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  1. Reported on a local Detroit News Station---- Millen will be back.
  2. I think youre pretty dead on with Leonard. I see him as a second round pick. He's a Mike Alstott type, and could be played as fullback or even some action as halfback. I havent seen too much of Leonard play, but from what I have seen he hasn't been overly impressive. Again, I haven't watched too much Rutgers football. However he does have the potential to be very good and I see him as a second rounder but he could slip to Round 3.
  3. Sounds like a deal. If Brohm comes out and goes #1 Ill admit you were right. If Russel comes out and goes top 10 I win. And I cant see how Russell cant have a big game.... Its Notre Dames secondary
  4. I see where you're coming from. I see Ginn having a massive combine and a very good 40 time so he should be picked very high. I know the Falcons need something to spark their offense and they have had bad wide receiver problems. Ginn has crazy speed and teamed with that offense he could be very good. However I think if I was to redo that draft I would have them take Reggie Nelson. Its just hard to pass up on a prospect like Ginn for a team that needs a spark like Atlanta.
  5. I guess in few months we will know who is right. How can we prove which quarterback has the most to stay for in his senior season? PS Im not trying to argue with you, Im quite enjoying debating the draft.
  6. I disagree. If Brohm stays he has a chance to make a lot more money in 08 by being picked higher. Russell on the other hand has seen his stock skyrocket. He should capitalize now.
  7. I was making reference to you saying Russell was a third round pick most likely. I forget who it is but I saw that one NFL analyst who said that they ranked Brohm #1. Fact is he would have a very small chance to take over Quinn this year and staying back a year would probably be best for his draft stock. I have a hard time believeing any team would pick Brohm over Quinn this year and I have a feeling any expert who says that is just trying to make some noise. Scott Wright- NFL Draft Expert and Scout, on Brian Brohm Now I disagree with him when Wright says that Brohm isn't that good, I think Brohm is fantastic, but he highlights where Brohm's stock is sitting as of now. For 08 I think he'll go very high but I see no chance that he could overtake Quinn this year.
  8. Heres a quick 1 Round Mock Draft for you guys! 1. Oakland (2-14) ? Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame 2. Detroit (3-13) ? Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin 3. Tampa Bay (4-12) ? Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech 4. Cleveland (4-12) ?Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma 5. Arizona (5-11) ? LaRon Landry, S, LSU 6. Washington (5-11) Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson 7. Minnesota (6-10) Dwayne Jarret, WR, USC 8. Houston (6-10) JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU 9. Miami (6-10) Alan Branch, DL, Michigan 10. Atlanta (7-9) Ted Ginn Jr., WR, OSU 11. San Francisco (7-9) Leon Hall, CB, Michigan 12. Buffalo (7-9) Levi Brown, OT, PSU 13. St. Louis (8-8) Paul Poslusnsky, OLB, PSU 14. Carolina (8-8) Reggie Nelson, S, Florida 15. Pittsburgh (8-8) Justin Blalock, OT/OG, Texas 16. Green Bay (8-8) Marshawn Lynch, RB, Cal 17. Jacksonville (8-8) Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss 18. Cincinnati (8-8) Quentin Moses, DE, Georgia 19. Tennessee (8-8) Quinn Pitcock, DT, OSU 20. N.Y. Giants (8-8) Darelle Revis, CB, Pitt 21. Denver (9-7) DeMarcus Tyler, DT, North Carolina State 22. New England from Seattle (9-7) Marcus McCauley, CB, Fresno St 23. Dallas (9-7) Joe Staley, OT, CMU 24. Kansas City (9-7) Sidney Rice, WR, South Carolina 25. New Orleans (10-6) Lawrence Timmons, LB, FSU 26. New York Jets (10-6) Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville 27. Philadelphia (10-6) LaMarr Woodley, LB, Michigan 28. New England (12-4) Jeff Samardzija, WR, Notre Dame 29. Indianapolis (12-4) Buster Davis, LB, FSU 30. Baltimore (13-3) Kenny Irons, RB, Auburn 31. Chicago (13-3) Michael Griffin, S, Texas 32. San Diego (14-2) Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU
  9. I never said he was going to be drafted as an "athlete". All I said is that he can be groomed into a position where he still might be able to throw the ball, like a halfback or WR. There have been QB's in the past where they had great physical attributes, only to not cut it in the next level for some reason, yet still got to show flashes of their QB-instincts at another position. There have been 1st-Round picks who have switched to other positions in the past during their pro careers. Very true. I just have a hard time seeing it. It would be like Culpepper being tried out as a HB or WR now. His arm is just too good and I'm not sure he has the straught line speed for a receiver either.
