back in the 50's or whenever it was calling the Rams helmet horns "gimmicky and they won't last" Everything, good or bad, whether it becomes traditional or not, starts "at some point".
  11. I’m not asking which has been in use longer, I’m asking what, fundamentally, makes a gradient inferior or less aesthetically pleasing than a drop shadow design.
  12. What criteria are we using to determine what's more gimmicky? I don't see what's more fundamentally outlandish about gradient numbers than drop shadow numbers.
  13. @TruColor Can you provide some insight.
  14. You know it's odd, I'm looking at this post on both a PC and an iphone, and the "new" sol gold color looks much brighter and yellowish on my iphone compared to PC. Either way, it looks closer to the painting than the old colors from what I can see.
  15. I think the gradient numbers could very well be retained long-term. Look at the Lakers dropshadow uniform numbers. If they had never had those but all of a sudden thrown them on, people would be shouting to the high heavens that they were gimmicky. The gradient numbers match the image you want to project as a Los Angeles market team, glitz.