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  1. Negligent? I don't think so. That's a strong word. Does having a close game against The Football Team negate the murderers row they had to go through after that? Nah.
  2. You can only beat who they put in front of you. And the Bucs beat the Saints, Packers, and Chiefs. Three teams led by Super Bowl MVP QBs. And teams the Bucs went 1-3 against in the regular season.
  3. Agreed that Brady's pretty much the GOAT of QBs, but you still deserved to be shamed for calling Mahomes a "serviceable" QB. The guy is an incredible talent and made some insane throws despite being eaten alive by a fantastic defence. No QB would do well facing the pressure Mahomes faced and he handled it better than most would have.
  4. 1- People are tired of that painting. It's become a meme. 2- You seem to be implying that people are being unfair to the Rams' current unis by not acknowledging the colour scheme. The Rams unis have gotten a lot of deserved flack, but I have seen people consistently praise the colours as something they got right (aside from the bone). Personally? I like the blue but think the yellow is too bright. They need to pair the current blue with the throwback athletic gold. Ultimately the Rams' unis remind me of the Buffalo Sabres' Buffaslug uniforms. A redesign that had a simple task (go back to the old look everyone likes) that they botched by overthinking it. I also remember that during the Buffaslug's panning here one Sabres fan was very outspoken in support for the look. He even claimed I, a Maple Leafs fan, was jealous. The Leafs have always had very traditional unis, and this guy claimed "well the Sabres will look like they belong in this century." Well the Sabres' hyper modern Buffaslug unis lasted the bare minimum before they went to a version of their old unis with a navy blue base and silver outlines. Only to go to a new uni after that, that was basically a tweak of their classic identity everyone wanted all along. So that guy- wherever he is- is cheering for a Sabres team that looks just as traditional as my Leafs do. This exchange has stuck with me because it highlights the perils of going all in on a very trendy uniform. What is trendy today won't be trendy in two years, but what is classic today will be classic in ten years. So my point is this- the Rams' unis were made to represent a very select number of design trends. Those will eventually go out of style and the team will rebrand. Likely to some version of a more classic look. And then all of this white knighting for "bone" coloured unis, gradients, malformed helmet horns, and nametag patches will seem silly. You can say all of the above for the Falcons' new abominations too. Now does this mean that every new design is meant to be trashed? No. There's nothing inherently wrong with a trendy look provided you know that's what it is and understand it as a snapshot of that era in time. Stuff like that can even give a look a certain charm. This even works for traditional unis that are objectively not great- I love the classic Dolphins logo because its grungy stylings put me in mind of a 1960s/70s Florida filled with roadside attractions and a Miami that was just finding its footing. Modern design can even become timeless. Look at the Bucs. Their uniform uses a very modern colour (uniform-wise) in pewter. The uniform itself is very traditional, but the colour scheme makes it stand out as a modern thing. The Eagles and Ravens do the same thing with modern colour schemes and their number fonts. Very modern elements, but the unis are very traditional in style. You can also look at any Chargers identity sans the 2007-2019 look. Or the Bengals' 1981-2003 look. Both used modern concepts (lightning bolts and tiger stripes) in traditional ways by using them to replicate UCLA-style striping. The Panthers and Texans also do something similar, using traditional uniform elements but putting just a bit of a twist on them to make them modern. Be it through the use of modern colours, a tapered stripe here or there, or a unique number font (as an aside the Panthers need to go back to the Hulkamania wordmark). All of these uniforms managed to shake up the traditional NFL aesthetic and did it without all of the obnoxious design elements we see today on "modern" uniforms. Ironically the Rams' 1973-1999 uniform (and the 2000-2019 look that followed) did the same sorts of things- using non-traditional elements in traditional ways to create fun, modern designs that didn't look like clown suits. What the Rams have now is very much a uniform made to cater to the design trends of 2018-2020. Which is fine. Just as long as everyone understands that's what it is- a disposable design that will get cycled out once trends change in a way to no longer make it interesting.
  5. Yeah. Everyone loves (loved?) to post that painting you use as an avatar as proof as to why the Rams should wear gold, but when you actually see those uniforms in action (and the 75th anniversary season is the perfect chance to see them) they really underwhelm. I like the Rams' 1973-1999 look, and the 2015-2019 colour rush jerseys were great gold versions of it, but the Rams' primaries should be blue and white. Gold can be a once/twice a year alternate, but no more than that.
