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  1. 1) Colts 2) Ravens 3) Chargers 4) Patriots 5) Bears
  2. Howard had the best stats this year. He was an absolute moster at the plate and without him the Phils' would have been in the basement, and not in the playoff hunt till the end of the year. He deserves it.
  3. Im with tank, I smell a surprise win from San Fran this week.
  4. I have to give some attention to the whole state of Wisconsin. They are sports nuts. We all know about Green Bay, but even in Milwaukee their sports crazy. I was shocked at the support and passion of Brewers fans. Plus I hear the Bucks dont do too bad, and the Badgers have a ton of support.
  5. Yeah, Denver always seems to draw well for its sports teams. Im always surprised that lots of times I turn on Sports Centre I see lots of fans in Coors Field. Plus the Avalanche sellout streak, and we all know how they love the Broncos.
  6. Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and Detroit are my top 4. Miami looks absolutely horrible, as well as Atlanta.
  7. If I was a season ticket holder for a team and this happened I'd be mad, and if I was a member of a team and one of my home games was moved to a different country I'd be mad. Seeing as I'm neither sounds like a good idea But the whole thing seems kind of dumb and unfair to the team, but seeing as it rotates evenly I don't have too big of a problem with it. Plus it is kind of interesting to gage out interest and see games played in a totally different place. I can see a Buffalo game in Toronto or Seattle in Vancouver definately.
  8. 1)Bears 2)Colts 3)Broncos 4)Patriots 5)Saints
  9. I think it's pretty obvious Kenny had a foreign substance on his hand, but please let's not make too big a deal out of it. If the Tigers win the Seriers, they deserve it. No asterix. I imagine many, many pitchers have done this before, even in the postseason. It's a shame that he got away with it, but he did, and even after he wiped it off he pitched a brilliant game.
  10. Seems unacceptable to me, especially if you're physically going to the game. I cant see this sitting well with diehard Phins fans. If I were you Id wear Dolphins gear, and just secretley hope for a tie:)
  11. 1) Bears 2) Colts 3) Ravens 4) Patriots 5) Eagles
  12. MLB: Texas NFL: Kansas City NBA: Golden State NHL: Columbus
  13. I think Frank Thomas over Thome for Come Back POY. He is the A's offense.
  14. 1. Yankees in 3 2. Athletics in 5 3. Yankees in 6 4. Mets in 4 5. Cardinals in 5 6. Mets in 5 7. Yankees in 6
  15. Remember everyone thought the White Sox would suck in the playoffs after being pushed by the Indians so hard last year, so do not count the Cardinals out.
  16. I can't figure the Saints out. They came to play against Atlanta, and deserved that win, but against Green Bay I didn't think they were that good at all. But I guess getting a W, is all that matters. But they have some great rookies on that team (not just Reggie). Looks like they have a solid foundation to build upon even if they can't go all the way this year. It's a bright future for New Orleans fans.
  17. Pat

    Canucks 3rd

    Wow, I love these. I especially am digging that new logo you made. Greta mix of originality and the old retro "C-hockey stick". I love the whole thing, nice work.
  18. Pat

    Jets uniform concept

    These are fantastic, an excellent look for the Jets. No major problems I see with these. Great work man, I look forward to more concepts, this one was great.
  19. give it a second to kick in *warning, Vikings fan's may want to avoid this
  20. 1. Indianapolis 2. Chicago 3. Jacksonville 4. Atlanta 5. San Diego Based on what they've done so far, not on who I think has the best teams, or will be the best by the end of the year.
  21. I hate to be a "homer", but it has to be Green Bay for Pro Sports, or at the very least Pro football. In Wisconsion, its all Pack all the time. And as said, the fans own the team, with no money, and no guaranteed seats coming back to them. The team has such a loyal fan base, and especially in Wisconsin, there is nothing more important than the Packers. So much so, church services have to be rescheduled when a Packers game is going on. The Red Sox, Yankees, Browns, and Steelers are also up there I'd say. And then college, that just make's the whole debate very difficult. It's hard to beat the devotion of many, many college fans.
  22. Seems to me, in the NFL, lots of QB's like the #7.
  23. 2 biggest surprise teams (not supposed to be good, but end up fighting for a playoff spot)... Cleveland and Green Bay 2 teams that are supposed to be good but will fall apart... Miami and New York Giants Most overrated team... New York Giants Most underrated team... Baltimore Most overrated QB... Michael Vick Most underrated QB... Drew Bledsoe (He's still got it) The team everyone says will break out this year but will once again fall flat on their faces... Arizona Your NFC playoff teams: 1)Dallas 2)Carolina 3)Seattle 4)Chicago 5)Atlanta 6)Philadelphia Your AFC playoff teams: 1)Baltimore 2)New England 3)Jacksonville 4)Denver 5)Indianapolis 6)San Diego Your Super Bowl teams: 1)Dallas 2)Jacksonville And your winner... Dallas
  24.,2933,211383,00.html Come on, is Pink going to create a ratings spike? What a stupid idea, whos the junior genius behind this idiot decision?
  25. I believe if you take a tour of Lambeau you can go on the field. I know people who have gone on the field although that was years ago it might have been changed, I doubt it though. Yeah, I did that just a couple weeks ago But on field passes, before the game, not sure how he got those... I was also at that Brewers game, and myself along with him, was so surprised by Brewers fans. Ive seen games at SkyDome (Rogers Centre), Tiger Stadium, Comerica Park, Camden Yards, Wrigley Field, and Miller Park, and Milwaukee. Milwaukee was home to the best fans Ive seen, and the best atmosphere surrounding the area for a baseball game. It was really interesting. Wisconsinite sports fans are the most devoted Ive seen, probably because there's not much else to do there Camden Yards was the most beautiful Park Ive been too, Wrigley was very interesting, because hell its Wrigley. I love SkyDome, cause my team plays there, but Miller Park was outstanding overall, I was entertained from start to finish.