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  1. Your hostility towards Kyler Murray is strange and off-putting. Usually people here tend to get excited when athletes give an opinion on this stuff, but you're just needlessly hostile to this guy
  2. This is the first time I get to watch a team I'm pulling for play in the Super Bowl. So everyone can just shove their "bad call" and "boo Tom Brady" hot takes
  3. At the same time, as a Bucs fan... I look at that game and go "yeah the Bucs came within a score of beating the defending champs with the best young QB on the planet." It makes a potential SB against KC seem winnable. I mean hell...New Orleans slapped the Bucs all season and the Bucs beat them by ten in the playoffs. Only losing 27-24 to KC doesn't seem like an impossible mountain to climb. Of course they need to get past Green Bay first. Which I am paradoxically worried about despite the Bucs handling them easily earlier in the year.
  4. I'm not a doctor, but my father's one. I won't get into details but... A pro team came to him once when I was in high school. A player on that team had a medical issue related to my dad's speciality. They asked him to look him over and determine whether or not he was healthy enough to play in an upcoming game. My dad said "no, he absolutely should not play." The team then went to another doctor who gave the player the green light. The player played. Point is that if a team wants the player to play then they will play. And they WILL find a doctor willing to sign off on it. Even if it's detrimental to the player's long-term health.
  5. Patriots fans shouldn't get to complain about being "sick" of another team until at least 2040.
  6. You're really trying to be a reductive know it all aren't ya? Is trying to prove that Dan Marino technically "almost won" a Super Bowl so you can say Warren Moon and the Oilers failed because of racism that important to you? You picked the wrong hill to die on. BTW the last Houston Oilers starting QB was Steve McNair. Another black guy. He made it to the Super Bowl with that team. Granted it was after they moved to Tennessee, but they had the same ownership structure in place. And McNair came a hell of a lot closer to winning in his Super Bowl appearance than Marino did in his.
  7. It doesn't really matter if you don't win it all, does it?
  8. He was just a body lined up for the Montana 9ers to knock down.
  9. Yeah, but he never got close to winning one.
  10. That happened to Dan Marino. He was white, and that was in Miami. Doesn't seem like a "black QB in Houston" problem.
  11. And no one but people like us know that.
  12. The black equipment shouldn't have worked for the Avs, but it did. Maybe I just got used to it after two Stanley Cup wins and however many years, but it sort of became a quirky, fun thing that still worked because the colour scheme was darker anyway. I'm sure they'll look fine when they unveil their blue helmets, gloves, and pants but they'll seem just a bit less special. Like when the Bruins lost their gold socks.
  13. G-ddamnit! THANK YOU! Sorry that I don't have much more to say but this just had to be repeated.
  14. "I don't like ads on hockey uniforms" = "internet socialist." Ok.
  15. soon I will be able to wear my Optimus Prime YOU'VE GOT THE TOUCH t-shirt as I teach grade 9s about the Enlightenment
  16. Thanks for being completely dismissive. That's helpful. I know you're the "PLAYERS UBER ALLES" guy but geeze. It's a professional dress code. To your point though... LeBron James can easily afford better suits than I can, and more of them too! NBA players wear suits when they arrive at the stadium. I should hope they're not "hot-sweaty" yet. It's not like they play the game in them. Come on now.
  17. I need to wear a suit to work on a teacher's salary. People being payed pro athlete and pro coach money can certainly be "bothered" to wear them to the arena.
