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    New Unis

    Those alts are sweet. looks like something i'd see goin to the downtown high school here tho. The blue looks like neon flashing over the logo... I like that
  2. the braves wore theirs in the 80's dale murphy era
  3. I was 6 and the oldest child, so I never heard of all those bands unless they were mentioned on Nickelodeon or something
  4. I love it its something about crooked boxes that i love that's for Athens for procrastinating, do they have a logo yet?
  5. O.J. gets away and so does this nut.... i knew lawyers got paid well, but not well enough to pay off juries.... and NOTE TO ALL LAWYERS: - You got 5+ years of post-high school education... please use it - don't defend someone who did something increadably stupid or in humane (Saddam's got a lawyer ya know) this is not meant to offend any lawyers
  6. I remember wondering how they got the rock to glow on the super agro crag lol
  7. I love that alternate, can I have one in a large please?
  8. let's see, back in the early 90s Sesame Street, Carmen Sandiego (which i called the 70 show cause they started out with 70 points), and the local show was Nick Arcade where kids played video games for points, and then went into a zone where they were in the game... IT WAS SWEET!
  9. theres a reason its less than $20
  10. I remember one from this summer when Osama called Saddam, I laughed forever after that!
  11. I was at church and they showed a trailer of it, I couldn't watch that... when ever a nail went it felt like a spear going through my chest and i could feel the pain on the side I'm goin with a youth group and hope i dont faint or something, but my mom gave good advice "when its too violent, just thank Jesus for going through that for you" and i will probably have to do that the whole time.. i wish he would have done more happy times thou...
  12. new record of votes for the thadster.... WOOOOO!!!
  13. lord help us they didn't get anything right in those, even the spellings
  14. I aint ever been nothing but a winner ---- DA BEAR!
  15. Don't forget how simple the good life is, and if you think ur life is good, and its not simple, how good is it? -i dont remember
  16. At first i thought they were singing tacos
  17. Together Everyone Achieves More - my basketball coach
  18. Why change? It not like the have this on their jersey N E W J E R S E Y on there; will they change names to the Newark Devils?
  19. I know im in the minority here but, I love the Atlanta alt... The best alternate jersey has to be Columbus' tho
  20. bump to get it back on the first page