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  1. It's as if they wanted to recreate the NHL 94 retro video game in real life.
  2. If you replace the purple and gold with black and silver, could something like this be their new primary logo?
  3. Tom Brady's skills and vision transfered into his baseball game, in his early days. He ended up getting drafted by the Montreal Expos, before ultimately turning my team down because he wanted to switch to football. It's crazy knowning that the greatest QB of all-time was almost a Montreal Expo.
  4. The Arizona Coyotes already designed a updated kachina pattern, but relagated it to only the hanger effect. Their last uniform redesing is really a missed oppurtunity to update the 90s uniforms. They should have used the remade hanger kachina pattern on the sleeves (and maybe the outer collar), just like their original jerseys featured it: