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  1. Yup. I'm honestly a bit disapointed they didn't bring back the Fisherman. The Ducks brought back Wildwing.
  2. From that video post, the Isles RR's look like they're royal blue (ish). The cuffs looks better in orange. They flip flopped the orange and white, the subtle change is better than the original jerseys.
  3. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/football/former-argo-chris-schultz-dies-at-age-61-1.5938007
  4. Sending prayers. I hope he fully recovers.
  5. I'm okay with switching things up a bit for a Habs alternate, longs the two home and road jerseys remain intact. But at the same time, I agree that blue is not the Habs color, even though aethetically it does look pretty good. But with the horrendous record in those jerseys, it's another reason why I don't think they'll last.
  6. Last year, Carey Price beat the Penguins in dominating fashion during the bubble, which destroyed the Habs tank, cost them a top pick, a shot at Lafrenière, and put the team back in no man's land. In the actual playoffs, Price again was weak and couldn't get a series win when it actually counted, making it 5 years in a row for Price without a playoff series win. Basically, he does everything in reverse, when it should be the other way around. When Seattle's expansion draft takes place and the Habs can protect only one goaltender, at this point they need to give that immunity to Jake Allen or Cayden Primeau and put Price up for grabs.
  7. Bad idea to host an outdoor ice hockey game, in a location where the average weekly weather is about 4-5 degrees Celcius.
  8. The Capitals had 3 in their inaugural season. They ditched their infamous white pants quickly after realizing it was a bad idea, then they flip-flopped between red & blue pants afterwards for only one season, before ditching the red pair and sticking with the blue. It's fitting that the previous Colorado team is the other team that used 2 pants, they can go back to doing what they used to do. However, both teams did it for only very short stints before sticking to one pair like everybody else. It could have something to do with equipment issues. I've heard of several different scenarios in that era of sports where something goes wrong and the team is stuck with a uniform error, like when one of the MLB teams in the 70s had their jerseys stolen and the home team had to borrow a shirt from the opponents or something like that. It might or might not have something to do with an equipment problem.
  9. Is there an NHL rule that says the home and road must have one set of pants? Black pants are the only decent option, if the Avs can only have one. No team has ever had two pairs of pants full-time, excluding alternates and special jerseys.
  10. Haha, love the vintage Vegas sports jacket!