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  1. ever noticed the M over the eye?
  2. ok how can we believe that hes doing this cause he wants it off his back? after lying for 13 some years, i really cant believe him.
  3. couldnt y'all just send a letter to the respective leagues saying ur not going to use them to make money, and if anybody does they will ask specific permission
  4. nice logo, but it looks early 90s to me
  5. i was born in Marrietta, only lived there till I was 6, and would love to see a team around there
  6. Carol Norman, 1987 Women's US Champ
  7. can i find feild templates in teh templates thread?
  8. Well, you got a cheap throwback!
  9. sorry id help, but i was too dumb when the SLE was still up and didnt save nething, i just looked! :angry:
  10. i think ill give this a shot
  11. Maurizio Damilano (italilian oylmpian)
  12. Milwaukee Mob Men I like the Seattle Tsunamis
  13. 1.RC 2.tarheeltider 3.EZ Street