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  1. I 100% agree. They really need to embrace their nautical relationship. There is so much potential for a great brand with Clipper ship imagery. There is nothing in their current brand that makes people think of Clipper ships (except for MAYBE their uniform side stripes, although those are pretty abstract). It's sad how many people I have to explain what the name 'Clippers' means. Blue and orange would look great and be unique, especially with the nautical flags.
  2. we didn't? That mask certainly wouldn't fit on a regular duck... It clearly looks to be patterned after Disney's interpretation of ducks, i.e. Donald Duck Or really any cartoon anthropomorphic duck. The mask could easily fit onto Daffy Duck, Howard the Duck, or....I'm having trouble thinking of more famous cartoon ducks haha, but the point remains. They clearly just modeled it after an anthropomorphic duck more than a specific one.
  3. Obviously it's just my opinion, but I literally find nothing redeeming about this logo. IMO it's definitely bottom five in the 4 majors. To me, it's a lazy logo, "oh, let's combine the D and a Star!", which is fine, but it's not executed cleverly or well. The shape, to me, looks off, and it looks amateurish. I honestly would have preferred just an italic star to this The loss of gold is a downgrade, even though I actually like the silver. The roundel is just following the next design trend. I just really, really, really don't like this haha. I don't blame people for liking it, but it's definitely NOT for me.
  4. Forgot this one: Question, would the Blue Jackets and Mighty Ducks logos technically be considered roundels? Roundels are usually described as circular, while the Jackets and Ducks are oval shaped. I'm not trying to be petty or anything, I'm actually genuinely curious as to whether these fall under the "roundel umbrella" or if they're a separate designation. Either way, there is way too many logos similar to each other. Also, dear god that Dallas Stars new logo is an unmitigated disaster.
  5. Lemme ask you this, so any of the following names strike terror in you? Lakers, clippers, celtics, kings, thunder, spurs, magic, mavericks, suns, Knicks, nets(maybe or sea creatures), jazz(fear inducing saxophones maybe?) supersonics, trailblazers, heat..? Maybe I'm just all man and have no fear, or maybe people are overreacting. LOL. those names are not exactly terrifying but most do come with a sense of local pride. the ones that don't have built a brand so strong there would be riots in the streets if they changed it. it's hard to get behind the Pelicans name, i dont think i'll ever like it, but it will grow on the majority of their fanbase over time. It's basketball, not football. I really don't think the names HAVE to be terrifying. Exactly. That's such a lame argument.... and even in football, there's teams like the Cardinals. Have you seen a cardinal in your backyard or anywhere? A Pelican would eat one of those things in one gulp. be honest, Pelicans can be pretty damn terrifying haha, they can be aggressive as hell, they're vicious, and one of the few birds of their kind that are carnivores, that's pretty terrifying
  6. Agreed. That might actually be the worst athlete logo i've laid eyes on. Way to abstract, and if the first few people struggle to realize that THAT was the logo he was talking about, it needs scrapped and back to the drawing board. I honestly thought it was a "contact point" or something to that effect on the sole of the shoe... Good points I think it's the idea I like. It is very abstract, and even took me a while to realize. Execution lacking, agreed. Ya, it definitely feels like more a part of the shoe( ie. 'contact point') than an actual logo. This is kind of a downer for me because I thought their logo for Baron Davis line was pretty cool, a little cartoonish but it fit Davis well.
  7. I gotta be honest...I'm not seeing it. Yeah, I'm not seeing it either I'm thinking they were going for something like this...just my attempt haha, I like the idea, but the execution definitely is lacking a little bit. It's too much of a stretch to see everything unlike the Lebron logo that does the same thing.
  8. (video at bottom of article) So apparently there is something special about the shoes in the Nebraska - Wisconsin UnRivaled game, has anybody heard anything about this? It looks like judging from the video they do something when on camera.
  9. The names were made by the blog writers. I'm pretty sure the policy to join SBNation was that you have to have your own blog, and then SBN recruits you and your blog joins their network. So no, Fraser didn't name any of them. Cheers, it's really great work. Personal favourite: Got a good chuckle out of that one. Haha, this is the original - I kind of miss the thought bubble because that pretty much sums up the thinking of California hockey. And this is actually the one that was designed by the designer - Which i think looks awesome, but I like that they kept the lighthearted feel, just wish it had the thought bubble
  10. Did anybody else notice Scutaro wore two different jerseys last night during the Giants game? haha, they showed this picture during Quick Pitch.
  11. Disagreed. It's mostly Adidas and their :censored:ty template and cookie cutter designs that are making it seem that way. Nike and now Under Armour have been putting out, for the most part, well-thought-out and unique designs. While I agree that Nike and UA(to some degree) are more successful than Adidas. To say they're well-thought-out is an over statement in my opinion. Nike just seems to throw every idea they have against the wall and see what sticks, especially with Oregon. They come up with some cool ass designs too. It works for them, but most of their designs are just experiments, not well thought out at all. EDIT: it seems like people are hating on Adidas because they were the last to hop on the "crazy jersey" train, so everything they do is just a rip-off or a gimmick, no winning it seems.
  12. Idk..i'm pretty sure the Husker faithful don't really care about the Houston Texans. Especially since they're in the Big 10 now. Texas-like = related to Texas Longhorns. The Nebraska folks have a bit of blind rage related to the burnt orange-clad folks in Austin. haha, no i definitely understand the hatred, I'm a Huskers fan. I just don't think that a jersey that alludes to any Texas football team immediately instills blind rage in Husker fans. A jersey that looks like the longhorns? Probably. A jersey that looks like the Houston Texans? Probably not.
  13. Idk..i'm pretty sure the Husker faithful don't really care about the Houston Texans. Especially since they're in the Big 10 now.
  14. You tell me one unique aspect about these uniforms that hasn't been done in the last 3 years. i dont see why that matters. it seems like if you do anything trendy people say "its been done before; looks like a X rip off" and if you do somthing original its "its too gimmicky, you dont need that". you cant win. i like this Nebraska stuff because its different for them. i would rather see black or white pants, double-red is really loud, but i say good job here I feel like you do not have an understanding of the word "gimmicky." If something is truly original, it cannot be gimmicky because there is nothing for it to be a cheap imitation of. (Granted, you try to claim that a team like Nebraska is gimmicky for developing a modern uniform, but you couldn't make any actual judgements on that uniform until you see it.) And liking something for the sole reason "because it is different" is laughable. It's like buying a Nook because it's different than an iPad. Different does not automatically mean better, especially in this case. Just because something is truly original doesn't mean it isn't a gimmick. Being a gimmick has nothing to do with being a cheap imitation of anything. A gimmick is just an attention grabber, something to get people talking that serves no real service or substance to whatever the gimmick is being applied to. Anything can be a gimmick, whether it's been done before or hasn't, originality doesn't really relate to being gimmicky.
  15. Wow, that gold really bothers me. I'm really glad they matched the golds, but man, why in god's name did they choose the duller of the 9 golds they had? And that swoosh is more than awkward, it looks like it's a Chinese knockoff and the tangent between the swoosh and the numbers is ridiculously annoying haha.