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  1. I've still been working on these. I would appreciate some feedback on this one The Gilgal Whirlwinds
  2. Completely re-did the Ararat Arks. Trying to make Noah look better. C&C very much appreciated.
  3. Thanks! I didn't intend two different shades of yellow - I am slightly color blind . I will fix it. I wanted to shadow throughout, but am really struggling with how to effectively shadow.
  4. bump. anybody got any criticism? advice? thanks in advance.
  5. Based on the story of the Israelites coming out of Egypt, and Egypt's response in not letting them go before the onset of ten plagues. The Egypt Plagues. The letter is based on the actual Egyptian hieroglyphic for the "e" sound. The actual hieroglyphic is the same logo presented here, but turned on its end.
  6. I wanted one that was a little whimsical. Based on the story of Lot's wife turning into a pillar of salt after looking back toward Sodom, the Sodom Salts!
  7. I have taken some time to learn inkscape. Here are a couple more logos that I have developed. Again, looking for ways to improve the logos. First up, appropriately enough, the Eden Serpents! Based on the story of the serpent pointing Adam and Eve the fruit of the tree. was shooting for the snake to look foreboding while simultaneously offering the apple to the viewer. Their lettermark - an apple peeled to resemble an E C&C appreciated.
  8. This is amazing. A drastic improvement over the current set. I like secondary a. Can't say enough how much I love this though.
  9. new font for the q-bird wordmark also updated logo with new font re-attempt at Ararat Arks with stronger lines and more definite "A" specific questions - new font for the quails, yay or nay? - advice / feedback on the updated arks logo
  10. no worries. I know I have alot to learn. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  11. Thanks again for the feedback. You have really helped me out alot. I am looking for another font.
  12. trying to make the line work heavier and add some depth to the quail.
  13. As much as I appreciate your feedback, this is really not helpful. Maybe you could suggest some more specific things about a specific logo?
  14. I am going to come back to the Holy Grounds. Up next, the Elim Quails. Based on the Old Testament story of God feeding the Israelites with quail and manna while they roamed the desert.