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  1. Oh I'm well aware.
  2. That's a rookie mistake.
  3. He coached Montreal. I just assume his assistants coached in French and everyone ignored him.
  4. Vipers were screwed! Fight the power
  5. The Seattle Dragons' colour scheme reminds me of a perfectly fine, if somewhat underwhelming, Tommy Hilfiger shirt.
  6. Ok. Back to Bucs uni talk and how they're inevitably going to screw it up.
  7. The Vipers are eerily Buc-like.
  8. Take it from someone who follows Vince's primary business. He'll run any catchphrase into the ground.
  9. It's really silly. It's the XFL. A league we're not even sure will make it past one year (if that). So maybe go easy on the "eternal flame" stuff
  10. I disagree. I love the way the Guardians' logo looks on the black shells, and the angle they have it at looks really dynamic.
  11. The Seattle vs Tampa Bay game isn't much better. Just two offences that can't seem to get started. The CFL is uniquely its own animal. Being in a different country allowed it historical circumstances and a niche in the modern North American sports market that made/make it immune to the NFL's massive popularity. I believe the AAF's ratings- and attendance in certain markets- along with the XFL's ratings and overall attendance (so far) is proof that minor league football can work in the NFL, but it's going to be a case of managed expectations and smart planning. The XFL seems to have solved two of the AAF's major issues in that they've moved more tickets and seem to have more operating capital to work with. Given the AAF's failure? The XFL 2.0 is probably the last chance for a while to make it work. I can't see investors and networks getting onboard with spring minor league football if two leagues fail in two years.
  12. The NFL also has thirty-two teams. The eight team XFL having "Guardians" and "Defenders" isn't as bad as the nine team CFL having the "Roughriders" and "Rough Riders," but it's close
  13. The CFL is older than the NFL. Its existence isn't threatened by Vince's latest vanity project. The XFL can survive or die, the CFL will be fine.