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  1. Nice work , BluSky. Spent several years as a small kid in Tulane Stadium watching them get hammered in those uni's.
  2. ​ .....I remember this guy from the first incarnation in 1974 I believe....
  3. Really well done, Dave. All looks great, but Stuttgart was my fave. Great work....
  4. The Germany kits are stunning. Nice work......
  5. Why green? Because this: Looked amazing. Why green? Because this: Looked amazing. This. I was watching them wear this kit against the USMNT in a friendly and I bought the 21 REUS jersey..............before halftime...
  6. ^^^^^^^^ congrats on getting back to the Bundesliga ....... Like most, not digging the new PSG home but thinking the away could grow on me.....
  7. Great job, BigRed. I particularly like the Virginia Cavalry and Chicago Fire designs. My daughter is 9 and plays in the development program for the Chicago Fire Juniors of Louisiana here in New Orleans and when she saw the the light blue kit, she said "SWEET! Dad, can the club get us those!?"
  8. Awesome logo. Name would not fly at the highest pro level, but it would fit nicely in a minor league setting. Well done...
  9. every white jersey they've worn since 2001 has been a "third" shirt. Nope, 2003-4 clash kit was white All time Chelsea "legend" Juan Sebastian Veron fifth on the bottom.