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  1. I was just stating it is not offensive to me and society as a whole can be way to politically correct. I have done a lot and seen a lot of things in my lifetime and I found that words and images don't hurt as much as physical actions. And I also understand that people grieve, express, and deal with things in a different way this piece of art is just this artists way of doing that.
  2. I just looked it up and I am still not offended that is his beliefs and feelings. That was poor judgement on his part but at the end of the day they are still just pixels.
  3. I agree with @BrandMooreArt the design is clever. I just don't subscribe to the over sensitivities of society these days how can pixels offend you?
  4. The 1940's Pepsi script is CLASS! Should go back to that.
  5. The design is solid but as mentioned above more separation from the penguins is needed, The jerseys are fantastic but it screams NCAA to me and not NBA.
  6. C-A-T-S CATS CATS CATS!!!!!!!

  7. Man it took me a bit to recognize that was Georgia Tech I love the creativity. Can I make a suggestion for UK you could just do an "8".
  8. #1 PG, #1 SG, #3 SF, #1 PF, #1 C How's that for a recruiting class!!!

  9. Charleston is gorgeous I love everything about that kit.
  10. I can mock it up if no body has the original let me know.
  11. Cats still not getting any respect. Wouldn't have it any other way.

  12. How is UK out of AP Top 25? Ignorance.....

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