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  1. Well, no one expects you to do well at sports either. LIke at track meets our team is like "I hope i get with a bunch of slow white guys so i can win" , and sadly eveyone on the track agrees.
  2. Thad's entry Well, I know its small, but good things come in small packages
  3. hey, can i have four jerseys if its a BP, Home, Away, and Alternate?
  4. and i thought a zypher was a boat, what an idiot i am!
  5. For once the NBA goes with class over flash... whats next, Britney Spears coming out in a hoodie with baggy jeans on?
  6. Yes, for example, when I was little I loved John Elway, so I loved the Broncos, but after he retired, I didn't like Grese (or however u spell it) so I went to my hometown team, the Falcons
  7. I just hope Bush isn't shot or something, cause if he is, Chaney will have a heart attack and we will have to watch 2 funerals hey I like Bush *awaits the garbage to be thrown at him*
  8. crap i meant to do this but i forgot!! i just had the logo left oh well
  9. yeah i know, but still they are old school, and none of the new school, old school logos look good
  10. go back to brown??? let's just go back to black and white TV while we are at it!! But seriously, I like the Pads new look!!
  11. theres an episode of the cosby show in Wilmington, DE
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  13. on this english project i have to write a paper based on five people's opinions about marrige, i have an engaged person, a 20+ yr married person, a single person, a newlywed, but i need a divorcee, so if i could get the answers to these questions id be eternally greatful!! The Date: Your age: Gender: Marrige Status, how long have you been that way: Define a successful marriage: What it takes to have a successful marriage: Obstacles to achieving that marriage: THANKS A TON!!!
  14. I always thought the NY stood for New York...
  15. when i was little and at a card show i saw joe namath, nice guy, bama man, besides his drinking problem, hes a pretty good guy
  16. hey hook me up,
  17. THATS GREAT!!! As a Braves fan, I hate the Yankees!
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    how old is everyone, im 15
  19. Thad


    how old is everyone, im 15