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  1. 8 hours ago, Hamptonlantavegas said:

    ODU vs App State who look is good but reminds me of the Hamilton Tiger Cats. 


    pictures removed - thad


    This was one instance where I think the black block A would have looked better on the helmets than the white one. I get what they were shooting for, but even from my seats (20 or so rows from the field) the helmets were hard to make out.


    I am looking forward to seeing the new black uniforms on the field on Saturday.

  2. On 3/21/2016 at 2:52 PM, Dolphins Dynasty said:

    Ugh... The more I look at Adam Gase, the more I see the resemblance to Lane Kiffin.


    I had scroll away from the picture three times until I convinced myself that WASN'T Lane Kiffin.

  3. You could just read my signature, but I guess that's no fun...

    College Team 1.0 - Alabama - I was bred to be an insane Alabama fan. My dad's side of the family is from there and he graduated from there in the late 70s. In the hospital room I was born in, an Alabama basketball game was on TV. I can't remember a time where I was not an Alabama fan, even during the DuBose and Franchoine eras. The opinion in my parent's house is that if you don't remember the Freddie Kitchens led Tide teams, you are a bandwagon fan.

    College Team 2.0 - Appalachian State - Since Fall of '05 when I got accepted during my senior year of high school. I jumped on right before the national championship run and admittedly got spoiled that in my first two years in school, we won 2 national championships in football, had a hell of a run in men's basketball in 06-07 (should have made the tournament, and then got gypped with an away game at Ole Miss in the NIT), and oh yeah, beat Michigan at the Big House. I think that day was the day I was locked in to being a Mountaineer fan for life. I'm a "booster" and have had football season tickets since I graduated in 2010.

    NFL - New York Jets - Probably the least "solid" of any of my fandoms, since I'm usually exhausted from watching college football from Thursday-Saturday. My dad was a Jets fan because of Joe Namath (Alabama connection), and I picked it up sadly. Plus Chad Pennington was my favorite player as I went up the ranks of playing football myself.

    NBA - Atlanta Hawks - I grew up in Atlanta and we had season tickets at the Omni growing up. Dominique Wilkins was my idol growing up as opposed to Michael Jordan. When he got traded, my world was crushed. Though players like Mutombo and Steve Smith quickly filled the gap. I try to forget that the Lon Kruger era existed and that they passed on CP3 for Marvin Williams. Plus, what 6 year-old can resist the giant hawk jersey?

    MLB - Atlanta Braves - Grew up in Atlanta and played baseball growing up, so it was kind of the default. I wore #10 in little league and Chipper Jones was my favorite player. One of my favorite memories as a kid was after moving to Delaware, my parents took us to a game when the Braves were in town. I (and my three siblings) have a ball signed by Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz. It's actually in my safe deposit box. My wife and I still go back for 2-3 series a year.

    BPL - Everton - My newest fandom, as I got bit by the soccer bug last summer during the World Cup. I don't think I've missed a game the past two seasons. I'm not sure how I picked the Toffees, except for the fact Tim Howard plays for them. It just kind of happened.

    Other teams:

    UNC - my wife is/grew up as a fan of the Heels and it rubbed off. Doesn't hurt we live 20 minutes from campus and can usually get tickets cheap.

    Carolina Hurricanes - I get free tickets through work. I like free.

  4. Tulsa joining The Conference Formerly Known as Big East in 2014.

    So with the rumored "America 12" at 12 in 2015, makes ya wonder who Conference USA will try poaching this time. My guess is Georgia State or Texas State from the Sun Belt (maybe both).

    CUSA is taking Western Kentucky, or at least that has been the presumption for months.

    The domino after that is that JMU or Delaware will enter the Sun Belt, per the rumor mill. If either of those happen, I'll be 100x happier with the move to FBS ball.

  5. i saw a guy wearing a 47 brand university of alabama baseball cap today, with the classic logo from my childhood on the front.


    but for the life of me, i can't seem to find that hat anywhere on line...

    think anyone here can find a 47 brand hat in XXL with this logo on it? i don't care if it's black, white, grey, or crimson. just needs that logo on the front, and to fit my head.

    I have a Nike XL (I wear a 7 3/4) hat like this. They were on Nike's website for sale, but I don't see them anymore. I don't wear it I'd be willing to part with it since I have four or five Alabama hats I wear more regularly.

  6. Is ECU that bad of an add that the Big East would pick San Diego State over them? Why not Villanova, Temple, or heck even UMass since they are moving up to FBS?

    It just seems like the Big East is going down bowl lists from year's past in Phil Steele's pre-season magazine without even thinking about who they are really asking.

  7. I could care less about the negative implications of buying counterfeit jerseys and unlike Boston fans we stick by our teams no matter what. I wonder who you rooted for during the 90's considering Boston fans are by far the biggest bandwagon fans I have ever encountered. A typical Boston fan doesn't know about their teams histories. But hey you paid $300 for that jersey so you must be a real fan.

    I stopped reading after the bold. You're really a jerk. How would you like if someone was able to knock off your job and run you out of a job and you couldn't feed your family.

    If you can't afford a real one - save for one. There are plenty of sales/real ones on eBay to where someone with a limited budget can get a real jersey. I haven't paid full retail on a jersey EVER (my parents did when they bought ones for me I'm sure), but I don't own one fake jersey.

  8. Not really realignment, but sort of is along the same string. A lot of smaller schools around NC complain that the "Big 4" don't play them often enough, so I've come up with the "North Carolina Basketball Championship". Conference opponents would treat these games like baseball teams do - they don't count in the conference standings. I think this would be a boon for the NC economy and would give more meaning to an in-season tournament. I ranked teams using their RPI ranking at the end of last season:


    The tournament tree would look something like this:


    What does everyone think of this idea?

  9. MLB (all authentic):

    Mid-1990s Chipper Jones BP

    2004 Cubs BP

    Atlanta Braves #7 Jeff Franceour


    Nike Swingman:

    Light Blue Carmello Anthony

    Dark Blue Steve Nash Mavs

    Dark Blue Tracy McGrady Magic


    Black John Stockton Jazz


    Authentic Atlanta Thrashers



    Dark Blue John Elway Broncos


    White Shaun Alexander Seahawks with the wrap-around bird on the sleeve

    Dark Blue Shaun Alexander Seahawks - modern

    Honolulu Blue Joey Harrington Lions

    Dark Blue David Carr Texans

    Black Mike Vick Falcons old Falcon on sleeve

    Black Mike Vick Falcons modern

    College Sports:

    Game worn Alabama pinstripe sleeveless baseball #10

    Authentic Alabama away "Alabama" traditional baseball script no number

    Replica red Alabama now "throwback" basketball #32

    Replica red Alabama basketball with collarbone stripes #22

    Replica red Alabama football #11 - "Freddie Millions"

    Swingman light blue modern-throwback North Carolina Vince Carter #15

    Replica black Appalachian State basketball #11 - "DJ Thompson"

    Replica white Appalachian State football #14 - "Armanti Edwards"

    Game worm Appalachian State throwback #12 - T.J. Courman


    Replica France 2006 World Cup

    Replica D.C. United - I forget the year, but it's right before VW sponsored the shirt

    Authentic Chelsea 2006 Goalie Shirt

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