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  1. That yellow spot that's supposed to be the Ram's eye, it looks like the end of the horn because of how it aligns perfectly and is the same color as the rest of the horn. Color the eye red to resolve that.
  2. NFL Meltzer gives the new Chargers uniforms 6 Stars!
  3. Now that you pointed it out, I can't unsee it. Edit: If the eye was recolored red or something, that would eliminate the protruding effect.
  4. The Rams should just use the LA Rams script without that ridiculous looking gradient horn. And just use this for their primary logo and call it a day...
  5. I love the Super Bowl unis. That look with the new logos has the potential to be their best look ever, if they hit the mark. They can't just go and re-modernize to their roots like the Padres and Brewers because it's not their original look. What they need to do is avoid the ridiculous templates and over abundance of outlines. They need to make a nice modern looking football uniform without going over the top.
  6. They shoulda just recolored the navy and gold Ram head logo. They're not even fully going back to the original colors. They're keeping navy, so all they had to do was recolor the gold horns and outline yellow. The solution was so simple...
  7. I was confused at first. As of right now, some news reporters are saying temporarely suspended not officially cancelled yet.
  8. Gobert doesn't think he'll contract the Corona Virus, takes his chances and touches every microphone with his hands. Gobert contracted the Corona Virus.