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  1. Tough loss for Nashville. Another top seed bites the dust.
  2. Me, I don't hate the Leafs as much as some others Habs fans do over here. I wouldn't mind if the Leafs won the Cup for Canada, so I'd take the Leafs, unless it's the Preds cause I'm rooting for Subban.
  3. So they keep releasing series after series of new special alternates. But the logo always remains the same horrible clipart with Thunder slapped across. They got it all wrong!
  4. Yep. Penguins, Lightning, Blackhawks, all eliminated. Crosby, McDavid, Kane, Toews, Stamkos, Kucherov, none will be in Round 2.
  5. It'll be interesting, if the Islanders face the Leafs at some point.
  6. So Tampa Bay set 2 records: - The first being the highest amount of points for a team in regular season history. - Then they set another record for 1st ever President's Trophy winner to not get a single playoff win. It's like what it going on??? Just incredible how such a talented team cannot in any way crank up to that next gear. I'm not even talking about cranking it up to max, like you're about to face the final boss of the toughest video game. I'm talking about making it through level 1 to level 2. They fall apart in game 1 of the playoffs, after the first little shred of adversity comes their way. Really?
  7. I'd be fine with a Spurs Fiesta alternate jersey, or a special occasion jersey. Something new with classic colors. Why not? It's a very nice color scheme and I'm a fan of retro. Definitely not full on throwback, but a partial return would be great.
  8. "Congratulations, you've become the new meme of the NHL. I'd give you some celebratory cake, but you'd probably choke on it" - U. Tree