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  1. I don’t hate the horn LA. I think the ram head is decent too. I’ve yet to see a tweak of either the LA mark or the ram head that looks better than what they’ve came out with, though. Sure, they could’ve gone in a different direction, but people’s tweaks are not better than what was released.
  2. I’m 95% positive they never did. I recall the old end zone being there this past season still.
  3. I don’t think Cleveland fans had any authority whatsoever when it came to this. The league could have said shove it, but realized the mistake that was made by moving the Browns. They decided to keep the Browns records in Cleveland, and this has always been reflected. Not really much of an argument. And saying that Cleveland doesn’t deserve a team should deal with it like the Oilers and Colts (among others) did? Well, they all got a new team within 20 years, so I think you’ve missed the point. The NFL realized their mistakes and that once you move a team their will be uproar.
  4. I think it looks great, although the MLS logo does look shoehorned in. I don’t anticipate legibility issues at all for the name, either.
  5. Don’t believe they’ve worn it at all this year. Just a helmet sticker.
  6. How exactly are you blaming this on Nike? They changed those uniforms 15 years ago.
  7. That script is still terrible but at least it doesn’t have gold shoehorned in. Decent look.
  8. You do know the Cavs used the numbers before the Grizzlies even existed, right?
  9. Fantastic update. Nike hit it out of the park with Arizona, San Diego and Milwaukee. The cream Brewers and sand-pinstriped Padres look are two of my new favorites.
  10. Do you have any idea what you’re talking about? His father is a Cavs legend, he was born and raised in the area and was thrilled when he was traded here; he even got to wear his dad’s retired number. He signed an extension with the team even lol. He interacts with fans in the city on a regular basis and is in local marketing. By all accounts he is more than happy in Cleveland.
  11. I thought I recognized these from somewhere and, sure enough, I remembered. They come from this Nike Team catalog on page 9. I’m assuming the jersey you found was made by Nike as a spec to show off at trade shows and to other schools, etc. Probably has very little value, though.
  13. I’m disappointed in the amount of white space; I really liked the all blue and orange of the last crest, but that’s about where it stops. It’s definitely an upgrade but still underwhelming. The new lion is an upgrade, the shape is much better, and it’s not one giant “FC,” although the top corner where FC is now feels barren. Don’t like the use of navy, however.
  14. mattb6

    Austin FC

    Horse :censored:. How’s this for a tree, not that abomination. Precourt, and MLS for letting it happen. It’s a shame enough to steal the original team, but it’s also terrible to replace such a great identity with another new black dominant team (LAFC, Miami). This logo just sucks, too. Everythings just one big slap in the face from Pre:censored: at this point.