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  1. I thought that was the green St. Paddy's Day Blackhawks counterfeit.
  2. If that's the case then shouldn't their regular Cubs uniforms suffice?
  3. This isn't a concept, and it isn't even your original work. Thread locked.
  4. If we're going with the idea that there is a set colour each team has to stick to then this whole program is suspect. Which, hey. Maybe it is. But "team X should never wear Y" is clearly not something the people behind these are concerned with.
  5. "Wrigleyville" sounds lame. Though if that is what the area around the stadium is called then ok...at least make the jerseys red to match the sign. These are hardly the worst but they're just so bland. Nope. This program is for making money.
  6. The AAF originally pitched their idea to Vince McMahon as the second version of the XFL. Vince said "screw these guys I'll do it myself," leaving the AAF people to create a new name for their league. Either way it wouldn't have helped. Even assuming the XFL and AAF people combined their capital the league would have been killed by COVID.
  7. RIP AAF, you were too good for this world
  8. They need to choose a name eventually. So just pick one.
  9. I'm not sure I agree. The Elks' identity is very vintage- people have noted how the logo could have come out of the 70s (I'm getting 70s minor league hockey vibes). The helmet antlers are likewise vintage- they're a single colour on a single colour shell- green on athletic gold. We don't know what the jerseys will look like, or if they're even going to massively redesign them, but from what we've seen it's a very conservative identity that would almost seem to be analogous to the Rams' 1973-1999 identity. Now one could argue (and I certainly would) that the Rams should have tried for something like that with their 2020 redesign, but they almost took great pains not to. From the introduction of "bone" to the gradients, to taking a very simple colour on colour helmet logo and redesigning it, the Rams seemed to want to avoid retro as much as they could. Whereas the Elks' identity- at least what we've seen of it- seems like a loving embrace of a throwback identity that never existed but feels like it should have.
  10. I'll blame them, sure. Anyone could have seen the writing on the wall that the old name wasn't going to last. Ownership should have changed the name decades ago, but even factoring in nostalgic attachment to the old name? Smart ownership would have had a "just in case gets real" name and identity on hand to switch to. They didn't, and what do ya know? got real. Now even with all of that said...I get it. They dropped the name a hundred days before the start of the next season. And in those circumstances going by "Washington Football Team" for a year is acceptable and understandable. Two years though? That's just dragging the process out. How do I know that? 'cause the Eskimos->Edmonton Football Team->Elks transition happened in about a year. They tossed names up on their website, asked fans to vote for their favourites, and ran with the name that won. They even delayed the process a bit to consult with linguists over "Elk" vs "Elks." So I have to believe the Washington Football Team- which has way more money and resources than the Edmonton Elks- could have pulled off a rebrand in time for the 2021 season. They just didn't because...Dan Snyder.
  11. This was a fantastic rebrand. They did everything right, from picking the right name to the right form of the name to keeping the EE but cleaning it up and...using the elk antlers on the helmet! That was 100% the right move, and it looks awesome. It tastes...alright. I can't really describe it other than "it tastes like meat, it's gamey, and is good." Take from that what you will. The "Washington only had a hundred days" argument justifies one season as the WFT. What's their excuse for dragging it out another year?
  12. And then the Francophones blamed the blacks and Jews. I'm done. With the Leafs, and hockey. I guess you could say "just be a Lightning fan," but that. Moving to Tampa actually made me a Bucs fan, but it made the Lightning more insufferable. Team of system cheating goobers, the lot of 'em. I'd sooner be a Panthers fan if I had to trade the Leafs in for a Florida team, but they got knocked out in the first round with a wet fart too. Like I said, hockey's supposed to be fun. And it just isn't. There are pictures of me as a baby in Leafs gear for 's sake and what has any of it meant? I'm fed up with this team and the whole G-ddamn sport. The Bucs won a Super Bowl. That was pretty cool! I've been a Raptors fan since day one, and watching them win the NBA Championship was probably the greatest moment of my sports fandom. The Blue Jays haven't won a WS since 1993, but the mid 2010s team went on a couple of deep playoff runs and gave me some cool memories. What have the Leafs ever done for me? Nothing. 'em. And hockey. That's one reason why I'm not taking the advice from...pretty much everyone...to become a Lightning fan. That would feel so cheap. But yeah...I'm in this boat, I think. Like... Andy mentioned he wants to hear what I have to say about the Marner thing...and I just don't care. They can hit the reset button, sign or cut whoever...none of it means anything and I'm not inclined to care until they actually put together a team worth a damn.
