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  1. Yes, I know that. My point is simply that the school's physical mascot is female, which isn't very common. The nickname is unrelated, which is good because galoshes would make a crummy mascot. Now, I doubt there was a conscious decision at the beginning to make the mascot female, they likely just made a kangaroo suit with a pouch because like you said, that's what most people think of. But at some point they ran with it and Zippy is always referred to as female today.
  2. For what it's worth, The University of Akron Zips mascot Zippy is female, as illustrated by her pouch. The school always refers to Zippy as "her" and "she", it isn't something that just came on the costume and no one knows the difference.
  3. http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/media-center/photo-gallery/2015-Cleveland-Browns-Uniforms/aab030fb-766b-4969-9f02-5e14112d5a7b Gallery posted.
  4. I'm love the speculation. Here is a generic jersey posted for a contest today. Orange outline on the white numbers doesn't look terrible.
  5. Good to see Salem here, I'm a fairly recent transplant to Salem. My alma mater, Mogadore, OH, changed this year as well. I see a lot of similarities between Mogadore and Salem (though Mogadore is much smaller,) I'm glad I lucked into moving to a football town!
  6. Grew up a stones throw from Goodyear HQ in Akron, always saw the winged foot as some kind of abstract letter F.
  7. my school, marion local beat them in the 2000 ohio state championship. another example of small world They certainly did. 2000 was my senior year. We got a title in 2002 though, so better late than never.
  8. My alma mater, Mogadore Wildcats (Mogadore, OH) Helmet logo has changes this year to a block M.