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    In college I played against NC State a couple of times in lacrosse - for two years they actually had some pretty loud uniforms. The other years they were really simple like the one you have. Their helmet is exactly like the white one you showed. I like what you did better overall though. It's not so "templated". I like all the others but Miami. I think if you flip the upside down U the right way it will look much better though! (Of course, this is coming from someone who played (and now is an alum sponsor) for a team that now wears checkered shorts, so what do I really know?)
  2. I haven't seen Comic Sans anywhere today. Lucky me.
  3. A-freakin'-men. I guess Reebok didn't realize that people have head sizes bigger than 7 1/2. My 7 3/4 noggin could never fit into one of those "one size fits all" hats. I am basically regulated to the Twins Franchise hats when I don't buy New Era. I think a redesign for the Panthers in something more Nike might actually be a great improvement. Same goes for the Bills.
  4. I'd be able to take this argument seriously if it hadn't been made in advance of the games against Oklahoma, TCU, Oregon, Oregon State, and Virginia Tech, and disproven after each one. Now it just sounds more and more tired, desperate, and obsolete. I agree that the mark of a great team is bringing your A game for the big-name opponents and crushing the little guys, but Boise has done just that. It's easy to say that they should just join a better conference in order to get a tougher schedule, but it becomes more complicated when you consider that no AQ conferences want to invite them, primarily for financial and educational reasons. It's not as simple as calling up the PAC-10 and saying "let us in," and if it was that simple, Gene Bleymaier would have done that years ago. Personally, I think Alabama definitely has shown some weaknesses over the past couple games that Petersen would be smart enough to exploit. Bama hasn't had their heads in the game lately aside from the Florida rout - as evidenced by both substitution foul-ups today. And it also seems that McElroy holds on to the ball a little bit too long and depends too much on scrambling around in the backfield before throwing, which would not serve him well against Boise's aggressive D-line. It'd definitely be a close game but Boise would have a better chance to win than people give them credit for. Also, the WAC has improved in leaps and bounds. Utah State beat BYU and damn near beat Oklahoma, Fresno State beat Cincinnati, and Nevada is ranked. The WAC is still behind all AQ conferences other than the Big Least, but the gap isn't as wide as it used to be this year. P.S.: No way does Penn State count as a "big game" after today. I'm not going to argue any points you make about Alabama. I was at the App game and haven't gotten to watch Alabama yet, but if it's like they've played lately I can probably guess the issues: 1) McElroy held the ball for too long. 2) Dre Kirkpatrick tried to make the big play one too many times and got burned. 3) Over-pursuit by the LBs caused a lot of missed tackles. You say McElroy would struggle against Boise's aggressive defense, wouldn't that open up holes for the rushing game? Also, you can't even compare schedules - call me when Boise plays three ranked teams in a row and not just three all season. I'm all for the little schools, but it's hard to say that they schedule a BCS level schedule when they don't play two ranked teams in a row all year. Alabama (at the time) played two top ten teams and then a top twenty team in three straight weeks, when they still have Auburn and LSU on the schedule. It's one thing to be able to beat a really good team once or a twice a year, but when you have to do it 5 or 6 times in an SEC schedule it's a whole different story.
  5. Thad

