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  1. The Super Bowl pre-game spectacle was cool. It was a nice run for this Habs roster. Vegas is the better team. They came prepared, unlike the Leafs and Jets.
  2. Watching the Canes and Blues raise Lord Stanley gave me hope for this current Habs roster. Price is playing like he wants a Cup, something that his 100 million dollar decade-long contract can't buy. The Oilers found out that their one man team couldn't get a win against the Jets. The Habs are more well rounded.
  3. Now it's back but at the bottom next to location and favorite logos. It's all condensed a little too much. The old placement was better, but it might still be a work in progress.
  4. I made points about the many flaws their new/old uniforms have, when they were unveiled. One of the responses I got was that the team's call was based on what Senators fans wanted. Apparently, they don't like any of the 3 updated Centurions nor the =O= logo with the olde tyme stripes. I feel like they went worst choice possible. But the new unis are marketed to fans of the team.
  5. Can't wait to see the Final 4 picks of all those analysts. Every single one of them except 1 didn't think the Canadiens had a chance, and look where we are now.
  6. Cole Caufield was called up late in the season because the Habs struggled to win a single game. Originally, the team sent him back to the minors, but after going back to losing all the time, they called him back up again. The results payed off because talents like him made a difference. Carey Price is playing like the 2014 Olympics version of himself. He makes a lot of money, but it feels like he also wants to win a Cup and bring Stanley home to his family. He seems extra motivated in these playoffs, compared to the last 5 years. The winner of the Vegas/Colorado series will have serious competition. Also, momentum shifts played a huge part in the Jets downfall. Emotions got the best of them after being stunned by Montreal in game 1. The NHL PR would have received a storm sized backlash, double the amount compared to the Rangers, if Scheifele went unpunished like Tom Wilson. They knew better not to pull that BS on Montreal.
  7. This is pandemonium. No Canadiens fans expected this. WOW!!!!!
  8. Maybe it's all the bright lights over the ice from regular hockey games. The Avs colors do look slightly off, when that steel blue sometimes is too close to royal and it somehow darkens the burgundy. Either that or the Avs colors are just a tad bit off. Colorado doesn't look horrible. Maybe not straight up navy. But they might be a few shade adjustments away from getting it just right.
  9. The Avs switching the black pants to blue was the right call. The new look has grown on me for a few reasons that I noticed. The original jerseys had thick dual outlines around the arm stripes. Black pants combined with burgundy jersey base, blue arms, and white numbers balanced out all the colors: The whites had color balance too: The new ones have singular outlines: The blue on the homes might be a bit excessive and not quite perfect, depending on the amount of lighting in the photograph. But with a light enough burgundy and a slightly darker steel blue, it works quite well. The whites look much better cause with the black shells, they looked like a burgundy and black team with almost no blue whatsever.
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