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  1. thats just ridiculous. insane. awesome work man. i like the apollos and orbit the best. very very beyond good
  2. NFL-Green Bay Packers- I eat, sleep and breathe green bay. hardcore cheesehead! MLB-Toronto Blue Jays NHL-Ottawa Senators NBA-Toronto Raptors
  3. Pat


    yeah i just joined today and id love for you guys to show me the ropes here. it seems like a nice message board, with fantastic ppl, and great convos. i hope you guys respect me even if i just joined, and ill respect you guys. i just wanna chill here
  4. come on ppl. Joe carters home run is def. in the top 5 ever. plus that pretty much ended wild things reputation. especially for us canadians, thats was special. hopefully in a year or so the jays will be contending again, which they should be.
  5. I 100% agree! this is getting out of hand, and i think its a real shame. its just ridiculous what these teams come out with? dallas? edmonton? ugh. come on. keep it simple, and traditional. a home uniform and an away uniform. and maybe some 33rds for special occasions to try out a new logo but dont go insane, creating 5 logos, changing them every year, different colours.
  6. i like minnys, and columbus' but i prasie calgray for going back to the oldschool black C. my votes for the flames
  7. you mean like this? that is freaking amazing!awesome job! and that logo looks awesome football wise.
  8. The idea of creating a new logo gor Dallas i think is a good one, because they need some identity. IN texas it seems every logo has a big star or something in it? anyone else notice that? astros, cowboys, texans, stars, etc. and two i think there primary logo is very dull, and doesnt have "anything to it" so i never liked the idea od the dalls "stars". but i think this new logo is ok, but the colour scheme is absolutely terriblle. the mixed green, red, gold and black reminds of of pewk.
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    Hey all

    hey im new here. i was checking out the net for some kick ass high quality logos and found some here, and then stumbled upon the forum! i didnt even know a forum about sports logos existed!but ive always been intrigued by them, and enjoyed designing mine own etc, etc. so i had to join here. and can someone here please tell what these fantsay games are?im terribly confused! anyways cya Pat