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  1. Sure, kill a good joke because you wanna stan for the Sunbelt
  2. What are the Thrashers to fans of the Winnipeg Jets? You could argue, "what are the Nordiques to fans of the Colorado Avalanche?" or "what are the Whalers to fans of the Carolina Hurricanes?" but the Nordiques and the Whalers are far more culturally significant in the NHL's history than the Thrashers ever will be. Hell, Turner Boradcasting used the money WCW made in 1998 to pay for the Thrashers' expansion fee. Did the Atlanta Thrashers kill WCW? I'll let you decide.
  3. The Ravens have an achingly close to good uniform. I take two issues with it though. The black pants are awful. I feel like, at the very least, they need a purple/white/purple stripe. My second issue is the logo. The Ravens have had some pretty nice logos. Their Maryland shield is pretty cool. The full bodied raven was nice. The full bodied Raven's head is perfect for a helmet logo. Even the prototype of the current raven head in profile was better than what's being used now. I generally dislike the "they only need a few tweaks" argument because it's usually followed by a complete redesign, but this is one case where those two changes would make me love the Ravens' uniforms.
  4. I'd disagree. That above design would have been really fun at the time but it would have been dated by 2002. What they're wearing now is pretty timeless.
  5. Hello Seattle sports fan! Welcome to the cavalcade of bad and baffling decisions that is the National Hockey League! Please find time to check out the Money Pit affectionately nicknamed "the Arizona Coyotes."
  6. I think people would describe it as "powder blue," as that seems to be the default name for any blue lighter than royal in sports.
  7. Yep. The Wild, Texans, Jags, and Panthers all had great uniforms on day one, and only the Panthers have had the wherewithal to keep from messing with it. The Texans are the next closest, but they ruined their road look when they stopped pairing red socks with the blue pants. The Panthers are an expansion team that made their modern uniforms their rock-solid identity. It's the closest a modern expansion team's identity has gotten to being "established"* and people want to futz with it. No thanks. The Panthers can look like they look now forever. I don't need them jumping on the five year uni rotation. *the Oklahoma City Thunder are a new team that's made their inaugural look an "established" look, but it's awful.
  8. Carolina's inaugural unis were perfect. The original logo > the updated version. My only complaint is the existence of white pants. They need to wear silver with all three jerseys. Honestly? I find the calls for the Panthers to radically alter their look kind of frustrating. They've kept essentially the same identity since the 1990s, and it's a solid one. Here we have a modern uniform that manages to look good and not seem overdone, and it's only been ever so slightly tweaked since 1995. That should be the standard- a new team gets their look right on the first go and doesn't muck it up. Their expansion cousins in Jacksonville are perfect examples of what happens when you muck it up. The Panthers, though, are the gold standard of a new team establishing a bold new look, and making it their own through commitment to it. It's such a rarity in the Big Four that I want to see their identity stick around as long as possible.
  9. I'd rather they not get so bright as to become garish, thanks.
  10. Yeah the situation in Houston isn't getting fixed until someone (probably the league at this point) pries Easterby out. Probably wouldn't be a bad idea to force Cal McNair to sell either.
  11. There's no discount in the world that's going to make that work given Pittsburgh's cap situation.