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  1. I like listening to college football on the radio
  2. 1. Cavs 2. Dallas 3. Atlanta 4. Chicago 5. New Orleans
  3. my little league buddy: Lonnie "sneezes alot" Lee
  4. ok thanks, im just trying to get the hang of this stuff still
  5. yeah, can we throw them back in the storage room?
  6. 26 views and no replies? ???
  7. I would definately w/o a doubt say that Syracuse, NY could have a NHL team because everyone there loves hockey, they have a nice arena to play in, and the climate fits a 'hockey-town'
  8. C&P
  9. all the love i get HAHAHA i must admit i probably have the worst entry in this contest as usual
  10. whats that supposed to mean ??? change the team maybe?
  11. After thinking about it I've noticed that there is a good mix of traditionalists and new age people here and it gave me an idea for a monthly contest or something, which is: Lets say your given the chance to totally change a team's image, like giving the yankees a new image... Well if you want to enter the December is: Change the New York Jets to something more modern, rather than their current updated Joe Namath - era set. Good Luck.
  12. All i want for Christmas is a Columbus Blue Jackets 3rd jersey!!
  13. sorry to all those i insulted by entering this contest, think of it this way, after that, you WIll not finish last ::
  14. you know it (like basketball refs dont really like you talking to them..) heres my site http://www.thadsjerseys.freewebsitehosting...schristmas.html