  18. I have my reasons. Ethnically speaking I'm half white European and half Jewish. I've heard every derogatory term you can think of- for people of mixed ancestry and just Jews in general- hurled at me with increasing frequency (thankfully not here...anymore). I've been in the muck of this sort of discussion before so no. I'm not "reaching" as SWoD accused me of doing. When I say "this reminds me of something actual racists say" I wasn't saying it to get a rise or win internet "gotcha" points. It's contentious stuff because of history and context. There's a lot of nasty stuff in our collective past that justifiably raises emotions. As I said, I arrived at the conclusions I did because of my own experiences in discussion that involve race and ethnicity. You start to pick out key phrases after you hear them or read them enough times. If you truly did not mean anything malicious by your wording though? Then I am sorry
  19. I thought that's what you meant because that's what popped into my head reading your posts. "Ethnicities aren't interchangeable" really does read like that to me. Sorry if you're flustered that's how it came off to someone else, but I think you'd rather deal with me telling you my honest opinion on the matter than holding back and continuing to hold that opinion to myself. You're using it in a racial context. In this conversation. Like I told OCD above, it's how it legitimately came across to me. I don't know what to tell you if you don't get that, but it's my honest reaction. You just did. You assumed I said what I said because I was "really [stretching] to misunderstand" rather than consider that maybe, just maybe, my reaction to what you and OCD said was genuine. Practice what you preach and maybe this will hold weight. So am I. I'm tired of people being called out for being "PC POLICE!!"/virtue signallers/being "SJWs"/cultural warriors just because they're bothered by stuff like this and think there's a better way forward. You don't have to agree with them, but geeze. People like to moan about how "no one stops to listen and have a conversation anymore" before calling someone a "virtue signalling SJW" for suggesting that the cartoon Native logo just might be racist. It cuts both ways here.
  20. My mistake Maybe don't compare people to animals in the first place then? Not really. People are people, and people are all fundamentally the same. A Native person, a white person, a black person, and an Asian person are all just people. That being said, historical context exists. You cannot compare how white people treat their own cultural and historical touchstones to how white people treat Native cultural and historical touchstones without addressing the fact that white people disposed and marginalized Natives on this continent. It's context. Yes, we're all agreeing that we're all one big happy human family, but you're being wilfully ignorant of exceptionally well documented historical facts if you refuse to see why "Vikings" is more benign than "Indians." And to the bold portion...I'll call a spade a spade. When you and @O.C.D go on about how human ethnicities are "not interchangeable" you sound an awful like you're advocating for racial separation and segregation. I mean my father's side is Jewish. My mother's side is northern European. I wouldn't exist if people took your "not interchangeable" rhetoric as fact. And yes I got the bit about you being half Puerto Rican and half European. I'm aware. It just makes what you're saying sound even more off-putting and weird. Maybe you don't intend it to come off this sinister, but "races and ethnicies aren't interchangeable" really does seem like it's a short jump to "everyone should stay with their own kind." "If things were different they'd be different" is hardly a compelling argument. Who cares what the discussion would look like if the Indians had the Yankees' track record? They don't, and as such it doesn't matter.
  21. The high points of the Cleveland Indians' modern existence are losing a WS to a Marlins team most famous for how it was dismantled by ownership and blowing a lead in the WS to the G-ddamn Chicago Cubs. Let's not pretend we're getting rid of a Yankees-caliber legacy here. We're not even getting rid of a Tigers-caliber legacy.
  22. "Spiders" is the obvious choice. They don't need to keep the red and navy, but I'd like them to. That being said, I'd be fine with a different colour scheme. They should avoid stuff like purple or black though. "Spiders" works as a name for historical reasons, but pairing it with a teenage boy's idea of a "" colour scheme will make the whole thing seem second rate. "Spiders" is a name that needs a traditional colour scheme to keep it all grounded.
  23. I wonder how you square this rather segregated view of humanity with mixed race families? Like mine? You want nuance? Here's nuance... "Vikings" refer to explorers/warriors from medieval Scandinavia. They were white. White people naming a team after a white historical group to represented a state's population largely derived from that group's place of origin is pretty damn benign. White people naming a team after another group of people their ancestors dispossessed, displaced, and marginalized is far more sinister. So if you want nuance? There you go. This ignores the above context and nuance @O.C.D has been crying for. You can't separate the usage of Native American iconography in sports from the deplorable way Natives have been treated historically (and in many ways presently) on this continent. I will grant you that "Indians" itself is rather benign when compared to the slur the Washington NFL team used. The name "Indians" would probably be a non-issue had the team dropped Wahoo decades ago. Instead they clung to a racist cartoon of a logo defiantly for so long that it poisoned the whole identity. There was a compromise possible with this specific team- and the "no change no matter what" crowd kept that from happening. Edit- People aren't dogs