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  1. I don't recall anyone saying "I don't understand how people could like monochrome." There are anti-monochrome people, but they don't seem to have this "I don't get how people could disagree with me" opinion you seem to have.
  2. Of course it does, but I don't see "I don't get why people like monochrome" nearly as much as people who say "I don't get why people don't like monochrome." There are a lot of monochrome haters to be sure, but I rarely see them state outright that they can't get why someone would have a different opinion. That trait seems reserved to the crowd.
  3. The Browns' soon to be retired uniforms were awful. "A mix of past and present" get outta here with that brand speak. Contrasting stitching, carbon fibre, "rise shadows," stretched out sleeve stripes, oversized CLEVELAND wordmarks, and BROWNS text down the pants stripes? It's a G-ddamn embarrassment of design trying way too hard to make a classic identity modern for the fire emoji crowd. The set's the "how do you do fellow kids?" of uniforms.
  4. Because people have their own unique tastes and don't always like what you like. It's not hard. Get out from inside your own head and understand your tastes aren't the centre of everything.
  5. The Raiders don't need to change a thing.
  6. Counter-point: we could have known the name by the All-Star break if ownership had any sort of concrete plan
  7. The Broncos won the Super Bowl in Manning's last season with them so...
  8. Yeah, those Hawks unis got a LOT of hate.
  9. That is true, but I think the Rams going royal blue/gold/white and the Chargers going powder blue/white/gold will be enough to set them apart. It'll be a weird case where the colour schemes are both similar and different enough all at once.
  10. I liked how the red Falcons jerseys from the 70s and 80s had both the Falcon logo and the sleeve stripes
  11. It's in times like this that I remember that the Swedish national team won the ice hockey gold medal during the 2006 Winter Olympics wearing their old baggy sweaters, while everyone else was wearing Nike's state of the art moisture wicking/lighter/slimmer sweaters.
  12. We tried to warn everyone, but no one listened until it was too late
  13. I get this isn't 1991 anymore. Stuff like the 49ers' One Day Logo can't happen anymore. That being's probably for the best if the Rams started playing around with some alternate ideas. Nothing big, just get some new ideas on paper so they can hit that 2025 rebrand attempt running.
  14. Regardless of what it is? It's amazing to me that Nike, the largest sportswear/uniform manufacturer in the world, can't replicate a colour G-ddman Wilson Athletics managed to make in 1997.