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  1. Doubt it. Those look like mini helmets and are Schutt helmets at that. Nebraska only uses Riddell Revo Speed helmets. I've seen the inverted red shell/white N helmets being sold for years.
  2. Oddly enough, the scorebug appears more legible on my smaller TV than the larger one.
  3. That TechFit technology just about resulted in the wrong player being ejected for Texas A&M. Think Adidas will use that as a selling point?
  4. For comparison's sake, this was Nebraska's Inaugural Big Ten Season logo
  5. Chiefs fan here - count me as one who liked the look. That being said, I would be opposed to seeing it more than once or twice a year. In fact, I think if they did it once per year for the home opener, that would be good enough for some change up.
  6. Looks like Nebraska won't be moving over to the new Adidas template. Tai Webster is an incoming freshman so I don't think they'd make up an older jersey for him if they were going to be getting new ones.
  7. Texas Tech is looking beautiful. Love those reflective helmet decals.
  8. I hope Nebraska doesn't have that but I know they probably will and we just re-signed with Adidas in the spring.
  9. Does Maryland know something we don't?? Ohio State switching to a black facemask in 2014?? I know it is a graphical error, but nit picking details like this is why Chris has this site!! They used the Pro Combat Rivlary helmet that's listed on the MGHelmets database instead of the regular one.
  10. Missed a real opportunity to feature a logo of the sun wearing a belt.
  11. Featuring those 3D logos discussed here
  12. Not uniforms but CBS rolled out their March Madness graphics package for the CUSA Final and B1G Semifinals today. Can't remember if they did that last year too.
  13. It appears Nebraska might wear their monochrome Adidas jersey on the road for the rest of the year. The debuted at home vs Wisconsin and they've worn them on all road trips since.
  14. I can't tell if it's a different font or just the numbers are more vertical to fit the new template.
  15. Well good thing I won't have to worry about seeing the Nebraska one.
  16. Back around the late 90s-mid 2000s, Texas Tech had an odd logo on their jerseys that I always assumed was just their supplier's logo but I've never found out who the supplier was or what that logo was supposed to be. They switched to Nike in 2005 and then UnderArmour in 2007(?) and it hasn't been seen since. Anyone here have any clues and can make this long, national nightmare be over for me?
  17. I'm currently wearing a Nebraska shirt with a Nike swoosh on it so it's not as uncommon as you think.
  18. It can't seem to make up its mind. I had the arrow, then it switched back to the Box 'f', and now I'm back to the arrow.
  19. Nebraska getting new unis this year Last set for comparison (used during 2010-11, 2011-12 seasons)
  20. This is Russell's best looking uniform...hands down! Won't be long before Russell mucks it up by putting a bunch of tiny WKU towel logos on the sleeves of a black jersey.
  21. I had the arrow and it just changed back to the 'f' logo
  22. According to NikeBlog, the Rose Bowl jerseys will be the new Oregon football jerseys.
  23. The funny thing is that Nebraska's alternate uniform for this year will probably be worn for against Wisconsin just for the reason that they look similar. I don't foresee any team changing their look anytime soon and I don't think they should. I had no problem telling UW and NU apart on the field last September so it really is a non-issue. Obviously, my biased opinion is that if one team ends up changing it should be UW.
  24. This is the last set they had before Alvarez arrived.