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  1. Ok. So here's the story about helmets and their fit: 1) You can change the padding inside the helmet. However, changing the padding doesn't necessarily change the fit. All of today's helmets, with the exception of the Zenith, use inflated liners to create the buffer between the helmet and the skull. There are significant differences between the air management systems of Schutt's and Riddell's helmets. The Zenith was designed to help reduce the rate of second hit syndrome concussions. Second hit occurs when the brain hits the skull after the initial impact. Although Riddell's and Schutt's helmets try to prevent this, Zenith's has proven to be better based on the "bonnet" inside the shell. Riddell's and Schutt's padding are against the shell where Zenith's is suspended inside. Because of this, Zenith claims that their helmet is the best on the market. 2) Facemasks are always a personal choice, although to a certain extent. When I mount a mask on a players helmet, I ask him which one he wants based on the position that he plays. I will not put an interior linemen on either side of the ball in a mask that a receiver would wear. The rule about spacing is that the mask must be no less than 1/2" and no more than 1.5" from the nose, generally the width of two fingers. One finger and it's too close, three and it's too far away. 3) There has been increased talk and awareness about concussions over the course of the last five years or so. However in light of recent events, it has really taken flight. We are now being more and more aware about how the helmet fits a player, how he feels in it, and his concussion history. I base issuance of the helmet to the player based on his concussion history. The reason for this is that older helmets, e.g. Riddell VSR4, Schutt Pro Air 2 or Air Advantage, tend to do a lesser job than the newer models. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are completely inferior, but I'd issue a Revo before I issue a VSR4. God I need to get back into an equipment room!
  2. People: READ THE DAMN QUOTE!!!!! It says that he asked a 12-year-old to JOIN the huddle, NOT TO PLAY in the games. Sheesh!
  3. Gees, I'm sorry that I didn't see the emotioncon. And yes, I do get offended at some of the stuff on here. Most of the time I choose to ignore it. i just get tired of hearing comments that Jews are stingy with money, etc. As an equipment manager, I hear it a lot from players, coaches, vendors, etc. I let them know that I am Jewish, they apologize for their comment and we move on. I didn't really take notice of the fact that Brandies was a "Jewish" university while living in the Bean. i just thought that it was another university just like all of the other ones. Look, I don't really care what religious sect a university is sponsored by. If they have the money and the desire to participate in intercollegiate sports, then they are entitled to that right just as long as they go through the proper processes.
  4. Hahahahaha it's funny because the jews hoard money and are cheap!!!!! I don't usually say things like this but I sure as hell hope that you were joking. As one, I'm a little offended by that , even if it was a joke.
  5. Well, let's see: Collegiate Venues: Arenas - Fogleman Arena - Tulane University, NOLA Lakefront Arena - University of New Orleans Hofines Arena - University of Houston Burton Coliseum - McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA E.G. Green Coliseum - University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS Freedom Hall - University of Louisville, Louisville, KY Shoemaker Center - University of Cincinatti, Cincinatti, OH University of Dayton Arena - University of Dayton, Dayton, OH Peter Maravich Assembly Center - Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA CajunDome - University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Lafayette, LA University Hall - University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA Stadiums/Ballparks - Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA Tiger Stadium - Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA Cajun Field - University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Lafayette, LA Homer-Bryce Field - Stephen F. Austin State University, Natchotices, TX Cowboy Field - McNeese State University, Lake Charles, LA Strawberry Stadium - Southeastern Louisiana University, Hammond, LA Tubby Raymond Field - University of Delaware, Newark, DE Parsons Field - Northeastern University, Boston, MA McGirt Stadium - University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA Memorial Stadium - Northwestern University, Evanston, IL Scott Stadium - University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA University of Richmond Stadium - University of Richmond, Richmond, VA Doak Cambell Stadium - Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL Bobby Dodd Stadium - Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA Lane Stadium - Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA Wallace Wade Stadium - Duke University, Durham, NC BB&T Field - Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC Alumni Stadium - Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA Vandebilt Stadium - Vanderbilt, Nashville, TN Legion Field - University of Alabama-Brimingham/Univesity of Alabama, Birmingham, AL Aloha Stadium - University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI Rice Stadium - Rice University, Houston, TX Arizona Stadium - University of Arizona, Tuscon, AZ Amon Carter Stadium - Texas Christian University, Ft. Worth, TX M.M. Roberts Stadium - University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesberg, MS Ben Hill-Griffith Stadium - University of Florida, Gainesville, FL Alex Box Stadium - Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge,LA Turchin Stadium - Tulane University, New Orleans, LA Professional Venues: Arenas - AmWay Center - Orlando, FL New Orleans Arena - New Orleans, LA St. Pete Times Forum - Tampa, FL Staples Center - Los Angeles, CA Contiential Airlines Arena - East Rutherford, NJ Des Moines Civic Arena - Des Moines, IA The Mark of The Quad Cities - Moline, IL Bradley Center - Milwaukee, WI Pepsi Arena - Albany, NY TB Banknorth Garden - Boston, MA US Airways Center - Phoenix, AZ Reunion Arena - Dallas, TX The Summit - Houston, TX Resch Center - Green Bay, WI Kansas Coliseum - Witchita, KS Pensacola Civic Center - Pensacola, FL Mobile Civic Center - Mobile, AL North Charleston Coliseum - Charleston, SC Cricket Arena - Charlotte, NC Birmingham-Jefferson Civic Center - Birmingham, AL BiLo Center - Greenville, SC Charlotte Coliseum - Charlotte, NC HSBC Arena - Buffalo, NY Dunkin Doughnuts Arena - Providence, RI James Brown Arena - Augusta, GA Macon Coliseum - Macon, GA Stadiums/Ballparks - County Stadium - Milwaukee, WI The Ball Park at Arlington - Arlington, TX Houston AstroDome - Houston, TX Louisiana Superdome - New Orleans, LA Dolphin Stadium - Miami Gardens, FL Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, CA Smith-Willis Stadium - Jackson, MS Dunn Tire Park - Buffalo, NY Zephyr Field - Metairie, LA Georgia Dome - Atlanta, GA Tropicana Field - St. Petersburg, FL Fenway Park - Boston, MA Gilette Stadium - Foxboro, MA Raymond James Stadium - Tampa, FL All of this is off of the top of my head.
