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  1. Anyone place the script they use on the nose here? https://flic.kr/p/4Uztr
  2. Also the "official" colors of the University of North Dakota. Kelly Green and Pink.
  3. Out of that era, Radke seems to be the only name that sticks, really.
  4. Nice Indian kit, but would it not look a touch better with some orange/white to break up the blue a bit more?
  5. DhruvK

    NFL Vector Helmets

    Amazing! Please post the .ai file if possible!
  6. Absolutely gorgeous so far! Can't wait to see India, Pakistan, and the rest
  7. Absolutely gorgeous. If only Rogers would take this under consideration
  8. This looks hot - any idea if you'll add pants/socks, etc. to round this out?
  9. Concept looks really amazing. Nice work with it. That being said, the blue alts are a touch iffy. Primarily because Blue's been more of a trim color for the Cards over the years, and also (not to nitpick), but your blue jersey trim striping is very close to what umpire blue shirts have . Agree with the others that I'd like to see at least one (preferably the home) done up in red. Aside from that, this is near-perfect!
  10. DhruvK

    MLB Redesign

    Not digging the Twins. That wordmark is a bit TOO retro. Their current one's the right mix of classic baseball with the swoosh and modern with the straight lines in it...you've gone and made it look like something you'd find on the back of a 1950's Cadillac IMO. The BP jersey's nice though. The A's one, on the other hand, is damn sexy. How fitting that your A's one trumps your Twins one...just like real life this week *mutters*
  11. If you get rid of the red outlines on the jersey lettering and only use it as an accent for the maple leaf (a la the late 80's - early 90's look) that last design is absolutely gorgeous.
  12. DhruvK

    MLB Sigs

    I'd love a Twins one (maybe in home blue instead of the ugly pinstriped whites ) P: Santana (#57) C: Mauer (#7) 1B: Morneau (#33) 2B: Castillo (#1) SS: Bartlett (#18) 3B: Punto (#8) LF: Kubel (#16) CF: Hunter (#48) RF: Cuddyer (#5) Thanks much!