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  1. Got something against the Braves this year? You've awarded them: Falling Star Pitcher, Disappointing Pitcher (no rational Braves fan is expecting much from Jair this year anyways), Disappointing Team, Fredi Gonzalez is getting fired, and have them finishing below .500. But, you have the injured and aging Phillies to win 95 and then the Nationals who are depending on a bounce back year from Werth and Strasburg to finish above .500 to win 92 games? I think the Marlins might have some chemistry problems w/ the personalities in that club house. Am I saying Atlanta will win the division - not at all, but to have them buried that far is just pure bias.

  2. Apparently rumors are circulating on campus, that NC State may wear black jersey's soon for basketball? Personally this is a stupid idea, I know we did it for football for breast cancer, if true could this be the route they take with wearing them, or just another BFBS?

    Wearing them tonight against the Dukies. I didn't hear this rumor...

  3. 405205_224541384298454_123287287757198_483417_1530320188_n.jpg

    The yellows match when you are looking at them in person - the picture seems to be way over exposed.

    I love it when colleges go with the cartoony mascot on the helmet!

    That said, what school is this? ^_^

    Is this a throwback or something? I see the more modern looking logo in the background.

    It's Appalachian State. This is the throwback logo to the 1970s, it used to be on a gold helmet with a black stripe in between two white ones. (Look at The Helmet Project -

    The head in the background seems to be phasing out as many alumni prefer the Block A logo. It's been removed from the basketball court and isn't found anywhere on campus except on the baseball team's hat.

  4. Not that anyone here cares about App football other than me - but Appalachian just hired Scott Satterfield to be AHC/OC/QB coach. He leaves FIU, where he was OC for two seasons. I imagine he comes back to Boone (QB coach for the 3-peat) only with a promise to be HC after next season or the year after (when Jerry Moore's contract is up.

  5. Time for a new offensive line coach and an actual offensive coordinator. No other college program has a 3 man committee to call plays and that leads to confusion on the field. One person needs the job. An offensive line coach that doesn't drive 2 starters to quit the team mid-season and have a whole OL roster of 7 players at the end of the season would be nice. I don't usually call for people's jobs, but he did a horrific job this last season.

    All the congrats to Maine - you kicked App's ass yesterday. Glad I didn't waste $40 to get a couple tickets.

  6. Well since you're arguing it isn't a playoff, wouldn't a rematch and a subsequent Alabama win be your best argument for eliminating the BCS? (BTW I'm not against the playoff, but I think voters voting to avoid a rematch is a joke)

    Why should Oklahoma State (who lost to an unranked team), Virginia Tech (who lost to a 2-loss team), Stanford (who got CLOBBERED by a team that lost to LSU), Oregon (who lost to LSU by more than a FG in OT), Boise State (who lost to a 2-loss, unranked team), or Houston (whose best win is over a 6-5 UCLA team) get a chance over Alabama (who lost to LSU in OT, by a FG)?

  7. Is ECU that bad of an add that the Big East would pick San Diego State over them? Why not Villanova, Temple, or heck even UMass since they are moving up to FBS?

    It just seems like the Big East is going down bowl lists from year's past in Phil Steele's pre-season magazine without even thinking about who they are really asking.

  8. Predictions (sure to go wrong):

    First Round Winners:

    Albany (NY)

    Central Arkansas

    Old Dominion

    James Madison

    Second Round Winners:

    Sam Houston State

    Montana State



    GA Southern

    Appalachian State


    North Dakota State

    Quarters Winners:

    Sam Houston State


    GA Southern

    North Dakota State

    Semis Winners:

    Sam Houston State

    GA Southern


    GA Southern

    I wouldn't be shocked if Old Dominion screwed up my bracket royally. However, I don't think that they can run the table the first time with the big boys.