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  1. Totally fair and design is obviously entirely subjective. The "flaws" to me, just shouldn't be a thing when you could have made this far more crisp. I agree that the concept and style fits perfectly from the 50s-80s, and I love that, but I don't think it should have the perfectly imperfect feel when this was done in the 2020s. Anyway, to each their own but I can definitely see this logo being updated within a decade.
  2. Love the name. Logo as a concept is nice but in my opinion somewhat poorly done. Overall shape and flow feel sloppy. No offense to anyone who did this work but you can't help but feel like this could have been executed better. Could be improved in my opinion: The eye The brow jumping up slightly, which alters the line weight of the top of the head Yellow shape to the right couldn't have been a football? I feel like that could have been worked in. The shape that is there now feels gross. Left and right angle feels weird. Is the Elk coming off of a shield? Why not have both sides match with the curve? Someone else pointed this out earlier but the antlers look better attached to the head. The antler curves aren't very clean. Not trying to be negative. Definitely not bad, just could have used a bit more time in the oven.
  3. This isn't getting enough love. This is the absolute best fix for these jerseys, given this template from Adidas. Nicely done. The balance of color in the collars isn't perfect but it's the best we can do given these terrible parameters.
  4. This work is @GFB from his NHL redesign over a decade ago.
  5. I like the look of the white-out too but what good is the white-out if every team essentially has a poorly white-out because of their home jerseys... With white jerseys as the predominant home jerseys, most fans would buy the home jersey, as that's what their team wears when you see them play live. Every TV broadcast would have a poorly done version of a white-out in the crowd. It gives no meaning to your team colors or identity. Every arena would do the same thing to some degree. With colors as the home jerseys, fans can sport their team specific colors. This is why you see "Rock the Red" in Washington, the "C of Red" in Calgary, the "Orange Crush" in Philly. It adds to the identity of the home team in a big way. You will never see white as the dominant home color in the NHL again. There is no reason for it from a brand perspective or a marketing perspective.
  6. White should not be the default for home games. I get that people like to see other team's colored jerseys but what is the point in having a team color if the opposing crowd is the only one that gets to see it? Wearing colors at home is like bringing someone into your house, surrounded by 20,000 people wearing Maple Leaf blue or Red Wings red. It adds to the atmosphere of home games in a big way. Same goes for when you broadcast. Imagine every game with the stands predominantly white jerseys adjacent to the white ice and the only team in color is the visiting team? Not great for TV if you ask me. 100% against whites at home. I'd love to see more color vs. color games though...
  7. This is abysmal. Terrible move for the league. In a sport where it is already relatively unknown, don't eliminate all elements of the sport from the logo. You're trying to grow the game, not treat it as a luxury brand or an automobile manufacturer that typically has the brand awareness. I love lacrosse but the NLL just makes me sad with all their decisions.
  8. The Kitchener Rangers and Lethbridge Hurricanes make it work just fine. I highly doubt anyone who knows who the London Knights are, would confuse them as a farm team for Vegas. If they know anything about hockey, they would never think it. If you're worried about uneducated fans from Vegas thinking that London is the farm team, well congratulations, you gained the very famous London Knights some more exposure. If Foley was determined to tie in his historical past to West Point, they should've named the Vegas team the Knights from day one, London be damned. Vegas Knights is perfect.
  9. They're getting warmer... Would've loved to have seen blue vs. red. Would've been a beautiful game.
  10. I had inferred it is an apple in reference to the biblical meaning of sin. The snake and the apple in the Garden of Eden sort of thing. I may be off but I believe that is the intention of the logo.
  11. If you think this should be on the front of a jersey, it solidifies to me that you have no idea what you're talking about
  12. I can understand from a hockey-traditionalist perspective that people would be put-off by these but from a design stand point, Florida nailed it. Shields aren't strictly a football thing and nor do they have to be. I didn't hear a ton of gripes about when the Thrashers used a shield. Did that look too Euro for everyone? Is it because it's a stripe and shield? I've been waiting for someone to take a stab at a military inspired theme for the NHL and I'm glad Florida did. Take a look at the original logos primary or alternate for the Panthers and tell me what in there is good design? The panther from the 1993 release looked like it was from 1993. Don't get me wrong, it isn't abysmal by any means but it was way too complicated and the amount of shadowing was ridiculous. Don't even get me started on the secondary logo, which once again has such tiny details for a logo that is almost always displayed at minimal size. The new branding is far superior and I think anyone who views it from the perspective of good design would agree.
  13. This Florida Panthers rebrand is top notch. Some of the best work Reebok has done for the league by far. The logos, the jerseys, everything is really solid. I don't know how anyone can dislike it. The league needs MORE of these kinds of redesigns. All of Florida's logos and jerseys have been a mess since day one, so I am very glad to see them take a step in the right direction. I might have to pick up one of these.
  14. I love how mcrosby's Penguins logo turned out! Excellent work as always.
  15. Glorious! Thanks a ton! Season starts soon!
  16. Any chance on you posting a large Blackhawks logo stitched? I am a huge Hawks fan and it would help me with some wallpapers I am designing!
  17. Thanks gents! Cheers! I'll try to edit the out of Impact or Compacta
  18. Alright gents, I need help identifying the font used in the word "DRAFT" i fear it may be a custom job, but if its not, help would be great. I know the NHL gets lazy and uses fonts all the time.
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