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  1. Using 1812 overture would be very cool, I hope that wins. In green Bay they use Todd Rundgren's I dont want to work. That's an awesome song for after a TD, and Im pretty sure other teams use it as well.
  2. All right. Bert flew off the handle, but you're saying he got off light? The NHL kicks him out for the year, and Vancouver blows it in the first round of the playoffs. My fat ass, got off light. Considering he should be rotting behind bars with Dany Heatley. Yeah, he got off light. And I'm definately suspicious about your mental health if you felt that action by Bertuzzi was justified in any way. Put hockey aside. This is a serious matter, he assualted someone, and could have killed him. Losing in the playoffs, and being suspended from your job for a year isn't a fair penalty.
  3. Almost, but the coach named Sam Keller (Sr.) the starter, to only change his mind later and name Rudy Carpenter the starter. If I was Keller, who has been nothing but steller for ASU, and was given the starting job rightfully, and then had it taken back, Id be pissed too.
  4. Cool, I was there too. I was also surprised at the enormous amounst of Cardinals fans. They were everywhere. Plus Cardinals fans all over the streets of Chicago, I was impressed.
  5. Mike Weir, and Dino Cicarelli. That's all I can really think of.
  6. He deserved to get nearly paralyzed? Explain that logic to me. I mean I hate the St. Louis Cardinals but I wouldn't be cool with it if someone murdered Albert Pujols. Im with you. If you agree with what Todd Bertuzzi did, than you need to reexamine yourself, because that's just plain wrong. Steve Moore could have become paralyzed, or died, and even in your mind you see Moore as a jerk, you can't justify Bertuzzi attacking him like that. It was one of the biggest , classless, and pure stupid acts Ive ever seen commited, sports scene or non sports scene. How Bertuzzi got off so light, is beyond me.
  7. Most depressing moment for me is easy: 4th and 26.
  8. You have our arch rivals making the playoffs?!? The Bears and Vikings are both the Packers archrivals, but I just have a feeling Chicago wont get it done this year, and I think Detroit has the smallest chance of winning it out of all 4, so I went with Minnesota.
  9. AFC New England Batlimore Jacksonville Kansas City ------ Indianapolis Cleveland (surprise shocker pick) NFC Washington Minnesota Carolina Seattle ------- Dallas Philadelphia Man, how are good are the AFC North and NFC East? And how bad is the NFC North? I actually think my Pack has a got a chance, but at the risk of being called an extreme homer, I went Minny.
  10. Put aside my Packer bias..... but does anyone else feel the Bears are going to come crashing back to earth? And does anyone else think the Dolphins are the most overrated undderrated team ever?
  11. Euro, which is pretty much the biggest international tournament next to the World Cup, takes place every 4 years. Its spaced out so its 2 years after every tournnament. So the next Euro, which is hosted by AUstria and Switzerland, takes place in 2008.
  12. Ive been here a couple of years, and I can honestly say that I looked forward to reading all of your posts I came across. I thread contributed by PANTONE was sure to be a good one, and Ill miss that here. Make sure to visit every now and then!
  13. Interesting. Actually thats not just online. I have a newera cap collection, close to 30 or so, and I have many that are the same size, and they all fit kind of diferently. (I bought them all in stores) Its just the way they make them I assume. But then again online, you dont get the comfort of trying them on..... So buyer beware...
  14. Im surprised they went the Draft Pick Route, I would think Edmonton would want something now.
  15. Here's hopping the Raps, can trade that pick to the Bobcats, in exchange for #3 and Knight, and then still pick up their guy (Assuming Chicago takes Thomas).
  16. I see where you're coming from, but its undeniable that the Old Bucco Bruce looked "gay". Is that a bad thing? Yes it is for a sports team logo. Theyre trying to appeal to the "macho male" crowd with their identity. Noone said that being gay was wrong, or bad, or anything like that, but my god Bucco Bruce looked fruity, and there isn't nothing wrong in trying to rid the logo of that. Was it a bad choie in words? Maybe, but it wasn't offensive. Its getting to the point you can't say the word gay anymore.
  17. Pat, that's bull and we all know it. If Jean Strahan's allegations of infidelity never included a homosexual affair, this would be another ho-hum divorce proceeding that no one would be talking about. Plenty of married athletes have hoes lined up in every city they play in, yet no one says anything about that. The "gay issue" is the story here, and why it is so heavily publicized. The angle isn't Michael Strahan's infidelity or his divorce or his wife's despicable tactics. This is about way more than the gap toothed, fraudulently sack record acquiring, terrible right guard commercial starring Strahan. The angle is members of the sports media are falling all over themselves to out the first gay guy in high profile professional sports. No player in the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL has revealed himself as homosexual during his playing career. Even mediocre players (by professional standards) who announce it are blasted, belittled, and ostracized by people that they "fought" alongside for years. There are gay athletes in high profile professional sports. There are probably 80-100 at least in the big 4 leagues. Do you think any single one of them wants to risk the wrath of all the homophobes out there? I feel bad that not everyone can truly be who they are, but not a single one of them can allow himself to be the first. Or second. Especially in this climate of rampant homophobia. This whole thing is just sad. Note taken, and it was very well written. And you are right, it wouldn't get even as close to as much attention if it wasn't a homosexual partner. I guess my point was, I have nothing against gay people, but the fact that Strahan may have been cheating on his wife with a man, I found an interesting story. ANd maybe thats Jean Strahans point, she knew that would get her attention. Or maybe its the truth, who knows.
