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  1. Oregon is supposed to be getting new uni’s, however, don’t expect the flashy ones we’ve seen in the past...I think they want more traditional uni’s believe it or not...
  2. That was put there because they were trying to claim they owned the NW territory except they've lost 13 of their last 15 games to the Ducks so that's laughable!
  3. That UA helmet looks really nice...now they just gotta get rid of those awful numbers they wear on Saturdays!
  4. Oregon verbal commit Spencer Webb showing off a possible NEW uni for the Ducks!
  5. I know under Helfrich that was how things were done...I thought things might be done differently under Taggart that's all!
  6. UCLA looks good...does anyone know when the Ducks are supposed to unveil their NEW uni's?
  7. This is Oregon State's combo for Week 1: WhiteUSA/Black/White
  8. I'd really like to contribute to this site more but I'm sure how to post on here...It seems really confusing! Ugh...
  9. The new 3 year cycle of Oregon Ducks uniforms are on the way...stay tuned!
  10. Texas Tech helmets are atrocious! Like I literally can't tell what's on them, sigh!
  11. https://twitter.com/chrissolari/status/479090664039538688 Looks to be a fake white helmet for Sparty...
  12. Washington Huskies will be gettin new uni's tomm! @mcherrington22 From a source who has seen the new #UW jerseys: "They're as nice or nicer than #Oregon's." Will be released tomorrow at 11 a.m.
  13. Oregon State's new logo for tomorrow's Spring scrimmage...
  14. Oregon's New Unis for fans... http://spiritduck.uoduckstore.com/university_of_oregon_football_jerseys_and_apparel_s/49.htm