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  1. Isn't Russ Grimm already in the HOF. Outside of Irvin, Thomas and Matthews, i've never even heard of Hickerson, Sanders and Wehrli no, Grimm is not in as far as I know.
  2. As predictable as having the Dolphins at #1 is, its still a legitimate claim. Anyways, here goes my homer rant.... The 96 Packers as 20 is way, way, way too low IMO. They should be top 10, maybe top 5. They had the best offense and defense in the league. They scored the most points and allowed the fewest. Plus a spectacular Special Teams. They featured the NFL MVP, and cruised through the season (13-3, and all 3 of those losses were close, on the road, and against tough teams). In the playoffs they won by at least 14 in every game. To have them as #20 out of 40 Super Bowl winners is ridiculous! But hey its all opinion, so no big deal, but IMO they were one of the most elite teams ever.
  3. Id like to see Greenwood, Grimm, and Ray Guy all get in as well as Tagliabue. But Tags will get in eventually IMO. Sure he was given a golden egg by Rozelle, but the guy still led the league as it became the powerhouse it is today.
  4. The Packers should be challenging for a playoff spot next season. They really came on at the end of the year. Remember they were one game out of the playoffs people?? And Favre had a pretty good season. This team is young and talented, and with another year of Favre at the helm I can easily see 9-7 or 10-6 next year. This is great news!
  5. I like how they're really ugly. Nothing makes the most boring, pointless game on earth more exciting then these pieces of crap.
  6. Expansion in the NHL? Are you kidding?
  7. The Eagles wouldnt get rid of McNabb, because a 37 year old had a nice good run while he was injured. I also think it would be smart for Garcia to stay as a backup in Philly.If not that, maybe go to Jacksonville (if they're really intent on giving up on Leftwich-- imo a huge mistake). If he goes to Minnesota or Tampa itll be like his stints in Cleveland and Detroit. When surrounded by a crappy team he sucks, but when he turns into a game manager surrounded by a great cast the guy looks fantastic.
  8. I think hes calling there win over San Diego luck not their past 3 Super Bowl wins.
  9. How bout this to turn your gears. ATM Machine.
  10. damn thats a sharp looking jersey!
  11. Saints vs. Pats I think... However something tells me that I can see Vinatieri scoring a last second FG against New England to win it.
  12. -Best college basketball team of all-time(year)? One of the UCLA 70's teams -Best college basketball coach of all-time? Dean Smith -Best NFL team of all-time(year)? '72 Dolphins -Best QB of all-time? Joe Montana -Best RB of all-time? Jim Brown -Best dynasty in sports history(team,years)? Celtics (57-69) -Best Super Bowl ever? Super Bowl XXXVIII -Best Stanley Cup ever? Flames v. Lightning (don't know too much) -Best World Series ever? 2001 -Best NBA Finals ever? don't know enough finals history to comment -Best goaltender in NHL history? Patrick Roy -Best player in NBA history? Michael Jordan -Best player in baseball history? Babe Ruth -Best player in NHL history? Wayne Gretzky -Best clutch player in any sport ever? Michael Jordan -Best boxer ever? Muhammad Ali -Best golfer ever? Jack Nicklaus (will be Tiger in short time) -Biggest let-down (player)in sports history? (homer alert-kind of) Tony Mandarich -Biggest upset in sports history? Miracle on Ice -Most hated player in sports history? Barry Bonds -Most beloved player in sports history? Brett Favre -Best NHL coach ever? Scotty Bowman (limited knowledge) -Best MLB coach ever? Joe Torre -Best NBA coach ever? Red Auerbach -Worst team in sports history? Arizona (phoenix, st.louis, chicago) Cardinals -Best commissioner in sports history? Pete Rozelle, hands down -Best NHL team ever? Canadiens -Best NFL team ever? Packers -Best MLB team ever? Yankees -Best NBA team ever? Celtics -Best rivalry in sports? Yankees vs. Red Sox
  13. Maybe because Al Davis has lost his mind?
  14. What's with the hate for marching bands at the games? Most schools fight songs are very unique and very cool. Rock bands instead of marching bands? Pllllease. Marching bands and college football go hand in hand, and I love it. It's a tradition tied to college sports and it wouldn't be the same without it.
  15. Did you even read my mock draft? Landry was taken before the 49ers picked. And why would the Raiders trade out of the #1 pick to take a player that they could take with their second round pick in my mock? At least read my post, think about it logically, and then post.