  10. Unlikely. Not with that arm and 1st round money invested. The guy is going to be drafted a quaterback and played as a QB in the NFL. If he sucks and needs to make a change down the road...... but very unlikely. So we're in agreement? No. I am saying it is a possibility but its also a possibility that Calvin Johnson could suck and try and be a running back. My point is your argument would not factor into scouting and where a player is drafted what so ever and the scenario, while somewhat possibile, is very unlikely.
  11. Unlikely. Not with that arm and 1st round money invested. The guy is going to be drafted a quaterback and played as a QB in the NFL. If he sucks and needs to make a change down the road...... but very unlikely.
  12. Funny, they said the same thing about Ryan Leaf. Simply put, Russell needs another year of polish in order to be considered seriously as an upper echelon pick. When the Ag School's supporters virtually agree that he needs another year with the Tigers, that should speak more volumes than talking heads who think he can pass up Brady Quinn just by lighting up a high school pass defence this evening... I'm missing your point. Ryan Leaf went 2nd overall and was one of the most highly touted QB prospects in recent memory. Yes he did suck balls in the NFL. And yes I agree Russel needs more time and I myself think he is very overrated. BUT the discussion was about where to put him in a mock draft, which predicts where players will be picked. Its not who you think is the best. I think Russel will be picked very highly because scouts love him and he has an amazing set of physical tools. His stock is very high. As well bucfan if Tampa had the chance to pick either CJ or Dwayne Jarret you'd still want Jarret? Johnson is leagues better imo. FYI -> Why would Brohm stay another season to go #1 when he can go now? Makes no sense just like having the LSU qb in round one when he will go in round 2 most likely 3. Not to question your knowledge but it is absurd to suggest Russel will most likely go in round 3. Do some research, watch some games, listen to some scouts. Russel is right now considered a top 10 prospect. Period. As well Brohm wouldnt go #1 this year. If Oakland goes with a QB it'll most likely be Quinn. With another year under his belt Brohm should be the #1 QB coming out in 08 and he'll have a very high chance to go first overall. In case you were wondering I am an NFL draft junkie.
  13. You are severly underestimating JaMarcus Russel's stock. His big arm has scouts drooling. He would instantly have one of the best arms in the NFL when drafted. Plus his physical measurables are spectacular. Now I agree with you, he shouldnt be a top 10 pick but I almost can guarantee it. I've seen some drafts propose the idea of Quinn/Russel going 1,2. Its crazy but it could happen. As well I dont think Cleveland is commited on Frye, and I think Houston is fed up with Carr. I fully expect Houston to pick up a QB in FA to challenge Carr or for them to draft one to replace him. I know his team around him has sucked but hes gotten too many chances. As for Buffalo. I know they dont need a WR but I thought Ginn's stock was too good to pass up there. Hes so explosive and good take an up and coming JP Losman to the next level. It may be a bad pick but I couldnt think of anyone else would fit there.
  14. I think Brohm stays for his senior year, and makes a run at the #1 for 08. Though Al Davis doesnt have a history of drafting 1st Round QB's, itd be insane to pass up on Quinn here. Their offense is dismal and they need a signal caller of the future. Early Mock Draft: 1)OAK- Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame 2)DET- Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin 3)CLE*-Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma 4)TB*-Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech 5)ARZ-LaRon Landry, S, LSU 6)WSH- Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson 7)MIN- Dwayne Jarret, WR, USC 8)HOU- JaMarcus Russel, QB, LSU 9)MIA- Alan Branch, DL, Michigan 10)ATL- Reggie Nelson, S, Florida 11)SF- Leon Hall, CB, Michigan 12)BUF- Ted Ginn Jr, WR, OSU 13)STL- Paul Poslusnsky, OLB, PSU rest to come later.... off to bed
  15. Must be frsutrating but just be happy you're team was even in the discussion of playoff scenarios this week. After that horrible start, this strong finish is awesome for the Titans. I see them playing very well ion the future.
