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  1. Anyone who attacks another like that should not be playing hockey. Period. Id kick him out of the league, there is no room for disgusting acts like that.
  2. <Paul Tagliabue Voice> There has been a trade. Washington sends their 1999 1st round pick to New Orleans for their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th round picks, as well as their 2000 1st and 3rd round picks. And with the fifth selection, New Orleans selects Ricky Williams from the University of Texas. </Paul Tagliabue Voice> Good Point BUT. The trade bucfan suggested would mean Jake Plummer is worth the 12th overall pick. (look up a draft pick trade chart). Is anyone dumb enough to think that?
  3. Accually, I think this means that Tampa Bay's chances of landing CJ just got even slimmer. Now we have three franchises who are notorious at making bone headed decisions ahead of us Tampa needs a reciever WAY more than any of the three before them, but fact also is that the three before them give the possibility of selecting anybody. This added bit of uncertanty is gonna freak me out till draft day. I say that now we really need to look further into trading Plummer's rights along with the #4 to Oakland for the #1. That is the only way I see us landing Johnson come draft day. Plummers rights and #4 for the #1? I know Al Davis is senile but noone is that dumb to make that trade.
  4. Thing is though, both of those players aren't even 20 yet so how they got into the clubs is beyond me... especially when if they tried to use fake ID's I'm sure the bouncers may have some idea of the high profile both of them have... Either A) The bouncers wouldnt know who they were or B ) They would know, realize that these guys are rich stars for a professional sports team, and be compensated quite nicely And though the chick is making a scaary Jack-O-Lantern face in the picture I'd be willing to bet shes smoking.
  5. Gado couldn't read/handle the zone blocking scheme - that's one of the reasons we traded him. I don't want him back. I know.... but its Samkon Gado! How can you not have a soft spot for the guy?
  6. Ill miss Green but with the price he went for I dont blame Thompson for not resigning him. Its tim to build with a new feature back. Marshawn Lynch anyone? PS I now hope the Texans cut Gado and we bring him back in.
  7. Its Jake for a Conditional 08 pick but only if Jake reports to Tampa. If he doesn't the deal is void.
  8. Does it matter whos the QB for Tampa? If they land Calvin Johnson they should be set. This guy could make catches from Reggie "I suck" Ball(s). But seriously, I think that they wont keep all 3 of these guys. Im betting 1 is cut by the beginning of the season. Id take Garcia over Plummer. And Simms for that matter. That being said none of these guys is the answer in Tampa and Im really surprised theyd even give up a draft pick for Plummer. What a waste.
  9. Simms and Plummer both blow. Im personally surprised Denver could even get a 4th for Jake. I do think that Plummer should and wants to go to Houston to be reunited with Kubiak. He could (big could) excel there, and there's no doubt Houston is finally fed up with Carr.
  10. 13 floors below? Wow, I don't see how that equals 7 Million dollars of damage. I now agree, this guy does seem like a money hungry dick.
  11. Just because you have a good job and you make a bunch of money doesn't mean you can just throw your "juice" around. Because he's rich he should just pay it himself? Please, thats ridiculous he has just as much right as everyone else to be reimbursed fairly. I believe what he is doing is just a technique to get the insurance company to pay up anyway (as The Mad Mac stated). Now that being said the guy could be a total . If he is directly attacking Lidle's widow than shame on him, but if hes just going after Lidle's estate in order to be reimbursed than I really don't see that big of a problem. In the end the insurance company should pay the bill anyway and if they don't the dentist should be payed by someone.
  12. Nate Clements the highest paid defender in NFL history? Thats ridiculous. For 9ers fans sake, I hope its backloaded like crazy and loaded with tons of incentives. And Dockery 49 Million? What the hell?
  13. Im only for it if he restructures his contract, and we give up next to nothing.
  14. Pat

    Chargers Logo

    Thats fantasic work. Wow, Im very impressed. If I can suggest something, it would be the pattern in the mane/lightning bolt don't seem consistent. In the bolt it goes from outside to inside, blue, yellow, blue, white. The mane is blue, yellow, white. I think if you added in that extra blue line it would make this project even better. I also agree there's something weird with the mane at the top of the forehead, can't quite put a finger on it though,,, As well, as mentioned before, the bolt shape seems a bit off. If you did make it more like the original bolt from the Chargers logo (posted above) I think it would look fantastic. Anyways what you have now is superb regardless. Keep up the great work, and continue updating us with what youre doing.
  15. an ugly patch for an ugly looking team. my god the preds set is horrible, top to bottom.
  16. Welcome to the NHL, the worst run sports league in the continent. Is there any question as to why many Americans don't even consider the NHL a major league any more? Its a crying shame!
  17. Chris is right. Even with playing in SkyDome for a couple seasons, I don't think they would take a revenue hit. Toronto is a huge market. But there is no doubt the NFL wants LA, and at the first chance they get (a team wanting to move) you better believe they'll do everything they can possibly do to get that team in the second biggest market in the US. There is absolutely no comparing LA to TO in that sense.
  18. I'm a Canadian and diehard NFL fan. I can't stand the CFL. I catch a little bit here and there but for the most part I find the product horrible. A team in Toronto could work I think, and personally I couldn't care less if it was the end of the CFL. However, there are lots of Canadians who do. The game is different, the players aren't close to as good, and the presentation is sloppier BUT for many it's their game. A team in TO would destroy the Argos, and in turn hurt the league dramatically. Would it kill the CFL? I dont know... I wouldnt mind having a Toronto team so I could watch some NFL games live.... in fact that'd be pretty cool, but I don't know why the NFL would even consider Canada before LA.... But who cares.... the whole thing's pointless, the Bills aren't moving!
  19. I think allignment is pretty much as perfect as it can be.... only problem is how Indy is in the south.
  20. The sun also rose in the east this morning.
  21. Pat

    Blue Ice

    Judging by the stands hockey seems more popular in France than in the US!
  22. I dont know about Brennan. His delivery just seems really odd to me. But then again Vince Youngs delivery is unorthodox, as are many others... I just dont see Brennan as an elite, 1st round prospect right now. However, many scouts do feel he could be an elite guy. If he came out he would've been the clear #3 QB and could've snuck into the first.
  23. It could be good..... but my gut says no. I dont think Ted Thompson pulls the trigger on this, he values draft picks a lot, and is going with a "youth movement".
  24. I made this before his announcement was made
  25. They're both great. By far the 2 best best QB's playing in the league right now. Let's leave it at that. Not everything has to turn into a pissing match. Ahhhh but who cares? For the fun of it, I'd take Brady