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  1. Ouch. Yankees tie it at the last minute. I think this is going to extras.
  2. And I think they got their number too. Holy crap what a turnover this score is rn.
  3. 1st win of the season comes against the Cup Champs. Not bad lol.
  4. The 3 Habs games I've tuned into this season, thus far: 1: SO loss 2: OT loss 3: L Not a good start to a non-tank season.
  5. If it's more than another click n fill recolor, it could be a great move if properly tweaked. Make it feel like it belongs in this current era.
  6. It's great to have Kinkaid on board!
  7. The graffiti-stylised script is different, but I like it. Nice job.
  8. Habs lose their first game. Start up the engine, the tank is coming through. Tank for Lafrenière.
  9. To be honest, I'm really looking foward to both teams heritage jersey-inspired unveilings. From what I've seen thus far from both Dallas and Nashville, I love it all! Here's another picture:
  10. That seems to pretty much confirm it.
  11. The colors are already there... There are several different ways they can create a really awesome Predators Dixie Flyers tribute jersey. It needs a good solid execution. But I think this could be a script uniform that has potential.
  12. If it features red, I think it might feature blue too, if they want to go with some Texas state colors.