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  1. Is the “striping” on the socks with the change in knit pattern a design feature? Or do all of Nike’s socks look like that and I just never noticed before.
  2. Huge upgrade. The Orange striped white pants look stupid with the outline like many said, and I wish the away had more orange. Otherwise, these are a big win IMO.
  3. Without seeing a helmet, I’d wager that <50% of fans would ID the Browns. With a helmet? 90+% Which is precisely the argument for one helmet.
  4. Pittsburgh and LV is a miss on my part. I guess NO, too. LAR - No. Recent color swap and similarity to Chargers over the past 2 decades. Bengals - maybe. Browns - nope. Their colors and name are in conflict. Casual fans wouldn’t ID them. Philly - good point - take NYJ off of my list. Washington - too similar to KC and AZ The call out on the Browns - “casual fans wouldn’t ID them” - is the barometer I think. The helmet is definitive. The colors are not in the case of most (which is probably an argument for crappy color chimes, but that’s another argument...)
  5. Elaborating, there are a handful of teams that I think can lay claim to their colors being their visual ID: Baltimore Miami Jacksonville Tampa Bay Minnesota Seattle Green Bay NYJ SF Those teams are unmistakably identified by their colors. Maybe another couple of teams could be added. Beyond that, there‘s mostly a muddled mess of Blue/White, Blue/Silver, Blue/Red, Red/White teams (not to mention Chicago and Denver with remarkably similar colors). The NFL is also defined largely by its brand rather than its players (save the superstars). Removing the helmet as the visual identifier for a club would dramatically alter how we consume the NFL in viewership and in public persona.
  6. But they often aren’t the visual identifier like helmets are.
  7. Improvement, yes. My critiques without an art background: -Your channel’s old logo made it clear you were a Disney channel. The new one seems like a DIY logo to the untrained Disney fan. It might be tough to drive traffic as a result of the change. Flip-side, not including “Disney World” in the logo loosens up your focus and allows you to branch into other Orlando-based parks. -I don’t like that the words “My” and “Fix” are rotated rather than being vertically or radically arched. It looks like you added two sections of WordArt next to the castle -I like the firework concept, but it’s a little busy. I think you could remove some strokes to get the same effect in a cleaner presentation. -I’m not a fan of the “Est. 2018” because it doesn’t add any information that is relevant nor interesting to the channel. And it might work against you dating your channel - both in that it’s not well established and that it might seem dated in a couple of years.
  8. Those are almost perfect. Great job, LAC!
  9. Damn. That makes the raven head look really, really nice. Well done!
  10. I think this has been posted before. It’s neat but kind of tacky looking IMO.
  11. Unpopular opinion: I kind of like this helmet design. I don’t think that it’s right for the Rams, but I like the depth that the different segment colors provide to the horn.
  12. I wouldn’t be shocked that weaving techniques to make a shiny fabric require far more material by quantity to make a durable fabric. the error with your logic is that you presume 90some% and 88% use the same volume of material to make the fabric.
  13. I can’t remember where I saw this, but there’s a company making a plastic cover/skin for helmets that can be applied quickly for low-cost, one-helmet color changes: https://www.gamedayskinz.com/ I’m curious if this might be a way for the NFL to avoid lawsuits but also provide for multiple shells. Personally, I hate the idea of multiple shells except for a true throwback event (say the Bills throwing back to one of their Super Bowl loss seasons...). But to commemorate certain events and eras in restrained fashion? Sure.
  14. The helmet looks dated to me. I like the general idea of the lid - it just reminds me of a helmet I would have painted back in HS when making mock uniforms in my spare time for the hell of it.
  15. Already mentioned most: Left: Western Metal Right: The Warehouse Center: The scoreboard at Wrigley
  16. I got temporarily blocked from a major helmet manufacturer's facebook page arguing helmet safety. They touted a new helmet with facemasks specially designed for just that helmet to reduce head trauma...and then touted how you could interchange facemasks from other helmet models to suit your personal #swag. They're dangerous. They don't give a damn about player safety unless it means they can tout some new, safer model at a ridiculous price point.
  17. He'll, they might be worse. Decals can at least stretch. The paint on those shells is going to be shatter city come November in northern climates I'd imagine.
  18. If they had done this but with the players' number, I'd dig it. Thw Lions wordmark there is a miss I think.
  19. Things like the OLED helmet make me cry as an engineer. Interesting? Sure. Happening anytime in the next two decades? No way.
  20. Playing the Chicago Wolves - definitely a shame they couldn't blow a 3-1 lead, tie the game at the end of regulation, and get blown out in a shootout all while LeBron watched and pretended to care about another sport/team because he needs to pretend he gives a :censored: about Cleveland.
  21. Interesting choice of words... And yes, those visors look silly.
  22. What is the material like? Does it have a standard cotton hoodie feel or a more "athletic" material? How is the fit? It's mostly a standard cotton hoodie - the tan areas may be just slightly rougher. The numbers/lettering are all stitched. The colors are exactly as shown in the picture. It may run a tad large in sizing (which surprised me a bit), and the hood is fairly large. Some stitching isn't perfect, but they're all strong stitches from what I can tell.
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