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  1. damn good eye on the wrinkles, Cesc!
  2. i combined different elements of several nike templates, so yes this is my template. and yes depaul has soccer they are in the big east, they are actually sponsored by adidas, and they produce all of depaul'ss athletic gear. but i decided that nike would be a better fit. as for the logos, obviously i found the allstate logo, and the depaul logo is an alternate which they use for some sports.
  3. I find it very depressing to see the college kits of most soccer teams in the NCAA, no creativity whatsoever, and I am sure that there are contractual agreements with sponsors and such, but I would love to see a kit like this in college. I decided to go with DePaul University, and chose Allstate as the sponsor because they are one of the main athletic sponsors of DePaul. C & C appreciated! DePaul Home
  4. New Leeds United Kit (sponsor coming soon) lovin the third shirt on the left, not a big fan of macron, looks a litle bit amateur, but these look all right.
  5. the yellow on the Chelsea Home is dreadful. It looks very amateur. The black kit is nice though, and the yellow is almost as bad as the blue. Madrid's kits look class.
  6. they had the four "Chicago" stars on them in white, and the jersey was powder blue, it was pure class. DOes anyone know where I can find them? I have looked on eBay, and the pickings are slim. I can barely find a picture of it online!
  7. could you make a Leeds United concept??
  8. its pretty cool i think....
  9. HAHAHAHAHA in 96 those scrubs never won a match in them!! SCUM!!
  10. what do ya mean there's no excitement in Illini Football???? You have the mendenhall brothers!!!!
  11. those look great man.... any new templates coming up soon?
  12. David O'Leary was c*ap this year too....teams from birmingham and the midlands had it real tough this year....