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  1. No I get that I don't have a problem with the "C" that appears on the state flag (I liked the Yeti foot better) and on the logo I just don't like the mountain they put the "C" on.
  2. Yes that is true that design will always be synonymous with the New York Rangers but it's often replicated. A ton of teams wether it's NHL, College, and High School have donned that design and it will always be remembered as a Rangers but it's also a Classic hockey jersey design. Just like the Michigan football helmet will always be recognized as Michigan's Helmet but it's also a classic football helmet design that is replicated all the time. When the Avalanche entered the league their Home & Away sets were perfect it was a modern yet traditional set kind of like the Denver Broncos set was modern at the time now we call it a Modern but traditional look. Anyway I thought the Avalanche's sets were perfect and that they were a team that did not need a 3rd Jersey. However when they unveiled the Burgundy "Colorado" Alternates it was a different design then the Home & Away but it still had that classic hockey sweater look and I thought it fit well with the team. Maybe my love for this jersey is because my grand parents gifted me one for Christmas when it came out idk but I know a lot of people loved those and I know a lot of people love these current ones and I get your points and where you're coming from and what the Avs are trying to do. Maybe after sometime these will grow on me.
  3. I'd have to disagree with this a little bit. Imo that logo should not be on the uniform, One it's a modernized version of a team that has nothing to do with the Avalanche franchise and they were awful to begin with. Two imo the logo itself wether it's related to the rockies or not just doesn't go well with the brand since the Avalanche already have their "A" logo which resembles the shape of a mountain already so what's the need for a different Mountain logo that comes from a completely different franchise. The Avalanche could have still gone a different rout with the navy blue on the uniform. I understand they're going for a Colorado uniform inspired by the state. What I would have done if they wanted to keep the different direction with the navy blue and keep the white shoulders which are supposed to resemble the snow capped mountains, I would have taken the mountain logo off and replaced that with the Diagonal "Colorado" from the older alternates. You still keep the rest of the uniform so it'll still be a uniform that honors the state of Colorado (if someone could mock that up for me that would be great I have all of these ideas but absolutely zero skill whatsoever to mock anything up). With all of that said I wish they would have brought these back instead.
  4. I really just wanted the old burgundy alternates with Colorado on it. I’m just not a fan of these.
  5. In my area they get in for free if they wear their jersey and other students get in free with a sticker placed on their School ID that’s $50 but gets you into every sports game for every season and every sport including Middle School sports.
  6. Football kicks off tonight here in Michigan and there are some big games. Grand Rapids West Catholic (Grand Rapids, Michigan) the 5 time defending D5 State Champions take on Jackson Lumen Cristi (Jackson, Michigan) who are back to back D6 State Champions. Muskegon Big Reds (Muskegon, Michigan) the defending D3 State Champions take on Warren De La Salle (Warren, Michigan) the defending D2 State Champions. Muskegon has a massive offensive line including Anthony Bradford a 6-5 , 360lb Tackle who is committed to LSU. They also have a brand new transfer QB in Cameron Martinez who has multiple D1 offers and already has a State Championship with a different school. East Kentwood (Kentwood, Michigan) vs Mona Shores (Muskegon, Michigan) East Kentwood has a boat load of massive lineman with D1 offers including Logan Brown a Wisconsin commit he's 6-7, 305 lbs and they have Mazi Smith a Michigan commit 6-3, 310 lbs. East Kentwood is a power house in Track & Field so I expect them to have some speedy skill players as well. Mona Shores has been pretty tough the last few years though so it should be a pretty good game. Zeeland West (Zeeland, Michigan) vs Northland (Columbus, Ohio) Zeeland West has been around since 2005 and they don't really churn out D1 prospects but they do churn out State Titles as they 4 since the program began in 05. They run the Full House Power T offense (Wing T is what we call it here in Michigan) so I'm not sure if thats something Northland sees a whole lot down in Ohio so it should be an interesting game. All I know about Northland is that they have a Michigan commit at WR. Zeeland East (Zeeland, Michigan) vs East Grand Rapids (East Grand Rapids, Michigan) Zeeland East has a 6-7, 260 lb DE committed to MSU and they have a bunch of kids returning to a team that went 9-1 last year and East Grand Rapids is a perennial powerhouse who went 9-1 last year as well so it should be a good matchup.
  7. The 2018 High School football season kicks off tonight here in Michigan so I thought it would be a good time to start this up again. Please post what local schools in your area are wearing or any other schools you happen to find. Now that we are in the 2018 season I see more and more schools switching to one of the 3 big brands (Nike, Adidas, UA) however there are still some schools wearing brands like Wilson, Riddell, Russell Athletic. I also see more schools usually the bigger ones following the college teams and adding multiple alternate uniforms and in some instances alternate helmets.
  8. it’s a one off for the LSU game I believe.
  9. I need to see the full thing but those Miami jerseys aren’t bad.
  10. Adidas is better then UA as far as a company. Football wise I would say Adidas is better then UA. UA only makes good football cleats imo.
  11. A high school here in Michigan has Red Turf.
  12. Imo this offseason Adidas has knocked all of their designs out of the park. The only ones I don’t really care for are the catalog order uniforms for the smaller schools but that’s not their fault. I did like ASU’s previous set minus the duct tape numbers and sleeve design but the new set is a classic look the Arizona flag detail is nice but overall won’t really be seen unless up close. 10/10 for Adidas.
  13. https://twitter.com/ku_football/status/1026513381795213313?s=21
  14. I’m sure they will have black uniforms and I’m sure A&M will have their white helmets.
  15. Needs a navy alternate and that set would be 10/10
  16. That’s awful l. I have a couple Michigan jerseys from when they were with Adidas and they’re great quality. That’s just terrible.
  17. Imo that’s a great look. Simple and clean.
  18. I would add a blue stripe to the current Avs away uniforms like this.
  19. I’m thinking that picture was taken with flash on and it has a 3m effect. That can’t be what it actually looks like normally.
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