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  1. This kind of annoys me, because if they’re willing to swap out the combos now, why weren’t they earlier in the season?
  2. I’ve grown to be ok with the uniforms this year, but if it ends up that this is what they go with for the UCLA game, i’ll Be extremely disappointed. Black & Grey, and a print that’s got nothing at all to do with the University of Oregon. Yuck!
  3. As an Oregon fan, absolutely love the helmets. Also love the colours (although would probably prefer something different to the volt green). I actually don’t mind the simplicity of them, but I just can’t get my head around the huge numbers. Down size them to normal & I like the whole set. will be interested to to see what mixing & matching is done.
  4. Do we expect there to be a new Nike template when the Oregon uniforms are announced? Was watching one of the ‘hype’ videos on their twitter feed & it looked like a couple of the players had new template practice uniforms. I know Nike usually tests new stuff at Oregon.
  5. Could just be for the Spring Game as they have the patches on the sleeve. I like the yellow pants one is better the black from the original set. The one worn during the Alamo Noelia still the best though
  6. Some of the ones we haven't seen yet
  7. Would love to see Oregon go with this set but with Green pants.
  8. Oregon in all Green today. And it's the forrest/dark green, not kelly green.
  9. My hope for the Ducks today, Green-Green-Yellow. What i think it will be, Green-Green-Gray
  10. Usually a big fan of what the Ducks do with their uniforms. On this occasion, I think it's a swing and a miss (uniform wise, the idea and sentiment behind it is great) Don't like the 'hot pink'. Reckon they would of looked better with a softer pink. Something like the ones that were mocked up last year. or or even
  11. Where did you get that? Their facebook page just posted saying 'This just in: Rams will wear All White Everything for #RamsPrimetime this Thursday against the San Francisco 49ers' wiht a video of Robert Quinn in the all white uniform.
  12. That looks beautiful. I love the yellow helmet. looks like sublimated wings on the cleats as well not sure how i feel about the yellow helmet with chrome wings... that could look like a hot mess You beat me to posting that. lol. I mean I'm sure it will end up looking cool on field but in the picture that looks terrible. im just not a fan of taking the O off of the helmet... and im not a fan of the chrome anything... Well luckily for you That picture shows that there will be an 'O' on the back of the helmets, same as the Rose Bowl helmets, only yellow. Unluckily for you, there is plenty of chrome.
  13. The look for tonight's game? Yellow pants, yellow helmet, fighting ducks jersey. Love it!
  14. I read somewhere that Stoudemire and Chandler are hosting some sort of event to release the jerseys. This image is from their facebook page. Ever so slightly shows that the uniforms that were captured from the 2k13 video's are correct and the arms cuffs do stop half way to 3/4 of the way down