  6. The Preds' original sweaters were glorious, disastrous works of art.
  7. ...and we will never speak of the alarm clock numbers ever again.
  8. Move the Cardinals back to Chicago.
  9. Wooo! This was really fun!
  10. Yeah...I think pop culture has sort of immortalized the best year(s) of WCW as 1997 and WWF as 1998-2000, but for my money 1995-1996 WCW and 1996-1997 WWF were the best. Both were examples of companies turning the corner with a lot of quality stuff, without the excesses that would come later. For the WWF? Austin and Hart beating the crap out of each other and Hart and Michaels basically telling each other to piss off on a weekly basis was more engaging than s and ass and McMahon family drama everywhere.
  11. Going "the name you like won't work because other people don't like another name" when the latter half doesn't apply to the person you're talking to is kind of misleading. Sure. You do you though.
  12. Not a bad take @Cujo I'm partial to this little known logo though. Used on the cusp of the Attitude Era, where it was clear there was a directional shift underway. You can see it too. The rougher Attitude Era "Raw" text, but it's still using the New Generation logo (which is actually my favourite WWF/E logo).
  13. Cool. Then he can do so without trying to peg me to an opinion I never had.
  14. Not to do the thing you're going to do? Well my point is that if you're going to argue with me over something I said, then argue my point. Don't construct an opinion I never held or said. Out of everyone who expressed support for the name "Northern Lights" @andrewharrington decided to respond to me. So I'm not interested in arguing for positions I never took.
  15. There is no "mythical Kraken" as a singular creature. The "kraken" was a type of monster from Norwegian folklore. A sort of giant fish so big it could be mistaken for an island, and whose maw caused whirlpools. It's not a singular beast like the Hebrew Leviathan or the Greek Typhon. The kraken is merely held to be one of the many creatures of the deep Vikings imaged existed out in the sea. There's nothing in the literature or folklore that holds that the kraken is a singular beast. It's very much just a type of monstrous animal. You can have a singular kraken or multiple kraken. Who're "most people?" I'm sorry, but it seems like you tried to construct a strawman to get a "gotcha" point in an internet argument with me. Fact is I've never said the Golden Knights' name was "clunky," and I don't even hold that view So perhaps "if you don't like X then you can't like Y" isn't the best argument to take here. Not saying you need to like the name "Northern Lights," but come on. Don't construct enemies to tear down if you wanna debate that name's merits.
  16. Auroras IS nice. Regarding the comparison to "Vegas Golden Knights" though...since when did I say I didn't like it? I have a lot of problems with Vegas' team, but the name isn't one of them. In fact I'd prefer it if they went with "Las Vegas Golden Knights." So "Minnesota Northern Lights" isn't so bad in that context tl;dr, don't assume "if you don't like X why do you like Y?" because I may not dislike X
  17. Pittsburgh nailed their RR jerseys. The's a thought. They stay the Wild but keep the North Stars' colours? You can all keep saying "be the North Stars" but the team in Dallas isn't likely to let that happen for a few reasons. Nor would the NHL if we're being honest. So the Wild in North Stars colours is the closest you're gonna get.
  18. This discussion has become so G-ddamn tiresome. If you like the Rams uniforms cool, go for it. Enjoy it. @BBTV is right though, some people here need to stop taking any criticism against the Rams' uniforms as a personal insult. And for G-d's sake...can you all STOP with the "you only want what you grew up with/with what they wore in the 60s" @colortv and @DNAsports It's a lazy, dumb argument that reduces peoples' legitimate aesthetic preferences to easy "gotcha" moments. You want your opinions to be taken seriously, yet you're willing to denigrate any opinion you don't agree with. I was born in 1987. My "coming of age" as a football fan occurred during the Rams' stint navy and old gold. So my preference for the throwbacks isn't down to me being stuck in the past. And I'm hardly alone. So find a way to engage with the people you disagree with respectfully or just don't say anything at all. And you know what? The Rams and Chargers both unveiled their new unis, and have both completed their first seasons in them. Neither team is changing for at least four more seasons, so you know what? Maybe this thread should be shut down. It may come to that if you all can't stop yourselves from insulting your fellow posters.
  19. That neon Stars sweater looks tacky as hell.