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  1. I think people are capitalizing on the idea that it's going away, so it's going to be rare. Splash Mountain merchandise is kind of doing the same thing right now.
  2. Its neon in the vegas night, get it, huh huh, get it,
  3. I still miss the Casper Ghosts. I thought they killed it with that one.
  4. Probably nothing, Wyoming has been wearing these pants in practice They match what Wyoming was wearing in their uniform announcement and promos last year but they only wore solid gold pants all season long with home and road. So maybe these will finally see the field or maybe these just practice gear, We'll see.
  5. That would work, I was just trying to think in the confines of the existing template.
  6. To this very day I argue there was a very simple fix to the nike jets striping issue. change the three shoulder stripes from white-green-white to green-white-green. You still get the illusion of the stripe separated from the shoulder cap but you no longer have the weird armpit notch.
  7. I know it was just one game, well two if you count the aways. But This jersey for me was the first time I realized that the Denver broncos had different uniforms that what I was used to and it made this "rare" to me. I think this may be the jersey that kicked off my fascination in uniforms. I am not now nor ever have been a fan of the suns, but when they made the switch to this uniform, it was the first time I thought uniforms could be "cool"
  8. They are also wearing plain yellow pants instead of the striped pants shown in the reveal video
  9. there is store in Laramie called Brown and gold outlet that sells them. They may still have some. Give them call and they will ship them.
  10. I have (per the game worn collecting thread) 2 Wyoming game worn Vapor Untouchables and they were $30 a pop. of course the have elastic in the bottom and and designed to fit over pads.... but still its literally 90% cheaper than buying the elite fan jersey.
  11. Its $10 less than they charge for the NFL vapor untouchable elites
  12. I live in wyoming and thus ALL of these are wyoming related. First Baseball: Casper Rockies Rookie League affilate Basketball: Team issued not sure in game worn University of Wyoming Football: First a couple of jerseys from the NIFL/IFL Wyoming Cavalry Finally my University of Wyoming: Not Pictured: Away jersey Not Pictured: Gold Alternate And I just got these two yesterday I also have a Wyoming Cowboys practice jersey and a Denver Broncos practice jersey
  13. My response to Wyoming signing with adidas was a four letter expletive but I'm right with you. There are still some funky stuff they did this offseason but as a whole not bad adidas not bad.
  14. A craving. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall in that pitch meeting.
  15. Thanks for having my back power ranger Rick
  16. Thank you Wyoming for going with the CFL template
  17. I was mentally prepared for worse. It’s a down grade but not the worst by far. The plus side is it looks like they widened the number font.
  18. Do you think that Adidas could make the identical jersey to what a team wore the season before but because it’s an adidas template it’s aleays going to be a downgrade?
  19. After seeing some of these other adidas uniforms, what I initially thought was just a blank-ish jersey to cash in might just be Wyoming’s new roads.
  20. I'm not sure about the font but the actual G-Knight (lancer duh) is a pretty decent idea and fairly well rendered.
  21. I just had to share that today DC Comics announced a new costume for batgirl. New: Old: I think the new design is a downgrade from the practical, less sexualized 2014 redesign
  22. All these adidas pics have me a little panicked about what Wyoming is getting this season. We finally had a good set dammit.
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