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  1. http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?sh...=62733&st=0
  2. You are quite welcome. I will get around to updating the list soon, but in the meantime, why this thread isn't stickied has boggled my mind forever
  3. a page back... http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?s=...st&p=933641
  4. can we sticky this considering this has more templates than the one stickied?
  5. just thought id bump this... over the next few weeks im goin to be working on a website that hold everything, that way it is easier to bookmark it rather then search for it on here just stayed tuned
  6. HOCKEY Roger Clemente's Old School Template Speedy's template Roger Clemente's RBK Edge Template ASM's Template BASEBALL Roger Clemente's Baseball Template-1 Roger Clemente's Baseball Template - 2 Flameofatlanta's Baseball Template Swiss' Template FOOTBALL Joel_Fiasco's NikeTeam Templates Roger Clemente's Football Template Flameofatlanta's Football Template Geoff Der Idiot's Football Template BASKETBALL Syphi NikeTeam Basketball Templates - VECTOR Syphi's Classic Basketball Template Syphi's V-Neck Basketball Template Syphi's Nike Wishbone Basketball Template Roger Clemente's Basketball Template Nesi's T-Bone Template Nesi's V-Neck Template SOCCER Cole's Soccer Template-1 Cole's Soccer Template-2 Cole's Soccer Template - 3 js Soccer Template 1 - VECTOR js Soccer Template 2 - Vector OTHER Clannhoran's Sports Facilities Templates mjrbaseball's Complete Field Template Library Roger Clemente's Numbers and Letters Roger Clemente's Make Your Own Jersey Tank's Basketball Court NASCAR Templates Baseball Stadiums Itech Goalie Mask-Vector Updated December 21, 2007 if one of the mods wanna sticky this, that would be good for ppl wanting to find templates. thanks
  7. the list is done its on page one since this post was originally mine but i will also post it on this page if there is any others let me know
  8. I am currently updating the list for templates since everyone seems to be asking for templates. It shall be completed shortly Snowcap
  9. ok i updated the first post of mine so it is easier for newbies and everyone to find the sites. all of the sites i listed arecurrently working
  10. he doesnt have his Earthlink acess anymore. http://www.brick.net/~illinimom/random/fanatic/baseballtemp/ that is the new adress
  11. yea..what ever happened to our plan?
  12. joel, ive tried everything but it wont work, idk why. if some could tell me then maybe i can...
  13. joel - if its not to much to ask, if there any way u can post a raster version of the unis, i dont have Illustrator so i can use .ai????
  14. NIKETEAM.COM template Copy/paste
  15. ur gunna havta fix the URL..the ... is there
  16. sweet. any updates on the NHL ABC_123?
  17. niceee. post ur new football one as well
  18. oh theres a battle :: look at our sigs
  19. only roger clemente does the number file. u can send one in to him (for u it would be the sabres) and he can fix it up. i did that with nashville. he will give u credit too
  20. ive decided not to do the MLB b/c 1. too many logos and 2. not enough time NHL is complete, although i realized i 4got to add the flyers 3rd jersey logo and the bruins sleeve patch on the 3rds
  21. im not sure if creamer puts his pics in a .gif format thats partly why as well. and mlb is gunna be fixed o so its gunna be that game huh 158 155
  22. NHL COMPLETE SET! drag/copy/paste this to download
  23. yea..i just like to have them for safe keeping in a file. no harm rite. since i have the link to the sle i will have all the NHL logos.
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