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  1. i agree with everything you said. i dont understand the point of the gold trimmed numbers and the championship logos. I think it's a great thing for fans to buy and to collect but the yankees shouldn't follow what the other teams did after winning the world series. BTW isn't the NY logo on the hat supposed to be gold trimmed also?
  2. you pretty much posted everything. not bad at all.
  3. Unless you are stinking rich this is the best use of your funds for the game. I went in Pittsburgh and New Era had literally every single minor league baseball hat for sale. the minor league hats is something they do at every fan fest i assume. they did it here in New york for the 2008 fan fest in JJC and they probably did it for this year fan fest in St. louis too. i dont see the big deal in it tho. to each his own, i guess.
  4. this design is similar to nike's olympic uniforms for various countries in different sports in beijing 2008. each design represents something important for each country. in this case its duke's gothic architecture. i like the idea, nike should've done this for the rest of teams under nike.
  5. why is the patch so big? btw anybody know where i can buy the 1999 world series Yankees fitted? I remember new era selling them a few years ago.
  6. i dont see the yanks doing an alternate. the only change i see for the yanks is an inaugural season patch for the new yankee stadium, on the left sleeve.
  7. all of my authentic jerseys are 52. buy what you think fits best. dont go by opinions cause we're not the ones whos going to wear it.
  8. Beautiful. Now thats something I can see as a recognizable shirt for the US. keep that idea, change a bit here and there over the years and you have a winner u couldn't have said it any better. (co-sign)
  9. nobody is going to watch it anyways. its just a bootleg uefa league.
  10. Takes readers right to the NHL logo page. Great exposure, right? It would be, except anyone clicking on the logos will also get these insightful and illuminating pearls of wisdom: and The comments were a great idea, but there's no control. These high-profile comments range from inane to offensive. This site is a great resource, and is diminished by garbage like this. Anybody else find this as annoying as I? yes, most people who post their comments are ignorant. i see where your comming from and i agree with you, but why should it bother you? if u dont like what you read on the internet you should just close the window or log off. by creating this topic/thread all your doing is making the situation important, but in reality its just ignorance that shouldn't be payed attention to or maybe its just sarcasm. this is nothing to lose sleep about. ps- do not take the net serious.
  11. they should keep it grass. its football, your supposed to play in any conditions. i've played on field turf for the first time last week and i hate it, epically the little rubbers getting in your shoes.
  12. the german kits = perfection. the new brazil shirt.
  13. That's exactly what they're doing. They're wearing the patch on the left for the entire season, and the All-Star patch will be worn from the start of All Star balloting in late April through the All Star Game itself in July. so they're not got to use th logo after the ASG? thats stupid. they should keep it throughout the season, cause the ASG is in yankess stadium cause its the last year.
  14. any word yet on the final season logo for the yankees? i can assume they'll be using two patches on their jerseys. ASG and final season.