  16. 1. San Diego 2. Baltimore 3. New England 4. New Orleans 5. Chicago
  17. I'm thrilled to even be considering the possibility of a playoff birth for the Packers, but as it stands the playoffs could easily be happening. Allow me, and other Packers fans, to just show our glee that we even have a shot after such a horrible season last year. PS, the Pack-Bears game has been moved to Sunday night.... Its going to be fun! Anyways, go Pack! and go Redskins!
  18. For Baseball Ill list the parks Ive seen games in: Miller Park in Milwaukee is absolutely fantastic. The only thing wrong is the location- everything else is very, very nice. Even the fans of the forever bad Brewers are hardcore. Wrigley is also great, just because of the history, but the stadium also has so much character. Camden Yards is also fantastic, as well as Comerica but not at the level of the other two. Tiger Stadium had a lot of character as well, but there's no denying it was getting pretty old and a replacement was inevitable. SkyDome is nice, but nowhere near as nice as the others. For the NFL there is no doubt it's Lambeau, even putting homerism aside. For College Basketball Im sure it's Duke. For College Basketball Ive been to LA Colleseum and Michigan Stadium and their both fantastic, but Michigan is humongous. NBA and NHL, just not too much character portrayed.
  19. Wow, this looks ridiculous. Cowboys fans have something to look forward to in 2009, this thing is a beauty.
  20. Colt Brennan maybe deserved an invite to New York, but there is no doubt Troy Smith deserved this award. He led the #1 team undefeated, with incredible stats. Colt plays in the WAC, on a team where even Timmy Chang was lighting the place up and setting records. Yes Brenna is impressive, but there is no way he deserved the Heisman.
  21. Try telling that to the Kansas fans. And don't think that the UNR fans aren't thrilled to have a shot at the Miami Hurricanes. Mid to lower tier schools within major conferences like to have something to look forward to at the end of the season if they can avoid a losing record. I'm a 28 year season ticket holder for Mizzou and while I'm damned mad that Gary Pinkel flubbed our best chance to qualify for a big-time bowl game, I'm still stoked about my team playing in the post-season. Bowl games are fun - I will watch as many as possible because I love college football and like getting to see teams I wouldn't ordinarily get to see during the season. Don't take the bowls away. Point Taken. I understand that for fans of lower tier schools, playing in any bowl is a big deal. And as a college football fan, watching some extra bowl games never hurt. It just seems that there are so many, its gotten ridiculous. It used to be an accomplishment to make it to the post-season, now it seems they reward mediocricity.
  22. Tell that to Boise State. They never had a shot of making the national championship no matter what they did on the field. They're not even in a BCS Conference, I'm sure everyone of the players and coaches on that team would have been fine with and accepted the chance to play in a BCS Bowl after an undefeated season.
  23. A playoff would devalue bowls. Yes there are too many bowls, but there is nothing that says College Football than Pac 10 Champ vs. Big 10 Champ at the Rose Bowl. That is tradition, not the 3rd vs 4th seed in the tournament. As well the entire regular season is a playoff, as been mentioned before. Michigan beating ND, OSU beating Michigan, UCLA beating USC. These were playoff games, and they all eliminated the losing teams from contention. That being said, this system still isn't good. However a playoff would ruin the fun and intensity of a regualr season, and throw out the tradition of the Bowls. Solution #30294 First off get rid of a bunch of bowls. Noone wants to see .500 teams come Bowl time. Keep the 4 BCS Bowls. 6 Conference Champions plus 2 at large make it to the BCS Bowls. This Year: Rose Bowl: OSU vs USC Fiesta: Wake Forest vs. Boise St. Sugar: Florida vs. Michigan Orange: Oklahoma vs. Louisville All of these games are finished by January 2nd. The 4 winners play each other...... lets pretend OSU vs. Wake, Michigan vs Oklahoma.... this happens the week of the current BCS National Championship. Then the Big Championship between the winners of those 2 games happens a week later. There, the prestige of the bowls stay. The intensity of the season stays, and you get a mini playoff. If you think that would run too long, I wouldnt be opposed to after the 4 BCS games, re ranking the teams, then the top 2 play for the National Championship the week after (same timing as now). In my scenario that would be the winner of OSU USC and Michigan Florida probably. So thats what I think.
  24. 1) San Diego 2) Chicago 3) Indianapolis 4) Dallas 5) Baltimore