  18. Its not an issue if someones gay or not, its an issue of is someone cheating on their wife.... and what makes this case very interesting its cheating on their wife with someone of their own sex. That's nothing against gay people, but its an intersting story
  19. When Lord Xenu breaks out of his mountain fortress, he'll be pissed.
  20. How come Martin Nance wasnt drafted? I was thinking round 2 to the Steelers, or third round at the latest.... Plus I like Greg Lee, he's still out there as well as Drew Olsen and Gerald Riggs Jr. Some big UDFA's this year, just goers to show how great this draft appears to be.
  21. What a draft! My head's still spinning! Come on Ted Thompson get some value for all of thos epicks you got us!
  22. 1. HOU- Mario Williams, DE NC State 2. NO- Reggie Bush, RB USC 3. TEN- Vince Young, QB Texas 4. NYJ- Matt Leinart, QB USC 5. GB- D?Brickashaw Ferguson, OT Virginia 6. SF- Vernon Davis, TE Maryland 7. OAK- AJ Hawk, OLB, OSU 8. BUF- Brodrick Bunkley, DT FSU 9. DET-Michael Huff, DB Texas 10. ARZ- Jay Cutler, QB Vanderbilt 11. STL- Jimmy Williams, DB, VT 12. CLE- Haloti Ngata, DT Oregon 13. BLT- Winston Justice, OT USC 14. PHI- Ernie Sims, OLB FSU 15. DEN fr. ATL- Chad Jackson, WR Florida 16. MIA- Manny Lawson, DE/OLB NC State 17. MIN- Chad Greenway, OLB Iowa 18. DAL- Jason Allen, S Tennessee 19. SD- Santonio Holmes, WR OSU 20. KC- Antonio Cromartie, CB FSU 21. NE- DeAngelo Williams, RB Memphis 22. SF fr. WSH thr. DEN- Kamerion Wimbley, DE/OLB FSU 23. TB- Eric Winston, OT Miami 24. CIN-Donte Whitner, S OSU 25. NYG-Gabe Watson, DT Michigan 26. CHI- Tye Hill, CB Clemson 27. CAR- Lendale White, RB USC 28. JAX- Bobby Carpenter, OLB OSU 29. NYJ fr. DEN thr. ATL- Laurence Maroney, RB Minnesota 30. IND- Joseph Addai, RB LSU 31. SEA- Jonathon Joseph, CB South Carolina 32. PIT- Sinorice Moss, WR Miami 33. HOU- Marcus McNeil, OT Auburn 34. NO-DeMeco Ryans, OLB Alabama 35. NYJ- Richard Marshall, CB Fresno St 36. GB- Thomas Howard, OLB UTEP 37. DEN fr. SF- Nick Mangold, OC, OSU 38. OAK- Matthias Kiwanuka, DE BC 39. TEN- D?Qwell Jackson, ILB Maryland 40. DET- Tamba Hali, DE, Penn State. 41. ARZ- Ko Simpson, S South Carolina 42. BUF- Daryn Colledge, OT Boise St 43. CLE- Darryl Tapp, DE VT 44. BLT- Darnell Bing, S USC 45. PHI- John McCargo, DT NC State 46. STL- Leonard Pope, TE Georgia 47. ATL- Maurice Drew, RB UCLA 48. MIN- Kelly Jennings, CB Miami 49. DAL- Davin Joseph, OG Oklahoma 50. SD- Ashton Youboty, CB OSU 51. MIN fr. MIA- Brodie Croyle, QB Alabama 52. NE- Roger McIntosh, OLB Miami 53. WSH- Taitusi Latui, OG USC 54. KC- Maurice Stovall, WR Notre Dame 55. CIN- Mercedes Lewis, TE UCLA 56. NYG- Martin Nance, WR Miami(OH) 57. CHI- Anthony Fasano, TE Notre Dame 58. CAR- Daniel Bullocks, S Nebraska 59. TB- Greg Jennings, WR Western Michigan 60. JAX- Brian Calhoun, RB Wisconsin 61. DEN- Joe Klopfenstein, TE Colorado 62. IND- Orien Harris, DT Miami 63. SEA- Max Jean-Gilles, OG Georgia 64. PIT- Danieal Manning, DB Albein Christian
  23. I dont get ESPN, but Im not sick of it, I cant wait. I love the Draft, most exciting Sporting Event involving no sports what so ever.
  24. It would be SB XXXI but I barely remember that. This was the greatest I ever felt watching sports. I always make a sheet with the playoff teams of the year, and I already accepted defeat and wrote in the Vikings as the NFC playoff team, not Green Bay. Then I got word of the Cardinals scoring. Then the onside kick and recovery, then the last second Nate Poole TD. I'd never felt so excited, overwhelmed, surprised, and genuinely happy. I was running and screaming in excitement, I couldnt contain myself.