  6. The mask that LT wears is called "Bulldog". It's made by Schutt. Also, his mask is CUSTOM and not a standard mask. The mask that AP was wearing is the Schutt AFL-EGOP. It's a style that they created two years ago for the teams in the Arena league. Also, AP's mask is a carbon-steel STANDARD mask and NOT a mask that goes onto a DNA.
  7. From what I read online once, the Green Bay Blizzard exist as a result of the merger deal as well...even if they didn't start right away. As the first Equipment Manager in Blizzard history I can say in complete certainty that they did not begin their existence because of that. The original operator of the team was a football fan, liked Arena Football and thought that it would be a good investment. So that's why they exist today. On a side note, I helped in the design of the original unis and helmets. Just thought that y'all should know.
  8. Since I'm the equipment manager at FIU now, I just wanted to say thank you for getting my helmet right!
  9. Delaware? I thought they wore Nike. Seems strange for them to enter the CAA and not go with their hometown team, Towson. Yes, I forgot to mention South Carolina. According to my sources, UD is now a UA school. They had been purchasing Nike and UA products but because of their success last season, UA decided to offer them a deal. Towson wears Russell for football and some of their other sports. They also use Boathouse for general issue and for other apparel. I do believe that their lax team wears UA though. We've approached UA about doing something with our team. Unfortunately they were not interested. They are primarily focusing on the high school demo. They are being very selective with who they are using as their sponsored teams.
  10. UA is NOT owned by Nike. Nike OWNS the Converse brand but keeps them as separate brands, just like Adidas with Reebok. Now as to the comment in the article that quotes Coach Leech from TTU saying that the cleats are lighter than other companies', yes they are. However Reebok has just come to market with their Burner Speed line and it's the same weight and is better built than the UA cleats. UA's cleats are not that well made. I had a few players wear them last season and one of them blew out the heel in the first practice of the season. So take that for whatever it's worth. Personally, I like the UA clothing. I just think that by adding watches, glasses, and other apparel to their line, they're growing way too fast. As to who is now wearing the UA brand: Maryland (flagship), Auburn, Texas Tech, North Texas, South Florida, Hawai'i, Delaware, and Southern Illinois
  11. Those were better than some of the :censored:e that's put on the games here in the states by NBC, Fox, CBS, ESPN, etc. I really wished that you could do this here in America 'cause it would definitely enhance watching games here. I really liked "The Bull", especially with the steam coming outta his nose. Brilliams!!!
  12. I think you pry off those black things on the sides. There are screws under there I believe. The Ion only has screws above the mask in the front tab. The sides are held in place by rubber ports that aid in shock absorption. When you unscrew the top, you have to hold onto the shell and pull out the sides 'cause they hare held in very tightly in the ports. My trainer took a look at it and liked it. I like, but at $290 a pop, I seriously doubt that I'll get more than 4 or so for next season. The main problem is that with the XP, you do not need to buy masks 'cause it uses traditional masks. A lot like the DNA, the Ion has it's own mask and you would need to keep those in stock thus killing my budget. It's small enough as it is.
  13. I was the Equipment Manager there in 2001. I can tell you that Marcum has direct input on all of the changes to the unis. We unveiled the gold game pants that season. Boy was it a nightmare. Wilson was making out unis then and the pants were made of a different fabric than our whites and it was horrible. I actually tried to convince him to let me use the gold pants with the white jerseys. At first he was hesitant, but then I think that we did when we played Houston at home 'cause we were supposed to be the road team even though we were playing at the Palace. We used the grey masks then too because it's what Marcum wants. Personally, I like the grey masks although its not in the colorway of the team. At first I hated putting the decals on the helmets, but then after a while I like them. I was to this day the easiest decal that I have had to mount on a helmet. If anyone has any pics from the '01 season I'd love to see them. I had a lot of fun that season. There are some really great stories from that season.
  14. Dude, you are a GOD! (Not in the literal. . . oh hell, you know what I'm talking about don't cha!)