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  1. After seeing UCLA & Miami I (a NC State fan) am worried we're going to have those crappy tire treads on our uniforms as well
  2. I like Maryland's uniforms last week and this week
  3. NC State will be wearing these this weekend (combination picked out by Seniors since its Senior Day) and it is the first time they'll wear red helmets with black facemask
  4. Not a bad list at all, surprised not to see Kentucky up there. Not sure that would be my top ten, but overall a solid list. I'm a homer in that I've always liked our layout, including last years (bottom) and this years (top)
  5. I find it hard myself to find a solid white uniform I don't like. But here is a few I like
  6. I disagree. I didn't have a huge problem with last years though I didn't love them. I hate the different colored shoulders on these uniforms. I would've been fine sticking with these if they just changed STATE to NC STATE
  7. I remember back in the day you used to have a tutorial on how you made custom covers. Like you had the photoshop plug ins you used and everything. Do you still have that up somewhere or do you remember the names of the plug ins you used?

  8. because the kids should have the same opinions and taste they do! duh! I like uniforms just as much as the next guy, but some people take these uniforms more serious than they do the games. They know what they're going to see when they watch the video, some player in it jumping around then revealing it to players who go crazy (because what Athletic Department would put out a promo of the players not liking the uniforms), but they watch it anyways. They could just comment on the jerseys, but also commenting on this allows them another post just to make sure everyone else knows how much they don't like them and how they hate what college football has become, as if no one read it the first time.
  9. ehhh they're a one time deal I'm sure, so I don't really care. I don't hate them but I don't love them. They'll be worn against ODU, which will only be able to be seen if you go to the game or watch it on ESPN3. Have no problem wearing them for this game.
  10. different color trims, i believe the article i just read said the grey uniforms would have a set with blue trim and another set with red trim.
  11. I think that is supposed to be navy blue, not grey. lord, I wish we would just stick with one uniform set. I'd be fine with either of the set we wore when Lorenzo Brown was here.
  12. yeah they need to go back to a simpler uniform. I also liked this uniform
  13. not prototypes, unveiled these earlier this year when they unveiled their new uniforms
  14. Oregon's field is its school color, so why care when other teams do it
  15. they need to update the uniforms, look like one of the generic high school uniforms from NCAA 14. Not saying they need to go overboard like their last few sets though.