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  1. whoops sorry. stupid teenage lessor #1 "Think before you speak" dont worry my jersey will make up for it :cool:
  2. did i say something stupid on accident again? why me?
  3. im kidding, i have a good jersey in the works watch out
  4. what r u rasict and no kwanzaa??? jp
  5. RECOUNT! :angry: just playin
  6. Thad


    add UNCG and Delaware
  8. Thad


    I'm just a sophmore, and I've gotten letters from Miami (FL), TCU, American University, UNC-Chapel Hill, Guilford College, Elon University, Tulane, & Washington University in St. Louis
  9. 1.Puckguy 2.Nitroseed 3.Shiznit 4.Tarheeltider (i think mine would would look good on the feild) 5. JQK
  10. i just put UoD to see if ppl knew what it looked like
  11. they changed it from the golden spikes, well it was a good example neways!
  12. I think that they should have different names, I mean u cant beat the Omaha Golden Spikes or the Wilmington Blue Rocks, I think that only the rookie leagues should have the same name as their big league club (ex The Gulf Coast Braves)
  13. Oh I wouldnt touch bamas, I just got a 98 Alexander, and I could get a Joe Willie and itd be the same, who the H@(( would touch them? And I like U o D's cause they give props to the team that got them the money to start a football program, Michigan. I know theres a team like that in GA, that does the same with Bama, Southern Georgia I think. But I would change Oregons jersey to the ones they had during the Harrington era, those were the best I've seen. Also, Texas Tech needs to ditch the red jerseys! :angry: ~RTR~
  14. what if they wore it with their all black 'uniform'?
  15. Which one of these college teams needs to change their uniforms the most? -Alabama -Arkansas -Penn State -Oregon -Delaware I say Arkansas, cause when they played the Tide they had the ugliest side strips on the jersey ever!
  17. im workin with the falcs
  18. Thad

    New feature

    just trying to get 500 so far
  19. well considering that i am only 15, I think that my lil kid hero was Mark Lemke or Sid Bream when i was really little... can u tell i was raised in a Brave family
  20. hey how was my design... or a cheap version of a BUMP!