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  1. It's still on. Sorry gang, you all know what you did. EDIT- I'm well aware that I am not innocent in the constant Canucks arguments. That being said? Moderation has decided that we're all sick of it. And judging from the responses these "discussions" usually get? People outside of the usual suspects are sick of it too. So here it is in case Glenn's warning (that I reposted btw) wasn't clear enough. We do not want to hear ANYTHING Canucks related unless it is specifically about a new uniform or logo. That's it. Is it unfair that the Canucks are the only team with this restriction? Maybe, but they're the only team that derails threads constantly. We'll re-evaluate this position at the end of the season, but as of now? No Canucks talk unless it's to discuss specifically updated and new elements. Nothing else, and I mean NOTHING, is to come from it. Warning points and other disciplinary action to come for those who insist on continuing to clog this thread with non-relevant Canucks discussion.
  2. Why should the Compton and South Central LA crowds shift their likely Lakers loyalty to the Clippers? Because some Clippers marketing team told them to? Because some dudes on a niche internet message board long for an "inner city/Hollywood" NBA divide that never existed? @keynote was right. This is about the Clippers branding Compton to other people more so than it is the Clippers truly being Compton's team. Probably because after decades of irreverence? The former is far easier than the latter.
  3. I was referring to people in the thread, not the Clippers themselves. Though if they did it wouldn't be the biggest lie a sports team ever told (see Nationals, Washington; "Founded 1905" patch). I think I need to clarify something. If the Clippers want to do the 90s Compton thing then all the power to them. My point was originally in defence of @Still MIGHTY's argument that this doesn't work for the Clippers and isn't authentic. And I'm expressing why I feel that's accurate.
  4. So basically this... I suppose. My issue is the idea of retroactively insisting the Clippers were always "the inner city" team to the Lakers being "Hollywood's team." They weren't. Not really.
  5. No, I get your point. I brought up them sharing a building with the Lakers because unlike New York's NFL teams? They didn't do much to establish themselves prior to moving into the same building. It's VERY hard for you to carve out your own distinct geographic niche when you play in the same building as your in-town rivals. You need to have a footprint in the markets you're aiming for to pull it off. The Clippers? They failed to make much of a mark on Compton or South Central LA before moving to Stables. Which makes the retroactive association of them with these areas in the present (after NO ONE was making them for decades of them playing in Staples) disingenuous. In line with what I said above? It obviously wasn't enough, considering how forgotten the Clippers were when they moved into Staples. @DG_Now brought up a good point earlier in this thread that he sort of touched on in his last post. That this Clippers "reinvention" or "resurgence" is going to resonate with trendy white guys "wearing retro Clippers gear for a retro brand that never existed." I'm paraphrasing, but I think this is the problem many people have with this look. There may have been a time when the Clippers could have been the "Compton and South Central LA" team but their cheap (and racist) owner and pitiful performance (and lacklustre marketing) led to them being less then an afterthought. Then they move into Staples- again, having failed to have much of a footprint in Compton and South Central LA- and continue to fail to make much headway carving out a niche. And only now are people pretending that a "Compton/South Central LA/inner city Clippers" identity ever existed. It's shallow. I understand WHY it's a popular idea. People feel like there should be a "Hollywood/inner city" divide among LA's basketball teams, but it's revisionist history to suggest the Clippers ever successfully branded themselves as that until 2019.
  6. Did they ever court Compton or South Central LA when they played in the Sports Arena? No. And since doing nothing of the sort they've moved to the Staples Centre. I'd say they could claim those areas if they had marketed to them made an effort to make them "their" team in contrast to the Hollywood-esque Lakers, but they didn't. And for people to assert such a "Lakers are Hollywood, Clippers are Compton" dynamic exists today, decades after the fact, is revisionist history at best and a lie at worst.
  7. There's an argument that can be made as to whether or not Brooklyn really is the "inner city" anymore, but that can go off topic quickly, so I'll give it to you. Thing is the Nets play in Brooklyn. They're part of that locale. Again, in what ways are the Clippers LA's "inner city" team? They play in the same building as the Lakers!
  8. That's what I'm babbling about. You don't get to engage another poster, drag a conversation out, and then tell them their opinion isn't welcome. Which is what the above quote indicates. Cute. It's 2019. Online communities have mods. You should have that figured out.
  9. *poster hat goes off, mod hat goes on* Hello. No. This is a forum for people to share their opinions on logo and uniform design. So long as someone does this while acting in accordance with our community guidelines? Their opinion is welcome. If you disagree you are free to debate, but please. Do not tell another poster their opinions make them unwelcome. That's not how we do things. *mod hat goes off, poster hat goes on* Nike's deluge of alternates sucks because some teams are clearly scraping the bottom of the barrel this season. It's a pretty clear indictment on Nike and the NBA that the best NBA uniform reveals have been throwbacks.
  10. So here's what I liken it to. It's like a middling NHL goalie who gets a "bad " airbrushed mask done up but who still lets in 3-4 goals a game. Sure, he's got the right to make himself look as imposing as possible but come on. The added grit makes the end result look silly. "But Ice_Cap" you might say, "this Clippers team is a real contender! They could actually win and justify this new look!" Sure! They could! This isn't the first good Clippers team though. It wasn't so long ago that they blew their (as of this writing) best shot at a championship by blowing a 2-0 series lead to Houston in the second round of the playoffs. The Clippers always seem to find a way to Clipper. And yes, this team is better. Know who else is better than last year? The Lakers. The Jazz are looking pretty damn good too. The Warriors are still pretty formidable. And the Rockets? Maybe their gamble pays off. Point is the NBA is wide open like it's never been before, and the West is crowded. So I wouldn't be banking on the Clippers cashing any cheques just yet. And until they actually manage to win something of note? They're ALWAYS going to be the generic also-rans of LA. Regardless of what style of wordmark they run with.
  11. To Canada. For literally the first time in my life. O Canada! Our home and native land!
  12. I'm unsure. I get that you're fishing for "brown" but that's not accurate. It can come off a dull bronze or silver, depending on the finish. Either way? Take away the metallic aspect and it's not pewter. Much like how silver becomes grey without the metallic aspect.
  13. The dazzle fabric of the old look had a dull metallic look to it that called pewter to mind. The matte version currently used lacks that element and looks dark brown. That's how. In short? Use dazzle fabrics if you're going to use a metallic colour.