    New Belk Logo

    I like it, but it seems like they could have gotten something that stood out more for the $70 million they are spending to implement this new branding. (I heard that on the local news, might be totally wrong, it wouldn't be the first time.)
  6. Appalachian State has put together a committee to look at the feasibility of moving up to the FBS subdivision. Part of me is singing oh happy day, and another part of me doesn't like it. It's nice competing for national championships, but the chance at being "the next" Boise State is pretty cool. Of course, they could be the next Marshall.
  7. App's eventual winning touchdown is a touchdown pass from the QB to....himself?
  8. When the NCAA moratorium on teams moving up I think a group of them should go up together as a pack: James Madison Delaware UMASS ODU Georgia State Jacksonville State Villanova Georgia Southern
  9. 1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. TCU 4. Oregon 5. Boise State 6. Miami (FL) 7. Texas 8. Nebraska 9. Florida 10. South Carolina
  10. MLB Favorite: Braves 2nd Favorite: Mariners - When I started playing "kid pitch" baseball I wore #3 during A-Rod's rookie year and have followed the Mariners since. NFL Favorite: NY Jets 2nd Favorite: Falcons - I was born in Atlanta and lived there until I was seven, and have always liked them. Dad has always been a Jets fan because he liked Namath, and that rubbed off on me. NBA Favorite: Hawks 2nd Favorite: Jazz - John Stockton. NCAA Favorite: 1a: Alabama, 1b: Appalachian 2nd Favorite: Oregon -They gave me a scholarship coming out of high school and if I wasn't terrified of moving across the country I would have gone there.
  11. Holy cow - ECU wins on a Hail Mary at the final gun in a crazy C-USA game.
  12. From the games I've seen EWU play, they like to throw the ball around (esp. with ex- SMU QB Bo Levi Mitchell transferring there), and this can't help. I don't like this change for that reason alone.
  13. App apparently has a Pro Combat jersey that they are going to wear this year against North Carolina Central.
  14. Haha! It's good to see we aren't the only ones that are critical of his self-righteous self. It looks like "Joannou?s eagles look like they?ve taken a dip in BP?s Gulf of Mexico". OUCH!
  15. No one AT Alabama (as far as WE know) was involved with the misdeeds of the recruitment of Albert Means and they just got a step lower of a penalty. There should be a step up of a penalty when coaches have been proven to give recruits money and known and lied about players getting extra benefits. Even worse is that the RB coach lied about it - the NCAA don't like being lied to. There was a "lack of institutional control" per the NCAA, and with that language USC should be happy that the NCAA didn't do to them what we (as the CCSLC) did to Nick. One or two minor violations like Lane made a habit of committing while at Tennessee could spell big trouble for the Trojans.
  16. I came up with this concept a couple weeks ago... *Court image* Please don't kill me. I like the concept. It will be interesting to see what they do with the court and the whole logo package. I like it, but I'm sure the sponsor wants their logo on the court twice as a medium sized logo, rather than one large logo. That way they can get their whole logo in one shot on both sides, instead of getting half of it all the time (except the opening tip). Otherwise, I would say this would be close to what the court will look like. I really like it too - nice work.
  17. I'm glad Armanti got drafted by a team where he actually has an opportunity to be used at some point, but I don't know if he was worth a second round pick next year to trade up for him. The Panthers could have gotten him today. It's exciting to see someone you've met and talk to on a semi-regular basis have their name called.
  18. App pitchers allowed 6 HRs in a crazy 11-10 win in Murfeesboro against ETSU. It was quite the game to listen to as ETSU's stadium is a band box (315 down the lines I believe) My friend David Towarnicky is a finalist for the Lowe's CLASS Award... he definitely deserves it so please vote for him!
  19. That's the definition that my Sociology of Sport book gives.
  20. Stat of the weekend in college baseball (maybe): Appalachian State closer pitches two innings of shut out ball on Saturday afternoon - racking up 7 strike outs. The Apps swept Davidson over the weekend and improved to 22-7-1. I know Davidson isn't very good this year, but I think Wes Hobson could be a solid pick for a team in the early teen rounds. He's hitting .397 and has some great patience at the plate, I've gone to at least ten games this season and he hasn't struck out once while I've been attendance.
  21. That Auburn game isn't happening. It's been raining pretty heavily all morning and it's expected to pick up again around first pitch time. I don't know when (or if) they will reschedule. I'd be willing to bet they don't. I've heard through the grape vine that we will reschedule with UNC-Asheville or Gardner Webb... not exactly anything that's gonna help our RPI down the road. We're beating GSU 1-0 going into the bottom of the 5th...hopefully we can hold on.
  22. Appalachian is 10-0 going into a tough weekend stretch playing Auburn once and at Georgia Southern thrice. Hopefully we can escape (realistically) 2-2.
  23. Dang it Apps, that's what I get for getting my hopes up. Who would have thought our two best shooters would be absolutely off on the biggest game of the season.
  24. Thad

    Orlando Baseball

    Definitely reminds me of the Greensboro Grasshoppers (stylistic wise), but I could have a hometown bias working. I like it a whole lot - very minor league to me (again, that's a good thing).