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  1. The 1983 Texas Rangers had a one year set. Then in 1994 Texas Rangers road jersey were tweaked in 1995 by adding a blue outline around the "Texas" 1998 St Louis Cardinals. 1999, they changed the beak of the birds from red to yellow. 1993 Colorado Rockies road jerseys were a one year wonder before they changed the sleeve piping in 1994. 1994 Detroit Tigers road jersey
  2. As a long time Angels fan. I think the Angels should be renamed the "California Angels." That's who they were for 30 years. Yes, there are 4 other teams in the Golden state, but "California Angels" sounds better. I doubt it will ever happen again, but you never know with changes of ownership. Would like to see the Angels bring back their uniforms from the 1970's-1992 with a more updated version and have "California" across the chest on their road uniforms and an alternate cap ( red or navy) with the "California" state logo and a bright gold halo around the top.
  3. I was thinking that mlb would call the Charlotte team Carolina, but what do I know? What do we know? It could take years before Charlotte ever gets an mlb team. Copperheads sounds like the name they would go with. How about the Charlotte Generals or the Charlotte Troopers? I'm sure you can come up with a better name, but I have never been to Charlotte before and don't know much about the history of Charlotte. Timber Jacks does not sound too minor league to me, but Portland Remingtons comes to mind. The Remingtons is a unique name, but I don't know how much that name is associated with Oregon. The Portland Rains? Portland Pioneers? Portland Caverns? Who knows what the nickname will be for the Portland expansion team if MLB ever has a team in Portland.
  4. How about the Portland Timber Jacks, colors would be forest green and black. T-Jacks for short. I'm also thinking the Portland Hops. As for Charlotte, I would go with the Carolina Copperheads and nothing more.
  5. Okay, I might be getting a little off topic here, but I hope within the next few years, all 30 mlb teams( 32 if there is an expansion) will be restricted to wearing home whites/cream and road greys only and all teams that have alternate jerseys will use them in Spring training and batting practice only. However, I would not mind a few teams like the Mariners, Braves, Cardinals, and Pirates wearing their cream alternate uniforms as a Sunday uniform. I doubt that will ever happen, but I'm more of a traditionalist, which puts me in the minority.
  6. The Royals would definitely look good in powder blue road uniforms, especially if they make their baby blue alternate top the primary road jersey with matching pants to go with it. I think powder blue road uniforms will be a new trend in the next decade, just like cream colored home and alternates have been in this decade. I remember back in the 2000's, black alternate tops were becoming a trend for the Oakland Athletics, Astros, Blue Jays, Mets, Royals, and Rockies, but got phased out for most of those teams. Teams that would also look good in powder blue road uniforms would be the Rays, Blue Jays, Brewers, Cubs, Nationals, Rangers, and Twins. I see that happening a lot in the 20's, especially if there are a couple of expansion teams coming along.
  7. The only difference will be the Nike swoosh, which will probably be located somewhere on the front of all jerseys, which is okay. The shades of grey on the road uniforms might be a little different. not sure if all 30 mlb teams will stick with the cool base material or go back to the double knit. I don't expect all 30 mlb teams to make a drastic change on all uniforms, like Majestic started doing with all batting practice jerseys back in 2003.
  8. Yes they would. As for the Milwaukee Brewers, why not make their Friday Night pinstripes the primary home and go royal and yellow gold full time, with a powder blue road uniform with the old Milwaukee cursive wordmark in a button down version. I would love the Angels to go with a gold Halo and lose the silver drop shadow on their home and red alternate jerseys. I'm surprised they have not done so yet, except for the 2011 season. However, I doubt the Angels will make any tweaks to their uniforms any time soon. By the way, I read a thread back in November that the Cleveland Indians have a rebrand "in the works" for the 2020 season. That was when they unveiled their 2 new alternate jerseys for 2019. I picture the Philadelphia Phillies bringing back maroon full time in 2020 or 2021.Finally, it would be cool if the Athletics went with Kelly green and brought back the "A's" on their primary home jerseys with Kelly/gold/Kelly head spoon piping and the same color piping on their sleeves, along with a grey road jersey with the 1984-1986 "Oakland" wordmark. Anyways, I can't wait to see the Padres new uniforms for the 2020 season.
  9. I'm sure a couple of teams will add a new alternate jersey or two, but we'll all find out by Spring Training 2020, so we shall see. We shall see.
  10. I bet the Cleveland Indians will be other mlb team to get a rebrand in 2020. I also see the Oakland Athletics going with Kelly green full time in 2020 and the Milwaukee Brewers finally getting a rebrand as well. We all know the Padres will get new uniforms in 2020.
  11. I'm guessing the Reds will unveil a new alternate jersey as well. What about the Oakland Athletics 50th anniversary Kelly green alternate jersey? Is it coming back next season or was it a one year thing? I'm also hoping the Royals mothball their Friday night home alternates, but I doubt that will happen.
  12. Other than the new 2018 ST/BP caps and jerseys and Anniversary patches, it looks like the only new mlb changes for this coming season is the new Washington Nationals navy alternate jersey and the new Colorado Rockies new Alternate cap. If that's the case, this will be the first mlb season since 1996 where no team did a complete uniform overhaul, whether it's major or a minor tweak.
  13. Okay, now that the 2017 mlb regular season is almost over, has anyone heard any rumors on any mlb teams getting a rebrand for 2018? Any additions of a new alternate jersey? Major or minor tweaks? I'm just curious.
  14. I think there should be a new rule where all 30 mlb teams should strictly wear their home whites and road greys only. Colored tops should be worn during spring training only. Teams like the Brewers, Cardinals, Padres, and Diamondbacks should limit their throwback home whites to twice a year. The Dodgers should pick one or the other road jerseys they wear, either the "Los Angeles" or the "Dodgers" and wear only one of those 81 games a year on the road. Same with the D'Backs, pick one of their two home whites and one of their two road greys and just wear their colored tops ( both black and Sedona red) for spring training only. Too many teams have too many uniforms during the season. Between 1987-1993, almost all mlb teams had only a standard home white uniform and a standard road grey(or powder blue for some teams) uniform and that's the way it should be.
  15. That's the kind of cap I'm thinking about, except it would just have the "A" logo, rather than the "LA". A gold halo would look better than the silver. A navy alternate jersey to go with that would be great. If the Angels are making a tweak next season, I hope they drop the silver drop shadow on their home and red alternate jersey. The silver around the halo and wordmark is getting stale. Would love to see the Angels return to the gold halo around the A. The way it should be, but just wishful thinking.
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