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  1. LSU's Jefferson and Johns have been reinstated.

    AD Joe Alleva:

    "We certainly don't condone participation in the incident, but the legal system has determined that their actions did not rise to the level originally charged, and their punishment to date related to football has already been considerable," Alleva said. "They will rejoin the team and begin practice immediately."

    Lee is going to remain the starter. At least if LSU is smart he will.

    Exactly. Like Herm Edwards says, "Don't mess with the chacha." LSU has looked good so far with Lee at the helm. Don't mess up a good thing.

  2. I can't tell if the jersey is green or black. If it's black, then I need to ask why. If it's green, then I kind of dig it. Gold is a "throwback" color of sorts for Michigan State and I've always thought a green and gold combo for someone would look cool.

    The helmet is a different story though...

  3. He bloody well ought to fine them. I'd go one better - no player wearing this garbage ought be allowed to set foot on the field until they he gets in uniform.

    Self-aggrandizing marketing promotion from Reebok and any player who enables them.

    If a player really wishes to "pay tribute", let him donate his game check to a scholarship or some other legitimate 9/11-related charity. Otherwise it's just a toddler's appeal for any attention he can get, unworthy of the League, unworthy of the game, and unworthy of notice.

    This is one of those situations where my marketing teacher's saying comes into play: "Money talks, people walk." Want to make a real difference? Donate that game check (probably 10-15k?) to a worthy charity. Wearing gloves does nothing but get attention on you. Give a check to a fallen firefighter, police officer, or medic's family pre-game. You fill your attention-whore need and the family will be recognized.

  4. A quick Photoshop flip of the helmets...taken from's screen shots..thanks.


    The haters are still gonna hate...but it does look a better IMHO.

    Now that would make this an amazing set. Nice work.

    I'm not totally against this idea. Every school is looking for that distinctive look (for good and bad, bad press is better than no press at all) - Oregon with the wings, all the *insert color here* outs, The U w/ the U all over the place, Alabama and Penn State w/ their simplicity, and now UMD with their flag uniforms. I bet they sell a ton of stuff with the flag theme over the course of the season now.

  5. I realize that I'm going to offend everybody in the debate when I say this, but barbecue is barbecue. I don't care what sauce you use or how you cook it. If you make it I'll eat it.

    If I gave you three sandwiches of BBQ with one being each type, you'd be able to tell the difference. It's always fun to see the Eastern vs. Western BBQ tailgates.

  6. Does GA State not give permission to the club teams to use their official logos? That's never been a problem in my experience, unless the team doesn't take money/follow the rules the school sets up (AHO Rugby at App).

    I like the idea, but "Georgia State University" is too many letters to fit into where they have it. GSU or GA State would be better.

  7. s7FnK.jpg

    This proves to me that San Diego State might have the best dressed athletes in the country.

    As for the Clemson logo, I think it looks classy. As someone said before, drop the United and it's fantastic. Maybe playing the stars on top of the crest in purple would look better.


    YES! I've been on the fence on this decision for a long time, but I think this is the best answer for Appalachian State University. The school as a whole is trying to raise it's profile and as long as the school can find a conference willing to take it in, I think this is a great move. Also, the way the press release was worded, this won't be a major failure if they can't find a conference right away. I'm very excited about the possibilities this could bring. I know many scoff at sports raising the academic profile of a school, but I think it could happen. Plus, anything that raises the profile of my degree is a positive IMO.

  9. I can't remember where one jersey looked that much worse than the other in the set. I actually really like the red and if there wasn't a red armpit on the white, I'd be a fan of that one too. The silver looks better on the red than the white as well. No monochrome would do these a lot of good, also.