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  1. Islanders goalie Rick DiPietro out again...sorta. You'd think Wang and Snow would just cut ties with this guy already. Its starting to be really pathetic.
  2. After reading all the criticism of these jerseys on Twitter, I wonder if they would pull the plug on the black. They obviously read all the tweets considering the debacle from the leak a few weeks ago.
  3. Might as well throw my hat into the ring. Its been a while...hopefully my rust doesn't show. Based the jerseys of Cape Brenton Screamin' Eagles (shout out to you Roger Clemente) C&C please.
  5. Well, the game vs. Blue Jackets drew 8,000 something fans so when it comes to numbers, the Thrashers aren't inflating it. I'd say they'd have an excuse due to the fact that the Falcons are playing a home game right next door, but in the words of my favorite blog, "Let's Be Reality," for a weeknight game against the Wild, I expected a pretty low turnout. But knowing this city, there will probably be a near-sellout for the Penguins game on Saturday (with half the fans wearing ) like there was for the Blackhawks game this past Saturday.Which leads me to this point: The Thrashers need to start winning, that's the only way people will show up. The only town that's more front-runner leaning than the A-Town is probably Miami. Kudos on the Wiz Khalifa reference....amazing song.
  6. I wonder if Mark Brunnell Brunell is trying to hide from those pesky bankruptcy lawyers...
  7. Hey everyone - its been a while since I posted a ocncept last. Was stressed out so I decided to take my mind off of things to make a new concept. About the concept - I took the Ducks current uniforms and made some tweeks. I got rid of the orange and change it with a subtle grey (didn't want it to be overpowering like the orange). I changed the way the stripe patterns looked because I didnt like the way the grey was if I just merely changed the colors on the current road. I got ride of the assymetrical swoosh on the bottom because to be honest, I hated it. Home/Dark uniform to come soon (and a possible Alternate) Please let me know what you think. Thanks
  8. Islanders will be showing off their new road uniforms at their draft party...
  9. You spelled Larry Robinson's name wrong under the coaches section..... you put "Larry Robison 1999/00-2001/02"
  10. Really?? Have you seen them on cars? These things are awful. They are so ugly that im pretty sure our blind of a governor was the one who made them. The only cars that they will not look gaudy on is a NYC taxi.
  11. Felipe Lopez is now pitching for the Cardinals.... This game will never end.
  12. I heard the trade for Jokinen is held up because the Rangers can't find a helmet big enough to fit his head.
  13. Morency suspended indefinately.
  14. Lee, Morency plays for the Isles, not Philly. He played in the AHL last year, with only 3 points in 31 games. But his role is an enforcer. My guess is that the Isles were just giving him some time in a game for camp and hes just proving to the coaches that hell do anything to stick up for his team. I hope he doesnt get suspended, although it was not smart jumping off the bench. Also, Phaneuf should not be looking to line up hits in the preseason, but its hockey.
  15. The Cubs Geovany Soto has "GEO" on his