  13. I've had it. This is the team that, back in 2000, I cried over when they lost to the Devils. It was "just sports" but to young me it felt like the gut punch of gut punches. If only I knew. this team. them and this endless meme of failure. I'm tired of it. I'm tired of the "lol 1967" crap. I'm tired of the constant first round choke jobs. I was in high school the last time this team won a first round series. And not even grade 12! 2004! And finally ing finally the stars align. A weak Montreal team they go up 3-1 in dominating fashion and what happens? What happens? They lose two straight OT games and then lay an egg at home. They looked like they were playing the Sabres in December! Not playing a game seven in the Stanly Cup Playoffs! I'm tired of being on the butt end of jokes. I'm tired of the constant underachieving. I'm tired of seeing teams break through while we wallow in this nonsense. I'm tired of all of it. Hockey is supposed to be fun, but instead it's nothing but frustration, mismanagement, and pain. I'm done. you, Toronto Maple Leafs. you, NHL. you, hockey. Go buy more kachina crap.
  14. I mean is it wrong to say that certain designs are meant to appeal to certain demos? The Marlins flat out said "hey this is for all the Cuban baseball fans in town" with theirs. Whether or not demographic-specific identities are your thing will vary from person to person, but I don't think "the White Sox were aiming for something that appeals to black culture" is in and of itself controversial or offensive. Both this and the Clippers' "Compton" alternates are going for the same sort of thing. The difference being that at least the White Sox's take feels more authentic. They've always been the team of Chicago's South Side, they've always had a legitimate fanbase there, and their primary hat really did break into hip-hop culture in an organic way. So whatever else you can say about this look, it does feel more authentic than the Clippers' attempt. The one major mark against these is going with "Southside" instead of "South Side." I'm not from Chicago but every source I can find calls it "South Side," so that's what the jerseys should have gone with.
  15. MLB City Connect; a long-con to get record sales for their new line of hoodies.
  16. I really like the San Diego-era logo with the abstract sails. And the old Buffalo Braves unis. That's all I've got.
  17. To steal a line from my colleague @infrared41... "The pattern you can't see from three feet away is based on buildings."
  18. Late to the party, but I prefer Miami's to Boston's. Boston's just didn't fit at all with any part of the Red Sox's historic brand. With the Marlins? Well... Not only is the brand not historic but the City Connect unis don't deviate as far. It's a unique look to be sure, but they could fit alongside the Marlins' primary home-road-alternate set as an out-there entry in the rotation.
  19. If the Arizona Coyotes have proven anything it's that the NHL will move heaven and Earth to keep a team in the desert. They will also threaten to move a team in a Canadian city during the press conference to announce said team. The Golden Knights' fanbase could dry up faster then that stack of cash you set aside for poker in Vegas and the NHL will keep them there until the heat death of the universe. The Raiders "bouncing" out of Las Vegas is entirely unfathomable because of that state of the art stadium. And as for Vegas not being enthused for the Raiders...guy. Have you been living under a rock? Their first year in Vegas was the year teams had to play in front of empty stadiums because of a global pandemic. I think we owe both Las Vegas and the Raiders some time before we write that off. The NFL is, at the end of the day, infinitely more popular in the US than the NHL ever will be. I don't expect the Golden Knights to leave Vegas either (worst case scenario the fanbase collapses and they become a team like the Coyotes, bouncing from schmuck owner to schmuck owner), but between the Raiders and the Knights? I'm betting on the NFL team having the brighter future. As I would in pretty much every city that has both NFL and NHL teams.
  20. I saw the Raptors win a NBA Championship. THE RAPTORS! That's more than I ever realistically expected from that team. They can do whatever the hell they want for the rest of their existence. I'm good. Now the Leafs...I need a Cup win. Just one. Please?
  21. It's not a business. We host the show here and we don't make any money off of it.
  22. Me: I think of the Bulls, Blazers, and Raptors before I think of the Heat when I think of red, black, and white basketball teams. Some people: No! The Heat have an iconic red, black, and white look! Stop lying to yourself! Heat: wears yellow
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