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  1. In most sports I can say Alabama is a well dressed team. Apparently, baseball isn't one of them.
  2. A bit off-topic, but have you heard the rumor App is getting new uniforms? I read it on Appfan and didn't know if it was true or not. I'm so used to the Miami template anything else is going to look weird. I'm shocked they would want to change since we won 3 NCs and 6 SoCon championships with it - unless they want to have something "fresh" when (as opposed to if in my mind) App moves up to FBS.
  3. Not exactly a uniform, but App is putting down new turf and this is how it's going to look. Biggest change in my eyes? The SoCon logo is not at the 25s. It's a requirement of the conference for it to be there...could it be a sign of things to come? (Sorry for the link, the picture is massive) New Turf at Kidd Brewer Stadium
  4. This confirms what I've always thought - Julio Jones is a cyborg.
  5. I was always #12 until I got to college and I lost a coin-flip for the number and I got #32.
  6. I put in my vote for North Alabama - then he gets to root for former Auburn coach Terry Bowden.
  7. I've heard a lot of people say that some Alabama fans will look at this guy as a hero. I haven't seen anyone celebrate what happened and if anyone is wearing the stupid shirt that says "Free Harvey" I'm going to punch their lights out. A rivalry is supposed to be fun and when you possibly poison people that crosses the line. Yeah, they put a Scam Newton jersey on the statue and planted "28-27" in some different colored grass in front of the stadium. So what? There's no need to respond - it's like what my dad told me when I was a kid and asked if Alabama had ever stormed the field in football: "No, we're above that." @McCarthy - Dude's not even from Alabama, he's from Texas originally and never walked into any college classroom.
  8. I've been holding back on this one also: Alabama Football National Champions: 1925, 1926, 1961, 1964, 1965, 1973, 1978, 1979, 1992, 2010 Appalachian Football National Champions: 2005, 2006, 2007
  9. Eu-freakin-phoria. I still get chills watching this. I hugged people I had never seen before and haven't seen since. I drove all night to Boone to see the team come back and it was worth the speeding ticket I got. This is REALLY long, but definitely worth the watch:
  10. Am I the only one who thinks those shorts would look so much better if the triangle shape didn't overlap the stripes going across the bottom of the shorts? For some reason that really bugs me. Also, put me in the anti-Illinois new jersey camp. I think the super thick number and the thin "Illini" doesn't look good together.
  11. I'd prefer Carolina to have stripes with argyle rather than the whole thing. Having the whole helmet in that design will either cause headaches or will just look blue with everyone running. I love the Hopkins helmets though.
  12. Did UConn play Tennessee State two or three times a year every year during the streak started or something? If not, I just see this as a weak attempt to justify downplaying UConn's domination of their sport because you (and many, MANY others) don't really follow (read: respect) women's basketball at any level. Amen. If you can find a well-coached women's team, I can almost guarantee you that you will watch an entertaining game.
  13. Basic storyline: 2005 I-AA Semifinal. App lost to Furman in the regular season. App loses All-American QB in first quarter.
  14. Welcome to the Chris Creamer Boards, where we are uniform gurus, we notice stuff like that. Let me give you a quick tour. If you look to your left, there's Tnak calling for the Mets' GM's head and going on a political rant. To your right, Will is going on a rant about Notre Dame and not being in a conference and Lights Out is calling him out. Just ignore the Panhead dancing for attention. He's like the unwanted court jester. But back on topic: I have never noticed that, and I'm surprised that nothing has been done about it, that seems like a such an easy thing to fix.
  15. I think that some teams can really pull off a monochrome look in football. I liked the mountain jerseys that the Jazz wore in the late 90s. I like the Chargers navy blue compared to their lighter blue.
  16. Dear Lord, if that video doesn't give you chills I have no clue what will.
  17. I played lacrosse for three years in HS and a year and a half in college before my ankles were ready to quit before I was. Other than that, I ran track for a couple years in HS and played Freshman basketball. Now I coach the little tykes (3rd-4th grade) that my girlfriend teaches in basketball.
  18. Would you mind doing an App State one with the 'A' logo? Thanks so much!
  19. NFL: New England Patriots NBA: LA Lakers MLB: NY Mets NCAA: Duke, Auburn, Florida, Elon, GA Southern
  20. MLB (all authentic): Mid-1990s Chipper Jones BP 2004 Cubs BP Atlanta Braves #7 Jeff Franceour NBA: Nike Swingman: Light Blue Carmello Anthony Dark Blue Steve Nash Mavs Dark Blue Tracy McGrady Magic Authentic: Black John Stockton Jazz NHL: Authentic Atlanta Thrashers NFL: Authentic: Dark Blue John Elway Broncos Replica: White Shaun Alexander Seahawks with the wrap-around bird on the sleeve Dark Blue Shaun Alexander Seahawks - modern Honolulu Blue Joey Harrington Lions Dark Blue David Carr Texans Black Mike Vick Falcons old Falcon on sleeve Black Mike Vick Falcons modern College Sports: Game worn Alabama pinstripe sleeveless baseball #10 Authentic Alabama away "Alabama" traditional baseball script no number Replica red Alabama now "throwback" basketball #32 Replica red Alabama basketball with collarbone stripes #22 Replica red Alabama football #11 - "Freddie Millions" Swingman light blue modern-throwback North Carolina Vince Carter #15 Replica black Appalachian State basketball #11 - "DJ Thompson" Replica white Appalachian State football #14 - "Armanti Edwards" Game worm Appalachian State throwback #12 - T.J. Courman Soccer: Replica France 2006 World Cup Replica D.C. United - I forget the year, but it's right before VW sponsored the shirt Authentic Chelsea 2006 Goalie Shirt
  21. Montana announced today that they ARE NOT going to the FBS. Definitely a shocker - and one that I bet keeps other teams at the FCS level (I'm talking to you App, JMU, and Delaware)
  22. ECU rush defense, are you there? HELLLOOOOO?
  23. Wow, I'm more bored than I thought I was: 1. Belichick 2. Fisher 3. Payton 4. Coughlin 5. Tomlin 6. Shanahan 7. Reid 8. Smith, Mike 9. Ryan 10. Harbaugh 11. Sherman 12. Haley 13. Caldwell 14. Morris 15. Lewis 16. Schwartz 17. Whisenhunt 18. Spagnuolo 19. Del Rio 20. Kubiak 21. Sparano 22. Cable 23. Carroll 24. Turner 25. McDaniels 26. Singletary 27. Mangini 28. Smith, Lovie 29. Gailey 30. Phillips 31. Childress 32. Fox
  24. I'm not exactly sure if this goes here, or in another thread - but if your the praying type shoot up a prayer for former Mississippi State DE Nick Bell's family. He died last night after a short battle with cancer. He started for MSU Week 1 and 2 just this season.
  25. Thad

    Random NFL Concepts

    I like how this looks, but I would love it if there was some sort of wordmark under the collar that would make it a little more obvious that it was a Patriots jersey than just a generic "American" themed team. Also, I don't know if the Pats would want to stray this close to the Jets' basic design.