  16. To whoever said Washington won't address the Defensive Line this year may be very mistaken. Their corners (while they have horrible depth) are very adequate. Plus you have Sean Taylor at safety. A nice pass rusher, for a team with the fewest sacks in the league may help out that secondary. I think defensive line is a much more pressing need than the secondary, and Gaines Adams is FAR better than any player in the secondary that theyc ould take at that time. Also I think you are crazy if you want Jarrett over Johnson. CJ is a freak. Possibly the best receiving prospect.... ever. He has it all. If he didn't have Reggie Ball throwing to him in college, CJ would have been even more lights out than he already is. As for the Bucs taking Adams over Johnson.... I considered this as it is a more pressing need, but CJ is too talented to pass up. BPA and would ignite a less than stellar offense. I agree that my Lynch to Texans pick is sketchy. I have a feeling his stock is going to rise, and I feel he could be a top 10 prospect. Domanick Dav.... I mean Williams is injury prone and a tad washed up. Ron Dayne is nothing more than a system guy and may not even be back, and Wali Lundy will never be a franchise back. I think Lynch and Williams, with Lundy as a third down type of guy would make for an awesome backfield, take the pressure off Carr, and open up their game. As tempting as a Lynch pick may be for Houston, I do think that a more realistic option may be a safety, as it is a very pressing need ala LaRon Landry. As for the Cheifs. I agree that Croyle is not the answer, I think he is extremely overrated. That said I'm not sure the Cheifs would want to bring in another first day quarterback just a year after they drafted Croyle. I see them sticking with Green and having Croyle back him up for a little while. The Cheifs have some glaring needs (O-Line, receiver, defense is still shaky). I feel this year they will try and address those before they think about QB. It isn;t out of the realm of possibility though, that if Troy Smith's stock goes up that they could target him.
  17. I sincerely hope the Dolphins hire Jim Bates. That man deserves to be a head coach in the NFL and would fit in well with his old team.
  18. are you serious? he could slip into the end of the first maybe. He doesn't have anywhere close to the size scouts are looking for to become a first round prospect. Due to his college production he could slip into the end of the first, but top 5? That is laughable.
  19. 1. Oakland (2-14) ? JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU 2. Detroit (3-13) ? Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame 3. Tampa Bay (4-12) ? Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech 4. Cleveland (4-12) ?Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma 5. Arizona (5-11) ? Joe Thomas, OT. Wisconsin 6. Washington (5-11) Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson 7. Minnesota (6-10) Dwayne Jarret, WR, USC 8. Houston (6-10) Marshawn Lynch, RB, Cal 9. Miami (6-10) Alan Branch, DT, Michigan 10. Atlanta (7-9) LaRon Landry, S, LSU 11. San Francisco (7-9) Darrell Revis, CB, Pitt 12. Buffalo (7-9) Levi Brown, OT, PSU 13. St. Louis (8-8) Paul Poslusnsky, LB, PSU 14. Carolina (8-8) Reggie Nelson, S, Florida 15. Pittsburgh (8-8) Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss 16. Green Bay (8-8) Zach Miller, TE, Arizona St 17. Jacksonville (8-8) Lawrence Timmons, LB, FSU 18. Cincinnati (8-8) Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia 19. Tennessee (8-8) Ted Ginn Jr., WR, OSU 20. N.Y. Giants (8-8) Leon Hall, CB, Michigan 21. Denver (9-7) Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU 22. New England from Seattle (9-7) Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina 23. Dallas (9-7) Justin Blalock, OT/OG, Texas 24. Kansas City (9-7) Quinn Pitcock, DT, OSU 25. New Orleans (10-6) Buster Davis, LB, FSU 26. New York Jets (10-6) Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville 27. Philadelphia (10-6) Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno St 28. New England (12-4) Aaron Ross, CB, Texas 29. Indianapolis (12-4) DeMarcus Tyler, DT, North Carolina St. 30. Baltimore (13-3) LaMarr Woodley, OLB, Michigan 31. Chicago (13-3) Michael Griffin, S, Texas 32. San Diego (14-2) Eric Weddle, S, Utah ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Oakland (2-14) ? Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU 2. Detroit (3-13) ? Joe Staley, OT, CMU 3. Tampa Bay (4-12) ? Charles Johnson, DE, Georgia 4. Cleveland (4-12) ? Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee 5. Arizona (5-11) ? Antoine Cason, CB, Arizona 6. New York Jets from Washington (5-11) Adam Carriker, DE/OLB, Nebraska 7. Minnesota (6-10) Josh Beekman, OG, Boston College 8. Houston (6-10) Brandon Merriweather, S, Miami 9. Miami (6-10) Arron Sears, OT, Tennessee 10. Atlanta (7-9) Victor Abiamiri, DE, Notre Dame 11. San Francisco (7-9) Jeff Samardzija, WR, Notre Dame 12. Buffalo (7-9) Rufus Alexander, OLB, Oklahoma 13. St. Louis (8-8) Ray McDonald, DE/DT, Florida 14. Carolina (8-8) Troy Smith, QB, OSU 15. Pittsburgh (8-8) Ben Grubbs, OG, Auburn 16. Green Bay (8-8) John Wendling, S, Wyoming 17. Jacksonville (8-8) Drew Stanton, QB, MSU 18. Cincinnati (8-8) Greg Olsen, TE, Miami (FL) 19. Tennessee (8-8) HB Blades, LB, Pitt 20. N.Y. Giants (8-8) Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn 21. Denver (9-7) Daymeion Hughes, CB, Cal 22. Seattle (9-7) Tony Ugoh, OT/OG, Arkansas 23. Dallas (9-7) Johnny Lee Higgins, WR, UTEP 24. Kansas City (9-7) Ryan Harris, OT, Notre Dame 25. New Orleans (10-6) Josh Wilson, CB, Maryland 26. New York Jets (10-6) Brian Leonard HB/FB, Rutgers 27. Philadelphia (10-6) Dallas Baker, WR, Florida 28. New England (12-4) Anthony Spencer, DE/OLB, Purdue 29. Tampa Bay from Indianapolis (12-4) Fred Bennett, CB, South Carolina 30. Baltimore (13-3) Manuel Ramirez, OG, Texas Tech 31. Chicago (13-3) Earl Everett, OLB, Florida 32. San Diego (14-2) Chansi Stuckley, WR, Clemson Brian Brohm, Jared Gaither, Jake Long, Sam Baker, Lawrence Jackson, Frank Okam NOT DECLARING
  20. well, who else was there besides democo Mark Anderson AJ Hawk Ernie Sims Dawan Landry Taba Hali I'm sure I'm missing someone, but theres another handful of impact defensive rookies.
  21. Why is there arguing over which is better, the NFL or college football? They both have their plusses and minuses. Id give the edge to the NFL because I feel a connection to a team while I dont necessarily have a school in the NCAA. However college football can be very, very exciting sometimes. Rose Bowl 06. This years Fiesta Bowl. Plus the atmosphere is crazy and lots of the time the gameplay is more wide open and exciting. In the NFL were treated with the best athletes in the world, as well very exciting games: Super Bowl XXXVIII. That Colts/Steelers beauty last year. My point is that both are exciting. Whichever you feel you have a stronger connection to is what you'll follow more closely. Arguments like "Was the Browns/ Texans game exciting last week?" suck. Well gee whiz I don't get excited for Northwestern vs Michigan State games either. Both have a share of good and bad games. Both have places where th teams have immense support (OSU, USC.... Green Bay, Pittsburgh) Both have teams with little support as well. Both have there chare of controversy as well. Just because you like, or follow the NFL or NCAA closer then the other, doesn't make it a superior product. Both are very entertaining in their own respects. Why does it have to be a competion? I like both.
  22. I think he deserved it even though there were a ton of great defensive rookies this season. I'm a little surprised by the margin he won it by considering all of the great players, but he deserved in none the less.
  23. BCS 06: OSU over Florida BCS 07: USC over Michigan Final Four: UCLA, OSU, Wisconsin, Kansas- UCLA wins NHL: Anaheim over Atlanta NBA: Cleveland over Dallas MLB:Yankees over Dodgers NFL (06 season): Ravens over Saints NFL (07 season): Chargers over Redskins ----------------------------------------------------- There will be a plan for a LA NFL team. The NFL Draft will go: Quinn, Thomas,Peterson/Johnson Greg Oden will be the #1 Pick in the NBA Draft. Jason Campell and the Redskins will have a huge breakout year. Brett Favre will play for the 07 season, make the playoffs, then retire. The Lions will suck again. Matt Millen will finally be fired. John David Booty will win the Heisman. Bonds passes Aaron. TO will be signed but cut during the 07 season. Roger Federer continues to dominate. Tiger wins 1 major.
  24. Bush may stay back for 07 because of a medical redshirt. If he did come out this year, Id say he'd be a second round pick. Troy Smith is pretty short. He may be measured in at 5"10. If he was as tall as Quinn we'd be talking about him as a probably top 10 pick IMO. Unfortunately he's lacking the size tro be considered an elite prospect. However due to his production I see him as a second round pick, possibly to a team like Carolina, Jacksonville, or Cleveland.