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  1. If the Habs upset the Penguins, give up their shot at Lafrenière, only to get obliterated in the second round, that would be the worst. This new system puts teams in a position never seen before. Every qualified team are legitimately in it for not one but two prizes being given to two of the lucky teams: The Stanley Cup and The First Overall Pick. I'm a true Canadiens fan. Under normal circumstances, I'd be all in for the Habs winning the Cup, if they were in standard playoffs. But now in this scenario, they have to make the Cup finals and win it, at this point. If they're going to sacrifice their shot at this franchise foward, they have to win it all and anything less will be deemed an unacceptable failure. They've been missing an elite player to build around for decades and plus he's from Quebec, that's something a lot of fans want as well. This is a unique situation, that's for sure.
  2. The Habs are winning the Cup this year.
  3. Prediction: Seattle Kraken make the 2021 Stanley Cup Final.
  4. Seems like FOX is okay with XFL3 without Vince McMahon.
  5. Growing up till present day, I didn't know the racially offensive nature of the R-Word, until it was brought up in the most recent name change controversy. It does take a while to get used to the name being removed and their logo being discontinued, but it's completely understandable and I support the Washington Football Club for making the right move, now that I know. They are keeping their colors the same, so that's one thing fans of the team and viewers watching at home will still get to have. They'll rebrand under a better name that's appropriate and people will get used to the new name.
  6. How will the Washington NFL Team be listed moving foward, when mentionning past Super Bowl Champions?
  7. They now have a suitable building, I assume. I don't fully know the reasons how Seattle managed to lose the Sonics and especially how they've gone this long without their basketball team. I miss this logo.
  8. @406Cane's post went almost completely unnoticed, until now.
  9. This was brought up on the latest episode of Basically a Sports Show. Someone within the franchise quickly got the message. No more "Redskins" anywhere moving foward:
  10. My mash-up was a quick design for fun. But I do think it's better than straight up using the dated 90s logo. The 90s logo has a unique shape that stands out. But that aside, it's too dated to be brought back full-time. It was a good logo for at the time they were using it.
  11. The Capitals one gives a nod to their soccer team DC United.
  12. The Wizards followed the Capitals 97 change and followed them and the Nats again when they changed a second time.