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  1. I think the two big problems (Atlanta folks correct me if I'm wrong) are that the ballpark is in a "bad" neighborhood and that there is no MARTA stop right at the stadium. To get to the Ted, you have to ride into the Georgia State stop or the Underground Atlanta stop and then ride a bus to the stadium. It's not exactly the most user-friendly system right now if you don't live near Turner Field.

    Plus, I made the mistake last year of going to the last Braves home game of the regular season (and parking at the stadium myself), which happened to be the same afternoon as a Falcons game and they both ended at the same time. Traffic was horrendous.

    My brother who is an urban planner brought up a good point I haven't heard anywhere yet -- it's interesting how the Falcons chose to stay downtown and the Braves are moving the to the burbs; it really shows what the purpose of the new stadiums are for. The Falcons are purely building for the Super Bowl to be hosted in Atlanta again (in his opinion). The Braves are building to get the money/attendance from the families in the suburbs who don't want to go to downtown after dark with the kids.

  2. Oregon = Tiger Woods from the mid-2000s, right after his "peak". The best front-runner ever if you let him/them get the lead, but if they can't start fast then trouble can ensue...

    (potential homer alert) Out of the undefeateds left, for Alabama, the only one I would worry about them playing is Baylor. They just run track with a football as a baton. (/homer)

    That being said, gotta beat LSU Saturday night first. I'm going to say Bama wins by 10 in a game that my stomach is never comfortable during.

  3. I still think they outta just do away with FBS/FCS completely and make it one division, if you don't have enough scholarships to be competitive too bad so sad then you get whopped, plain and simple

    Plus, there are average attendance requirements -- NDSU I don't think would be affected, but most FCS teams struggle to bring in 10k a game (only the top 30 teams in attendance do).

  4. What I really wish was on was the old NFL weekly highlight packages from the mid 70s. ESPN Classic used to show them. I don't know why the NFL Network doesn't put them on, at least in the offseason.

    The highlight shows I'm thinking of were similar to it and were hosted by Pat Summerall.

    "This Week in the NFL" was awesome. I loved that show when I was a kid. Sadly, it would probably put young people to sleep today.

    I loved watching those on rainy summer days as a kid.

    I also love the fact the Saints painted one endzone with Redskins colors.

  5. ------------------------------------------------------------

    Thad, your righteous indignation is kind of drowned out by your Alabama fandom.


    I knew someone would say this.

    The rules are the rules. I'm an Alabama fan yes, but if this was AJ McCarron or Amari Cooper, I'd say the same things. I've seen FCS players reject "$20 handshakes" -- I expect the same from players on a bigger stage, if not more since they have more to risk.

    My whole job revolves around making sure big companies follow little, nitpicky rules (see my note until my profile picture). However, if those little things aren't followed, million-dollar fines and jail time follow (among other things) can follow, depending on a judge's mood that day. Making sure people follow the rules is kinda how I'm wired, whether the system is screwed up or not - my fandom has nothing to do with my attitude.

  6. I have no sympathy for the kid -- I find it ironic that the week his dad complains about A&M not wanting to "be there for Johnny" or whatever that he's on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Everyone knows the kid has thrust himself in the off-field spotlight by doing things that a "normal 20 year old" couldn't do. He should know better. The rules are the rules - whether they are fair or not. If you can't wait another year to sell your autograph in order to stay eligible, then you deserve what's coming to you.

    That being said - this is Camgate 2.0. Notta damn thing will come of it.

    Personally, having a $415 student loan monthly payment for the next nine years (assuming I don't pay more than that in any given month), not to mention the tutoring, training, medical attention (which I didn't get as a club student-athlete), oh and not to mention scholarships that I and "normal 20 year olds" did not have access to. If you're that good that you think you're worth millions of dollars - just wait a year or three years and you'll make your money.

    Basically, Johnny Football comes off as a 20-year-old who is a known lawbreaker (underage drinking, assault, parking violations), a whiner, someone who blames his problems on other people, and is somewhat out of touch with reality. But he's JMAN2/Johnny Football - the world should cater to him, he shouldn't conform to the rules everyone else does.

  7. You could use Cleveland as an example


    I never liked the number font, don't like the double white trim, and don't like that the only use of blue is around the collar. But for some reason because we were winning, they looked alright to most people

    The laughably low standards set by every other uniform in Cavs history also helped.

    Good gosh LeBron looks like a baby in that picture.

    For me, the Falcons current look falls into this category. I hated it when it first came out, but love it now.

  8. I dont know how legit these are but one is posted by an assistant coach for Appalachian and the other is from the beginning of a highlight video.


    I believe these are press conference/recruiting helmets. I read somewhere that the Cornpipe Yosef won't be used anymore on an official basis and App will be sporting new uniforms in the fall.

  9. Tulsa joining The Conference Formerly Known as Big East in 2014.

    So with the rumored "America 12" at 12 in 2015, makes ya wonder who Conference USA will try poaching this time. My guess is Georgia State or Texas State from the Sun Belt (maybe both).

    CUSA is taking Western Kentucky, or at least that has been the presumption for months.

    The domino after that is that JMU or Delaware will enter the Sun Belt, per the rumor mill. If either of those happen, I'll be 100x happier with the move to FBS ball.

  10. Got a call from the same consignment store that I found a bunch of Nike Panthers stuff at last October - somebody (presumably the same guy that unloaded the Panthers gear) dropped off a ton of Ravens stuff this time.

    Obviously I'm not interested, but I went to check it out - 5 counterfeit Nike sewn jerseys, 3 legit Nike replicas, ton of Nike tees. Jerseys: white Rice, black Rice, purple Flacco @ $35.99, all size Medium. Tees: most of this season's Nike designs, all size L, $10.99.

    Anybody want anything, let me know. Would need $ for gas/shipping and would appreciate a few bucks thrown my way. Pretty good deal on the jerseys.

    Is this in Greensboro? I'm on a client here (again)...where do you find this stuff?

  11. App State has some new, more classic looking uniforms to go with the new coaching staff:



    Here is more of App State new unis, i especially like the white pullover v neck


    Wow I wish those pullovers had a Block-A hat with them. I love the new set.